Saturday, 13 September 2014

Children sold by Rotherham Council and Yorkshire police into sex slavery

This video tells it all!   How the Police, local Politicians and Social Services  protect serial child exploiters and abusers.  Then not content with making fortunes from the broken bodies of child victims  they arrest and persecute the children and their parents. This distraught Mum  tells the horrific story of how her child was stolen  from her and sold by social services as a sex slave into organised crime  at 13 years old.

 This mother desperately tried to save her child  by complaining about the child's abduction and forced prostitution. What do you think the result was?   Her house was raided and turned over, without a warrant,  by the Police she had complained to?

No-matter how many complaints she made her child's abductors rapists and exploiters were protected by the Police , the Council  and the MP she also complained to did nothing.   The police  finally solved the problem of the Mothers complaints by arresting the  poor child! This innocent child  has now been set-up by the police for arson  and is in prison. By these criminal methods the child and her mother were silenced and intimidated.

Another innocent  also entered this tragedy a  when the little girl became pregnant.   This baby boy has also been seized by the same people who sold the his child mother and  the  baby's Grandmother fears the little one will be also sold into sex slavery.

The Police, local politicians, Social services  and the asian men who pimp them make around £400,000 pounds from each little girl sold into sex slavery.

People  this is not  historic  not the  60's the 70's the 80's the 90's this is 2014

This is not a poor third world nation it is one of the richest nations in the world.

This in England where the Police and the Politicians are run by pedophiles involved in the child sex and exploitation billion pound industry. Its time  an outside body investigated the bank accounts of these corrupt people involved in organized crime.  The Police as a force cannot be trusted to investigate themselves because they have lost all moral compass and corruption has now become institutionalized.

Simon Danczuk MP said "Far too many innocents are sliding into an underclass as a result of violent  abuse"   This has escalated  since the 1960's when children were first drugged and sold to pedophiles by the Police and Social Services  with the support of the  Courts. The Courts  who still in the face of overwhelming evidence side with corrupt police an prosecutors who seek to silence  victims and whistle-blowers and steal evidence of Police and Politicians  criminal activities.

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