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Attorney General Michael Havers brother to Butler-Sloss was a VIP paedophile

Can it get  any worse!  Bulter-Sloss was chosen to head a massive cover-up of child abuse by the Elite. This woman lauded as eminent, respected and eulogized about is really just another tool of an evil justice system.  A system  designed to protect those guilty of horrific crimes against children and persecute victims and whistle-blowers. 

It turns out the Havers  her brother who prevented the prosecution of Pedophiles MI6 Sir Peter Haymen was himself a paedophile. A key witness Anthony Gilberthorpe has come forward who not only knows the names of the Tory Grandees and MP's who abused children he supplied the children  for them.

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Tony Gilberthorpe former Tory Activist reveals that  Senior cabinet ministers in Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government were supplied with underage boys for sex parties where children were plied with cocaine and alcohol.
The former Tory activist says he was told to find the "youngest and prettiest" boys for several cabinet ministers as the "entertainment".
Those  present at the parties  he dare name becase they are dead included Sir Keith Joseph (Secretary of State for Education and Science), Rhodes Boyson (Minister of State for Northern Ireland), Dr Alistair Smith and Michael Havers.
We are asked to believe that David Cameron and Theresa May did not know about the compromising past of Bulter-Sloss brother, the former Conservative Attorney General.  Of course they bloody knew its why they chose their tool well.

Only something is not quite working out for these monsters who run Britain. ITV have published that

Margaret Thatcher 'knew about paedophile ring' in 1980s 


    Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher knew about an alleged paedophile ring among the Conservative Party in the 1980s, according to the Sunday Mirror.
    Ex-Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe told the newspaper he was asked to supply cabinet ministers with underage boys for illicit sex parties.
    Mr Gilberthorpe claims he handed Thatcher, who died last year, the names of those involved 25 years ago but no action was taken.

    Whilst   Nigel Nelson political  journlaist  asks how many more Prime Ministers were involved in abusing young children or covering up the abuse 

    I arrived in Parliament as a political journalist in 1986 so I heard all the rumours.
    I heard vile stories about paedophiles Sir Cyril Smith and Margaret Thatcher’s parliamentary aide Sir Peter Morrison, a man as creepy as poison ivy.
    I heard sickening tales about other senior politicians, two of them former prime ministers.
    So, you may ask, why didn’t I do more about it? These rumours were never backed by evidence, though we did look for it.
    And in its absence they were dismissed as the malicious murmours of political enemies.
    How wrong we were. And I’m scouring my memory now for all I’ve heard over the last 28 years which may warrant another look.
    I’m rarely persuaded by conspiracy theories. Politicians are so cack-handed cock-ups are more likely.
    But when it comes to historic sex abuse too many police investigations were dropped without good reason and too many documents disappeared.
    That doesn’t necessarily mean a single, organised cover-up. There could have been lots of individual ones.
    The prevailing culture of the 1980s was to protect institutions - whether Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Church, Whitehall or the BBC.
    That’s still the instinct of those in power, which is why David Cameron is desperately trying to keep control of whatever information his two inquiries may uncover.
    But I do detect a changing attitude which may end lying as the default setting.
    The reputational damage done to institutions when cover-ups are exposed eclipses our horror at the original offence.
    The Catholic church lost millions of devout worshippers, disgusted by its failure to acknowledge child sex abuse by priests. That hit where it hurts - in the collection plate.
    America’s naive trust in political leaders never recovered from the Watergate scandal 40 years ago after the head of state turned out to be a crook.
    I’m writing this in my Commons office which was once the naughty step for MPs.
    Years ago whips brought misbehaving MPs here, sat them by the log fire, and gave them a stiff whisky and a stern talking to about their misdeeds.
    That elegant stone fireplace is still here, unused and open mouthed. If only it would talk.

    Children have been abused  by these evil, arrogant people for decades and they have used the Courts, the Police, MI5  and the CPS to cover-up their crimes.
    Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' child abuse allegations against senior ministers.  Scotland yard insider  exposes evidence which goes to the  very heart of claims that there was an Establishment cover-up to protect politicians , judges and police officers involved in a sick ­paedophile network.

    Zac Goldmith one of the 7 hero MP's who started the call for a child abuse inquiry said of Havers and the infamous  Kincora Inquiry    

    "that the Kincora inquiry's terms of reference "were rewritten just before it began with a view to excluding investigations into visitors to the care home so it would only focus on social workers or the staff".

