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Geoffrey Dickens, Scallywag, Andrea Davison, Mary Moss Elm Guest House and the Westminster Paedophiles

Getting more difficult 2 tell the difference between the queen's birthday honours list and the sex offenders register every day

Geoffrey Dickens handed his dossier with evidence of the Westminster child sex ring to  one of the ring's  leaders Sir  Leon Brittan the  paedophile elevated to the position of Home Secretary. Brittan conveniently had the Dickens dossiers buried in MI5 and Police secret archives. 

After handing the dossier over the Home Secretary arranged for Geoffrey Dickens house to be burgled on two separate occasions.    Nothing but documents were stolen.

The other method the Westminster paedophiles  use is the Justice System. They use the courts  to steal child abuse  evidence.  Simon Regan editor of Scallywag Magazine gives us an incite into this tactic below.

ScallyWag Issue 26

The following article was written by Scallywag Editor Simon Regan at the invitation of the editor (Mark Sedan) of the left-wing Labour Party weekly tabloid, Tribune. Sedan also kindly agreed to publish an appeal for the Scallywag fighting fund in it efforts to use the courts to nullify the campaign by Dr. Juian Lewis to close the magazine down. A similar piece was written by co-editor Angus James for the rather more intellectual left- wing magazine, the New Statesman. Both articles were quickly buried after Julian Lewis personally promised to sue if they used them. To pander to him - the arch conniver of the Tory dirty tricks department, so less - Sedan agreed to publish a letter from Lewis arguing vehemently against giving us any contributions. We therefore publish the article here and invite him to sue us instead. (As of this day, no labour party supporter has responded to the appeal).
Since, within a 48-hour period the locks were changed on our office door, our bank accounts were closed, £16,000 owed to us by distributors was frozen, and at least nine writs were issued against the trade and printers dealing with Scallywag magazine, our office has become by definition, a moveable feast. More than two years of research files, contact books, personal papers and legal documents must now be recovered through the courts.
Although by now, of course, it might be far too late. One of our earlier supporters, a middle-aged woman living in Hampstead received a most peculiar call from Dr. Julian Lewis, the somewhat notorious deputy head of research at the Conservative Central Office who asked her questions relating to "some information which has fallen into our hands." It was a private letter from her to me, actually using code names (for fun she was called Eagle and I Buzzard), and he made it quite clear it was one of many. The only copy of this letter, as far as we know, was kept in a file marked Eagle in my own locked desk.
So why should Lewis take such an avid and overt interest in us - considered by the Tories to be such a two-bit magazine that it was beneath them to even notice us? In the various North London pubs where we try and meet up each day, and which presently act as our offices, the theories have abounded.
We have in fact hit the Tories where it has been hurting, making the most serious allegations about Portillo and Lilley, even worse ones about Lord McAlpine; month by month for the past year we have made daring assaults on their credibility. Someone had to come for us sometime. The excuse for a showdown was two-fold. Firstly Smith Square found out we were about to publish a penetrating and well- researched account of Tory Party funding, which during the sleaze controversy could only be highly damaging. Second, we published in the last two editions articles alleging Lewis had prepared dossiers on pretty well every member of the Shadow Cabinet which purported to show them in a bad light. Especially Prescott and Blair.
Lewis had boasted to the Sunday Times, where he enjoys celebrity status, that his department had leaked the stories about Socialists sending their children to fee-paying schools, and had largely organised the "marketing" of former Soviet agent Gorievski's so-called allegations about Michael Foot and others. So far pretty lean stuff, and most highly discredited. But, promised Lewis, licking his lips, there's a lot more where that came from. He would begin to release it towards the run-up to the next election.
The ST, like most of the traditional right-wing press, was very well acquainted with Lewis and his tactics, but as he was a "leaker supreme" they tended not to mention it. In his quaint and devious way, he was far too valuable.
On our standards the story on Lewis waging a "dirty tricks campaign against the socialists" was tame stuff indeed, although it did refer to some of his very dirty tricks during the time he was concentrating on demolishing the CND, and also said some unkind things about his sex life. But by all accounts, it sent Lewis into a furious rage. He then decided to turn the entire Central Office spotlight onto us, using all their researchers, headed notepaper to add credence to his threats, telephones, and considerable manpower to dig out anything he could on us. So far he has done this very successfully indeed.
The upper hierarchy in Westminster were delighted with this turnout. They had been trying to find ways to get rid of Lewis every since John Major came to power. He had been privately financed by half a dozen rich ultra-right-wing organisations, such as Norris McWhirter's British Freedom Association, and he had been nuisance enough before he had got to Smith Square. Then, at the height of Thatcher's power (he was always a Thatcher Darling) he came to the notice of the Heritage Foundation In Washington. With a budget of $19 million and a staff of 160 this "prestigious" organisation handed out significant funds to any two-bit organisation which believed in "individual freedom and a strong national defence." On several visits to Washington to lobby directly against CND, Lewis had caught their eye in a big way.
During Maggie's reign they poured £4 million into Conservative Party coffers. But one of the conditions was that Lewis was included in the deal. He remained virtually unsackable, unless he could be discredited.
If we were able to discredit him, and we are now very sure we can, they get rid of us and him in one fell swoop. They have singularly distanced themselves from his recent activities, pointing out at high level that Lewis is doing this "on his own."
His campaign, however, has been relentless but surprisingly open. He personally threatened the news vendor outside Westminster tube station (who sold at least 200 copies of Scallywags to Westminster habitu├ęs). He has been on the telephone night and day announcing himself before threatening and being menacing.
And it has so far succeeded. He has managed to have our assets frozen; we cannot get printed and even if we could, no one will distribute us or wholesale us, and even if they did, no one would sell us. We left our offices with one lap-top, one desk top and a mobile 'phone. Every call on the mobile has been carefully logged and very often people we have called, or who have called us get a call soon after from him personally warning them that any association with us at this time would be 'dangerous'. The only way in which he can possibly blanket our mobile is with the help of an outside agency, and for the first time we are beginning to get paranoiac. We only have to go to a pub once to meet up, and even while we are there the pub gets a call asking for one of us, and when we answer, the line hangs up. Just every day harassing, but it can begin to get on your nerves.
The plus point is that influential people who were wavering about supporting us were so angry when they got a warning from him that they returned the call immediately offering their unequivocal support. So we no longer use "safe" 'phones but let him know everything we are up to. If we succeed, we shall print in Spain, sell the mag on the streets, go for subscribers in a big way, and investigate electronic publishing. We don't think Dr. Julian Lewis will survive this, but we think we will.

