Sunday, 29 September 2013

More about Alan Lewis CBE Tory rapist and multi-millionaire banker

Alan Lewis CBE accused of  raping a girl  spent his life making money anyway he could. At last year’s Tory conference he was involved in selling packages for up to £1,250 to bosses of oil and payday loan firms that allowed them to spend time with Mr Cameron and other Tories.

He is chairman of  Hartley Group which has  a subsidiary Hartly Investment Banking Division a net lander. 
 Hartley Investment Trust Limited was formed as an investment banking company in 1983. Alan J Lewis CBE is the Chairman and majority shareholder.

Hartley’s interests include investment banking operations in both the USA and Spain. 

He is chairman of the Hartley Group who  owns Hartley Investment Trust and Group. The group  emerged from Yorkshire textile giant Illingworth Morris.

Today, the group has commercial, industrial and residential properties in the UK, Spain and Russia and its natural resource portfolio ranges from natural gas in Louisiana to timber in Russia.  read rmore

Lancashire-born Lewis CBE  From 1988 to 1990 was chairman of the CBI Initiative for Europe and he is currently Conservative Party vice-chairman for business relations and being questioned by the police about  the rape.

He is also chairman of governors at Kings Science Academy in Bradford which gives him access to lots of young students.

Left to right: Prof Bob Cryan, Stefan Gabriel and Alan Lewis outside Globe Worsted

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  1. The man has no morals he will ruin anyone who stands up to him


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