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Complainants will be fobbed off and persecuted is the UK State motto

 The UK has had hundred of years to perfect its system of injustice against its own people. Its called the police, the Crown Persecution Service  and the Courts with its judges Barristers and Solicitors. 

They have  a legal system which  would work to prevent injustice if only the State agencies  followed  the States own laws. But of course they do not!


The use their evil system to persecute anyone they feel inclined to  and once they have chosen a target the  State, with its endless tax payers funds, is remorseless its its prosecution.    It chooses  its agents from amongst the most damaged psychopaths  and sadists who loves to inflict pain, and the more helpless their victims the better they like it.  Children and old ladies are their favourite  then come women and old men.  

They have also developed a neat system  to prevent anyone from complaining its called a complaints system.  Victims are fooled into believing that they have an avenue in which they  can complain and their complaints addressed.  This of course is just a way of  deceiving and tying up their victim. The hapless victim believes that  with research and with a long letter   carefully written letter  they will be heard.  But no complaints are heard, no complaint is acted upon.  The State with their  endless faceless bureaucrats paid to torture and betray the States victims  send out a series of fob off letters. Not only this but they then know the names of the real troublemakers.  Anyone who complains will suffer increased and sustained persecution the the State.

Sabine   McNiell writes

This is the leaflet I found among the papers of Melissa Laird – after she got deported so that her son can by adopted  - thanks to the criminal activities of Barnet Council.
Meanwhile I received this email: ”One year on from my husband’s avoidable death, thanks to you and others I realise how hopeless it is to follow the prescribed channels of complaint. Every path leads nowhere.
The manipulators hold all the cards. They have the money, publicity, media control and legal access denied to all complainants. Those who get noticed are quickly recruited into their ranks in order to fool the public into thinking they’re listening and changes are imminent. They’re not.
I think it’s possible to turn up the volume if we unite all the groups and protest in one voice. Individuals seldom make an impact. I met Caul Grant of Campaign for Truth and Justice at Speakers corner. He stays within the law. I joined them on the last 2 Empowerment Mondays outside the RCJ when they stopped the traffic for 10 minutes at a time by forming a moving chain across Fleet Street. The disruption was effective, it got us noticed. Passers by were shocked to hear the stories of protestors.
Michael Mansfied, currently representing Mark Duggan‘s family listened, so did Keith Vaz MP, currently chairman of Home Affairs Committee, a Parliamentary committee that scrutinises the work of the Home Office and a strong advocate of Human Rights. Given that Cameron has vowed to limit access to the European Court we cannot afford to be complacent.”
Caul responds:
“They can and will continue to ignore our complaints or pass us from pillar to post in full knowledge that we will get nowhere, however, they cannot ignore indefinitely our direct actions of protest, so far, as Pam points out, we have had a huge impact but we cannot standby and leave this mammoth task to a handful of victims, we urgently need to come together as one in a very visible and unavoidable group.
The momentum has started, please, for all our sakes, come out and make a commitment to Empowerment Mondays and give ourselves a real opportunity of seeing justice in our lifetime.

This is the statement of  Mellissa

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