Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#paedobritain Day March 28th raising awareness of the Paedophile cover-up

 Using Leonard Cohen's song 'Everybody Knows' as an anthem Madlands  is promoting a grassroots tweetathon  #paedobritain Day       More Info

Paedobritain today is to raise awareness of State support for Paedophiles and child snatching and expose the on-going corruption leaving  children and whistle blowers  to pay  heavy price.  The   Police, the CPS, Judges and Politicians continue to protect paedophiles and silence whistle-blowers.  Following decades of the most horrific sexual abuse of children throughout the UK it is time paedophiles were arrested and whistle-blowers were rewarded.  Not the other way round as it is today.

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Madlands says that:-

"As far as the day of action for March 28th goes, I have been thinking about the feedback on using the hashtag #paedobritain and it actually is a bad idea.
The primary reason for me saying that is that we need to create a “twitterbomb”.  Twitter trends are created by massive surges in hashtag use and this is enhanced if the hashtag was previously unknown or little used. That is why you don’t see the same hashtags trending all the time, it is about previous V’s current use and total volume of mentions.
So my idea is, based on suggestions I am getting, to at midnight on the day, to release via this blog and twitter, a new hashtag term.  I will notify other bloggers in advance so they can do the same (if they contact me – not many actually have – I thought you guys wanted to make a stand?).
That way, a new, little used hashtag will suddenly appear on twitter, hopefully in volume enough to trend.  If it drops off, we can fall back on #paedobritain as well."

paedobritain and #childsnatchbritain Day

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