    He added: "These kinds of things are really big and it's inevitable that a proper all-encompassing inquiry would find its way all the way to Kincora.
    "It would look at who set the term of reference, it would look at who was excluded, who was protected by the terms of reference, and that would lead to Havers himself who was responsible for that."

    This network is still in place and still operating today it has to expurgated from the political, security and justice system along with all itadherents and cleaners 

    Time now to free the victims and whistle-blowers from the fear they live in of retribution by a group of Politicians, Judges, senior Police officers and civil servants who raped and tortured little children and have covered-up for each others for decades.

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    1. Now that Sir Keith Joseph's name is published it must, surely, be time to re-examine his decisions when DHSS Minister. To refuse Commons calls in 1972 for full inquiry into:

      (1) The Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish Suffolk. Two deaths by drowning (lake and bath) in six months and the context of appalling care standards

      (2) The unknown number of child deaths, of disabled children in Hackney Social Services care, at The Beeches, Ixworth, Suffolk.

      We now know that the 1972 Commons questions happened to coincide with the inmates revolt, which created the disabled persons human rights movement, at LeCourt Leonard Cheshire Home. There had been some years of group psychiatric research conducted by Tavistock Institute on all the care home resident communities in UK of Leonard Cheshire Homes. This research had been commissioned by Dept of Health. But details of its legality and purpose are still refused disclosure by Attorney General (Dominic Grieve).

      We also now know that in Wales the Regional Crime Squad escalated inquiry in 1972 from aliens registrations (Foreign care workers) into suspicions of GP Death registration fraud used for identity theft to acquire UK identities. This was inquiry into the husband and wife charities of Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder.

      IIRC the civil servant who issued Sir Keith Joseph's refusal of inquiry, re deaths and care at the Cavendish HQ care home of Cheshire and Ryder, was Celia Hensman. Now an MBE following work with C of E Childrens Society. Perhaps she has recall ?

      What we now know is that the refusal of inquiry from Sir Keith also coincided with the New Zealand Govt having requested that the inquest into their citizen, volunteer Matron Mary McGill, at the Sue Ryder HQ Jan 1972, be re-opened. Hence at the time DHSS under Sir Keith was refusing care inquiry, the Home Office in cahoots with Suffolk Chief constable Arthur Burns was lying to the New Zealand Govt to fob off their approach for justice.

      In the 1990s Christs College Cambridge spokesperson proffered information, attributed to a C of E Bishop alumnus, that it would be worth looking for Common Lines of Inquiry between the Sue Ryder volunteers and staff and the staff at the Beeches or at Hackney Social Services. Suggesting that people who had involved with the Katherine Low Settlement charity could be common to both sudden death and poor care settings in Suffolk (Sue Ryder and Beeches)

      The only Bishop alumnus I can find is Rowan Williams. Was it he who wanted to source information from anonymity via his old college ?

      What is certainly true is that if inquiry into abuse had been mounted in the 1970s it would have tripped over Savile abuse at the Sue Ryder child hospice in Leeds.

      These two case histories were put to Dame Janet Smith's Stage 3 Harold Shipman Inquiry. The problems that arose in the associated death registration practices and Coroners involvements. Dame Janet ruled that both cases were beyond her terms of reference to examine weaknesses in our death registration methods.

      So to my mind Dame Janet conducting BBC Savile Inquiry is to say the least open to question.

      As far as I know to this day no one knows how many children died at the Beeches 1966 to 1972. No one knows why the local HM Coroner has no realistic overview on record. If deaths occurred at Ixworth or at the Bury St Edmunds Hospital they would have been in his jurisdiction and an overview of a pattern of deaths in care in his area have emerged. Where were deaths declared ? Why in 6 years did only two deaths of children get inquests ? Which HM Coroners waived inquests and let GP certification go through ?

      For 42 years the presence of ileac crest bruising on Matron McGill's body, has been ignored. This is an indicator of anal rape or attempted anal rape. We now know that Leonard Cheshire did not tell the truth to Inquest. Which left the final 19 hours of Matron's life unaccounted. But in 1972 in the New Zealand press there was later an admission by Cheshire that he had spoken with Matron McGill during that final 19 hours.


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