Saturday, 28 September 2013

Plaid Cymru the national party of Wales supports an independent inquiry into Child Abuse

 We will be  publishing replies to the recent  call  from Spotlight on  abuse   for people to write to their MP  to call for a national investigation into the  decades of cover-up of child abuse. 

(Please send us your replies from your MP's !   we will publish them without your name)

I, along with Plaid Cymru's party leader, have been supporting those victims of child abuse in North Wales since the scandal re-emerged in the wake of the Jimmy Saville allegations.

I wholeheartedly agree that more needs to be done, both to ensure that this kind of abuse cannot happen again and also to uncover historic wrongdoing. The role of the police and other authorities in the Bryn Estyn case, for example, is not encouraging and an independent inquiry would benefit all victims and wider society.

Llyr Gruffydd AC/AM
Plaid Cymru the Party of Wales
Rhanbarth Gogledd Cymru
North Wales Region
Gweinidog Cysgodol ar yr Amgylchedd a Chynaladwyedd
Shadow Minister for the Environment and Sustanability
*    Plaid Cymru, Regent Street, Wrecsam, LL11 1RE
(   01978 365512

 Please send us your replies from your MP's  and we will publish them without your name


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