Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Operation Fernbridge will they be allowed to charge Ex Minister, Leon Brittan? with the rape of children

4 days ago we were told  that Operation Fernbridge has produced some new activity according to Exaro  Police are investigating claims that an ex cabinet minister., wildly assumed to be Leon Brittan  sexually abused a boy.  So what is happening now?

The Minister is one of a clutch of six conservative MP’s who  frequented gay brothels and abused boys in Amsterdam about 30 years ago.  After that they must have stopped of course and have never been interested in paedophilia since I don’t think.  But lets see what happens!

They are also investigating a boy from a London children's homes was taken from the home and abused by the same ex minister.  What about Dolphin Square and  Brighton?

The Police  were earlier secretly told  by the Crown Prosecution Service to drop the case  against the same ex  minister for the rape  of a young woman. Told to drop the Case  by  the Crown WHY?
A complaint dating from the 1960s by a young woman alleging rape by the ex-minister is not being pursued after the Crown Prosecution Service advised that the guidelines and law at the time could not justify the charge.

The lady said that at the time she was very young but looked even younger than her actually age and she was raped by the ex minister in his home.

But the CPS have come up with some  rubbish  that at the time the rape took place rape was not possible unless the girl made it explicit she was refusing  sex .  Err what the Fxxx does that mean.

She should have made it clear to Leon Brittan “Although I am screaming stop and you are raping me and  I am very young  but just over the age of consent I have to advise  you that I explicitly refuse to have sex with you. I do this in the event that 30 years later the authorities may listen to my complaint against you.”

The Criminal justice system in the UK is  complete and utter propaganda. The CPS prosecute whisltblowers and victims of child abuse but never the  elite perpetrators! 

One interesting comment said:-

 Things are never that simple, my father who died last year was a police constable all his life and never wanted promotion.
He told us that London care homes were sending boys in taxis to parties in
several places but mainly Brighton to be used in sex games. He said they were protected by AIPAC which is some jewish group witha lot of clout, he said many policemen were angry at this but could do nothing


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  1. This is really important, Andrea. So both cases (the boy and the woman whose case the CPS won't undertake) definitely feature Lord Brittan?
    Is AIPAC connected with NAPAC?
    Keep on with the good work.

  2. 'Wildly assumed' - ah,indeed.


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