ScallyWag Issue 28
Moving into the modern times they now use more shocking methods. In 2010 the Derby and North Wales Police stole child abuse files from Scallywag Researcher  and ex Duncroft Girl Andrea Davison  by getting a corrupt judge to sign a warrant  which claimed she was the mastermind of an international fraud. In 2013 they stole the Elm Guest House child abuse files from child protection officer Mary Moss using another corrupt judge to get a warrant.   All these files get buried. None of the evidence is ever acted on. Not one Westminster peodophile has been prosecuted using the stolen evidence.

Look we know where all these files are, we know MI5, the Police, CPS and the Home Office know where they are.  It is time to prosecute the cover-up squad, the Judges, the Police officers, the CPS lawyers  the  Barristers and the Politicians and civil servants who protect VIP paedophiles and child pornographers. Its also time to prosecute the Westminster Paedophiles.

The Telegraph reports today that

More than 10' politicians on list held by police investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring'

Whistleblower who prompted Operation Fernbridge says up to 40 MPs and peers knew about or took part in child abuse

cyril smith
Cyril Smith is among the politicians on a list of names held by police investigating historic child abuse 
More than 10 current and former politicians are on a list of alleged child abusers held by police investigating claims of a Westminster paedophile ring.
MPs or peers from all three main political parties are on the list, which includes former ministers and household names.
Several, including Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Morrison, are no longer alive, but others are still active in Parliament.
The existence of the list was disclosed by Peter McKelvie, the whistleblower whose claims prompted Operation Fernbridge, the Scotland Yard investigation into allegations of a paedophile network with links to Downing Street.
Mr McKelvie, a retired child protection team manager who has spent more than 20 years compiling evidence of alleged abuse by authority figures, said he believed there was enough evidence to arrest at least one senior politician.

Child Protection Officer with NAYPAC Chris Fay has also been trying to expose the Westminster Pedophile ring for 30 years. He gave a revealing interview to child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney.Nightmare at Elm Guest House 

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