Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Stop the Courts and the Police using the Law to promote corruption and silence victims

Sabine McNiell and so many people are fighting to get justice back to the UK and for the removal of paedophiles and corruption from the Police, Judiciary and Parliament.


SAMPLE LETTER to MPs about Child Abduction from Belgium Rubber stamped by UK Judiciary 

Human Rights Defence
Human Rights Defence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This remarkable comment was written in response to this blog post on Punishment without Crime.
It appears that once they find they get shielded by closing ranks and keeping secrets and are able to use our taxpayers money to threaten and pressurise people into silence  they continue to get away with it. Each of us must keep repeating this concern. Stop them stealing our legal controls. The law is there and it is ours, our children have rights and we as parents have rights under the law. We must rescue our legal rights and use them against those who abuse human rights.
If we each wrote to our MP [] in the standard form, either email or letter I am sending:
Dear Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart
I have seen a video on the internet which has caused alarm and I must bring this to your attention. I am convinced and I am certain that anyone seeing this recording is also convinced that Nigel Cooper and his daughter’s human rights have been abused by our British Authorities. Furthermore he claims to have a legal document that is recognized by International law that orders his child to be returned to him.
This video has gone international, on the internet: BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”.
He has made serious allegations against our judiciary who under our separation of powers system are only answerable to themselves and nothing is being done. The English Court have not appealed the Order or appealed for a stay. They are simply treating the order with contempt.
This harms our Nation’s reputation as a law abiding country, and makes me as a British citizen feel ashamed to be British. Furthermore, Nigel Cooper’s personal credentials are substantial and he has obtained the order through due process.
This brings our Judiciary and their honesty and integrity into question, and must be resolved before our nation is abused even further. Following so soon after the Jimmy Saville scandal, which has exposed the long standing conspiracy of silence at the highest levels, this tares us with the same brush.
Yours sincerely”

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