Friday, 5 September 2014

Child Sex Abuse Victims, Whistle-blowers and activists persecuted by the UK State

Dear Home Secretary
OPEN LETTER re CSA Inquiry: survivor, whistleblower and victims of 5 Police Forces
In the wake of your good intentions expressed when questioned by MPs regarding Rotherham, we would like to bring to your attention Brian Pead[1] whose experiences epitomise everything we’ve observed as Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK[2].
We presented the petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[3] in Brussels in March this year on behalf of thousands of victims of what Christopher Booker calls child snatching[4] in The Telegraph.
However, in Brian Pead’s case his daughter was threatened with having her children removed, if she didn’t stop contact between them and their grandfather. Thus he has not seen his grandchildren for 6 years. This is due to the Met accusing him of being a sex offender, after he blew the whistle on paedophilia in Lambeth Council.
Students had confided in him as the Headteacher and he got the teacher dismissed who was grooming girls and was racist towards boys. But instead of the students being protected, he got dismissed and the teacher reinstated in an all girls school.
He published his experiences in From Hillsborough to Lambeth[5], but his book got banned in completely illegal ways.
In addition to the grooming at his former school, he discovered the involvement of the Police in the website Faceparty where they were supposedly looking for adults seeking under age sex. But that caused him to become persecuted not only by Bexleyheath and Essex, but also Norfolk Police, as he published in his book Framed![6]
Regarding paedophilia in Lambeth Council, Brian discovered that the foundation stones of the National Children’s Home in HarpendenHighfield Oval where he suffered abuse from the age of 5 to 11, contained names that were mostly from … Lambeth.
Brian is currently being detained in HMP Thameside for supposedly impersonating a barrister, when he acted as McKenzie Friend. He was furthermore charged with ‘contempt of court’ when he failed to get legal representation for himself. This was impossible, given the conditions the prison regime imposed on him by ‘ghosting’ him across 10 prisons in 11 weeks.
To further violate his human rights and limit his ability to act as Litigant in Person, the judge confirmed at the hearing that I attended at the Central London Court that the bail conditions imposed by Norfolk Police remain in place: after his release on 12th September he is supposed to present himself every Monday and Wednesday at the Police Station.
One court hearing took place in Cambridge and another one is being held in Norfolk today – via videolink. He was given a bundle by the CPS at the hearing in Central London and it can only be guesswork what this hearing is about. He is not given access to his money so he can’t make phone calls and even his solicitor Bill Bache couldn’t book to visit him. Doesn’t this make him a perfect panel member for the CSA Inquiry?
The same kind of inhuman prison restrictions apply only to one other victim of Police: Maurice J Kirk BVSc[7] who has been bullied and harassed by South Wales Police for over 20 years. His prison conditions are equally torturous, except that instead of moving him from prison to prison, he is being denied the medical treatment that he desperately needs, while being held in HMP Swansea as the oldest prisoner.
He is a serious victim of Dr Tegwyn Williams, former Director of Caswell Clinic who was commissioned by South Wales Police in 2009 to write a report that was meant to put him away in Ashforth for life: that he has ‘serious brain damage and possibly brain cancer’.
While Dr Williams is not practising any more, the GMC is denying responsibility, as I publishd on Bad doctors retire to avoid hearings and the GMC has no responsibility[8] – following an article in The Telegraph.
Regarding organised child sexual abuse, Maurice has assisted theNigerian Musas[9] as McKenzie Friend. It is acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases, after five children were taken by Haringey Police. The Council managed to get the parents imprisoned for seven years and try to get the two youngest ones adopted. One was taken at birth in hospital by seven Police officers leaving the mother unconcisous and the other one in prison – in addition to the initial snatch of five. Their oldest daughter was molested by the son of the foster carer. The second one reported that they were taken to dark places at night where there are only men. The boy asked “Mummy, what is paedophilia?”
Ed Timpson MP wrote to us that the Government wants Social Services to keep families together. But when a child is taken every 20 minutes, as Channel IV publishes, this is hardly credible nor that secret Family Courts operate ‘in the interest of the child’.
It appears that you are aware of the Police not being policed and that you will do your best to change their powers. On behalf of some of their worst victims this is therefore to ask for your interventions – in the spirit of STOPPING organised child sexual abuse – in hospitals, schools, care and prisons. One father punished for travelling to Brussels[10] after his kids had been taken, has just survived another attempt to kill himself.
Yours faithfully

Sabine McNeill 

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