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Government cover-up disintegrates, David Icke was right about Elite Paedophile RIng, Tom Watson will not be silenced

The Government are reeling under the constant pressure as their neat cover-up involving Lord McAlpine and their Tory cronies dissolves into chaos. 

Victims and whistle blowers tweet that they will not be intimidated or silenced this time. The Cover-up supported by the criminal organisation existing within Parliament, the Courts, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police is starting to unravel. 

Children abused over decades, laughed at, intimidated, thrown into jail and threatened,  are raising their voices and saying NO MORE COVER-UP!

The public no-longer fooled by the fiction of democracy and accountability and leadership are taking a new look at the alternative media. People are seeing through the veils of delusion,  seeing through the web of hypocrisy and deceit woven by criminals who want to remain in power. 

David Icke was right Jimmy Savile was a prolific paedophile David Icke is right about a whole heap of things.  Many other people who know the truth are speaking out. Tom Watson MP would  not be silenced by a system designed to silence troublesome MP's



This time the paedophiles will be removed  from their privileged positions of power. Positions  which allows then to rape and torture thousands of innocent children. Positions which allow them to jail  anyone who dare to expose their criminals activities. 

Sonia Poulton wrote a great article 12 months ago following Tom Watsons revelations to Parliament. Since then the Government cover-up machine has been in full swing. But this time victims, whistle-blowers and concerned citizens who like children will not be brow beaten into submission.

By: Sonia Poulton  Express Newspaper

  In The  weeks that have ­followed Jimmy Savile ­being revealed as a paedophile his carefully crafted charitable reputation has been obliterated. The ­national treasure decorated by the Queen and given keys to ­hospitals has been laid bare and described by one investigating ­officer as “the most prolific serial sex abuser in history”.

Labour MP Tom Watson raised the issue of a paedophile ring in Parliament []
Increasingly, though, rather than being the solitary pervert operating with impunity, Savile may be the tip of a large iceberg.
As more victims reveal abuse at the hands of Savile, or his ­extensive circle of friends, it ­appears the silence that ­surrounded him may say less about his celebrity status and more about whom he may have implicated had his crimes been exposed. Certainly we know that Savile was subject to at least five police probes over five decades. All were quashed. Why? We have yet to be told.
For many it reeks of an establishment cover-up, though for years detractors referred to it as “conspiracy theory”.
Savile’s BBC colleague David Icke, who went from respected broadcaster to laughing stock, was at the forefront of such claims in the Nineties when he named Savile and others as paedophiles.
Icke claimed Savile supplied children from Jersey’s infamous Haut de la Garenne care home to a senior British MP. Savile denied knowing the home, the scene of a police investigation in 2008 that uncovered widespread child abuse. He lied. There is pictorial evidence of him there.
Savile may be the tip of a large iceberg
Last week, during Prime Minister’s Questions, Labour MP Tom Watson raised the issue of a paedophile ring in Parliament and alluded to a former PM. David Cameron, all perplexed, said he would look into it. Minutes after PMQs, Tory MP Rob Wilson was on Sky News appearing to laugh off Watson’s claims.
This cannot go on. It was these sorts of hasty dismissals that helped Savile get away with it. People laughed it off and claimed “nutters” were saying it.
Well I can tell Mr Cameron that this claim is not sensational, anything but. In fact Tom Watson has barely scratched the surface.
I have compiled a list of 132 ­utterly shameless establishment child abusers. These include MPs, lords and local councillors. A ­similar list for members of Her Majesty’s Constabulary exists.
I don’t believe these lists are complete. This is not conjecture or media gossip but people, ­primarily men, who have been prosecuted for child sex offences throughout the UK.
Many of these abusers still ­represent constituents and are “serving the public”. At the very least we should know who they are, where they are and if their public decisions are influenced by the greater good or their own twisted perversions.
As a journalist, and in light of the Savile revelations, people have contacted me desperate to share their abuse stories.
Some accuse powerful members of the establishment. Several household-name MPs are said to have committed acts of degradation against children as young as six.
Yes, some of these callers may be jumping on the bandwagon but not many are, as independent ­corroboration of their stories has already confirmed.
So let’s not be under any ­ illusion that this is only about Savile. I fear it is far from it.
The Government must immediately announce an independent inquiry. It must be public and transparent and it must leave no stone unturned. The credibility of Parliament is at an all-time low and serious questions must be answered.Why did Ken Clarke, as justice minister, halve sentences of ­paedophiles last year in a controversial announcement?
Why did the Cabinet Office ­issue threatening letters last week to internet bloggers ­ warning that they must not repeat allegations of a child actor ­claiming to have been touched by a member of the Coalition?
Then there is the question that overshadows the whole Savile ­inquiry: why was he allowed to ­become so close to royalty and government? Surely it is the job of the security services to investigate the lifestyle of those who have access to our figureheads?
Yes, this is a dark time in our nation’s history but we must face it head on and keep going until we know the full, unexpurgated truth, no matter how unedifying future revelations may be.
Judging by some of the testi­monies I have heard it is likely to be very shocking indeed. There is no alternative. The ­victims need the truth to be told, no matter how powerful or con­nected their ­abusers may prove to be.

Sonia has said it all source Express Newspaper October 2012


  1. This was published a year ago. Does anyone have any information on efforts by Sonia Poulton and Tom Watson over the past year? Sonia has one youtube video regarding pedophilia, made six months ago: And her last article in the Express directly referring to the subject was on September 15. Has she been silenced? And Tom Watson's blog seems to not have anything very recent on the topic

  2. Poulton is now working for David Icke's "The People's Voice", probably in recognition of her work in promoting the utter falsehood that Icke revealed Savile's crimes back in the 1990s.
    He did no such thing. It's all here:

  3. Sonia Poulton is one journalist who will not be bought and silenced. She tell the truth and keeps on telling the truth

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