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Leon Brittan, Geoffrey Dickens,Jimmy Savile, Margaret Thatcher's paedophiles and the missing Dossiers

As the controversy raged around the campaigning MP Geoffrey Dickens and the now world famous dossiers.  Leon Brittan QC the former Home Secretary to whom Mr Dickens had passed the names  of the VIP paedophiles said " he could not remember anything about it"  Brittan maintained this dismissive attitude for two years. Sir Leon Brittan QC is  a powerful and successful manipulator who is not subject to the laws he helped to make and enforce on the public. 

 But despite his arrogant denial Leon Brittan, Queens Council,  remembered only too well the fateful day Geoffrey Dickens MP  marched confidently into his office with an air of determination and revealed to Brittan just how much he knew about the VIP paedophiles.  

Far from not remembering the incident Brittan took immediate action alerting Special Branch to the potential increasing danger of Mr Dickens  and getting an audience with the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  

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Princess Di, Geoffrey Dickens and Cyril Smith all deceased
Sir Peter Morrison MP for Chester  was a  personal friend and confident of Margaret Thatcher. Peter Morrison was also named as a pedophile and sexual abuser of children in Geoffrey  Dickens dossier.

Thatcher called Peter Morrison  to alert him  and at the same time she  called her other confident  Sir Jimmy  Savile who was also named in the dossier.  The other person who needed to know was Havers the corrupt Attorney General another Queens Council who  set-up and  framed  The Guildford Four  and the Maquire seven  by skilful lies and deception  "Havers represented the Crown in two of the most notable miscarriages of justice in British judicial history the trial and appeal of the Guildford Four and also of the Maguire family (known as the Maguire Seven), all of whom were wrongfully convicted. Collectively, they served a total of 113 years in prison and one of the Maguire Seven, Giuseppe Conlon, died in prison, convicted on the basis of discredited forensic evidence." Giuseppe Conlon died in Prison a broken man Havers died in his bed after leading a life of privilege and luxury

It was this group of conspirators who had Geoffrey Dickens Dossier buried. At the same time they arranged for his house to be burgled  for evidence, his phone to be tapped and  his family  tailed by Special Branch

Geoffrey Dickens had stumbled across evidence of the horrific paedophile scandal, linked to Parliament and an organised network of child pornographers.  No investigation ever took place and as per usual it was  Mr Dickens himself who became the target of a dirty tricks campaign to ensure his silence.  Dickens told fellow MPs that after warning of the existence of the network, he had received threatening phone calls and been burgled twice. In a little-noticed speech  to the House of Commons  he told the House he had been placed on a “hit-list”    "Honourable Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began.  First, I received threatening telephone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer’s hit list.”

In the latest development  and  according to his own new testimony  Leon Brittan QC now remembers  asking officials in the 1980s to "look carefully" at a dossier handed to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens.

Following questions raised by Labour MP Simon Danczuk  who yesterday called  on Lord Brittan to say what he knows about the contents of the Dossiers, "which may contain evidence that would indentify sex abusers". Brittan decided he best remember  the Dickens Dossier  and he said in a statement that he had received a "substantial bundle of papers" from Mr Dickens, which he had asked Home Office officials to examine and "report back to me" if "action needed to be taken".
He said he "did not recall" being "contacted further about these matters".
 "However, a letter was sent from myself to Mr Dickens on March 20, 1984, explaining what had been done in relation to the files”  

Ok lets see  this letter?
Geoffrey Dickens MP a great man

It is just a matter of time before these VIP Barristers  and paedophiles who have perverted the criminal justice system are themselves brought to justice.

The public are becoming aware that the Criminal Justice system protects the guilty  and jails to innocent to protect the guilty.  The public also know that they pay for  these highly paid corrupt Barristers, judges and their Security System through the extortion of taxation.  It’s just a matter of time

These type of people run your country for their own benefit, think you are scum and your children toys  and the irony is through taxation they make you pay for it all.  They have to be stopped.
Update and Breaking news. Following the publication of our article Geoffrey Dickens son confirms his father was professionally burgled after giving  Leon Brittan the child abuse Dossier

Update  part of the contents of the letter from Brittan to Geoff :-

‘You drew my attention to a number of allegations concerning paedophilia when you called here on November 23 and in subsequent letters.  ‘I am now able to tell you that, in general terms, the view of the Director of Public Prosecutions is that two of the letters you forwarded could form the basis for inquiries by the police and they are now being passed to the appropriate authorities. ‘In other cases there either seems to be inadequate evidence to pursue prosecution, for example the lady who wrote about PIE advertising but did not secure any example of the material complained of, or they have already been dealt with in some way by the courts or the police.’

Read more:

Update 8th July 14:-  Cameron and May appoint Baroness Butler-sloss the sister of the man who conspired to bury the Dickens Dossiers Sir Michael Havers. Sloss  to head the new White-wash  not over my dead body. read more JUSTICE DENIED: Butler-Sloss sister of  the Attorney General who h...


  1. Has the photo of the list of guest house visitors appeared in any news media article about the child abuse scandal?

    Hopefully the British media have been made aware of this photo, which can be found by doing a google images search for: operation fernbridge list.

    As the list shows, the former Home Secretary who "lost" the dossier is himself at the top of the list of guest house visitors.

    The photo of the list, the authenticity of which does not appear in doubt, names about a dozen MPs, intelligence officials, and other visitors to the guest house, including several who have been exposed/convicted of sex offences against children.

    This photo should be brought to the attention of Simon Danczuk, Zac Goldsmith, the Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Express, the Guardian, and other people and organizations who are trying to investigate the cover-up and reveal the truth to the British people.

    Perhaps this photo of the list (if verified) could at least result in the exposure in the news media of the Home Secretary who "lost" the dossier as an offender himself.

    It is frustrating how numerous mainstream British news media sources keep reporting about a "senior Tory minister" being caught at the guest house, without naming him.

    Hopefully, the photo of that page from the guest house visitor list would be enough evidence for the media to actually name him.

    If the media won't, then perhaps Simon Danczuk or Zac Goldsmith or another honest and trustworthy MP would use parliamentary privilege to name the "former Tory minister" on the floor of the House of Commons, just like Geoffrey Dickens MP did so many years ago, when he exposed the diplomat and deputy MI6 director as a sex offender.

  2. Time the whole edifice came crashing down - pervert Tories, Judges, pigs, people of power and influence...destroy them all legally!!!!

  3. Why anonymous?. Your comments are downgraded . The abused childen are more important than your own safety. Why is the Church of England not speaking out aganst the paedophile politicians. Christians they are not. They are there for their own advancement covering up paedophiles in the church and the establishment. What some excrement we have in high power.

  4. Simply, thank goodness some people can see through all the tripe and see my grandad was right. He was so brave 💖


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