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Jimmy Savile's favourite Police Force Yorkshire and their unprofessional standards

Jimmy Savile's favourite Police force the West Yorkshire Police  are being exposed  for all directions.  Unprofessional Standards website gives us some incite into the corruption at the top and how the Yorkshire police cover-up for top level paedophiles.

In a list of rogue West Yorkshire Police officers, Detective Inspective Damian Carr has to be at, or near, the very top. Joining Professional Standards around five years ago he features on an alarmingly lengthy list of cases.
Recurring features of his investigations are two-fold. He is not very bright and he is thoroughly dishonest. He also has on his CV the fact that his bag-carrier and partner in crime for four years was none other than convicted paedophile, Michael Vause.
Carr has featured in a number of high-profile cases where the Force ‘needs a result’ and his willingness to break the law in frustrating complainants/litigants against the police has placed him in a position of ‘protected status’ amongst his peers and, most crucially, the Command Team of West Yorkshire Police. He also appears free to laugh in the face of Police Authority (now PCC) Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson.
Cases in which Carr has been investigating officer include the death after custody of Mark Camm, complaints following the FTS software misappropriation case by ex-Supt Trevor Fordy of Northumbria Police, the nationally-known Danny Major miscarriage of justice and, more recently, the well publicised Police Assault cases of Wakefield businessman, Tony Ramsden, who was assaulted by police at Elland Road football ground and Huddersfield businessman Mr Steve Bradbury who has also been assaulted by police no less than three times.
Mr Ramsden is so incensed by Carr’s blatant dishonesty that he is contemplating taking out a private prosecution against him. Meanwhile the West Yorkshire Police ACPO Command Team, who have sanctioned  and, in some cases encouraged,the actions of Carr now lie completely compromised.


UPSD were responsible for unmasking West Yorkshire Police paedophile, DC Michael Vause. Working with the Yorkshire Post‘s Rob Waugh we were able to propagate this news story. Without that publicity, Vause would have disappeared into retirement with his vile tendencies unknown to the wider public. Indeed, it became apparent only very recently that residents in the tiny village of Wentbridge, Pontefract where Vause lived, at the time of his conviction, were blissfully unaware they had a child abuser in their midst. Mainly due to the local Pontefract & Castleford Express newspaper steadfastly refusing to cover the story of the second convicted Pontefract police paedophile in the past few years.
A CID detective for most of his career, Vause ended up in the police Professional Standards Department investigating other suspected paedophiles, would you believe? One of those West Yorkshire Police officers he investigated, a Police Band member, was alleged to have abused his own child. The accusations were made by the suspect’s own wife, but he was cleared by Vause. The same Band playing officer also perjured himself at Crown Court in Bradford but faced no action from his own Force.
During a Section 18 search of a fellow police officer’s home, Vause removed a CD containing images of young children. Those were nephews and nieces of the officer under suspicion. Despite strenuous requests for an audit trail of the precise movements of that CD whilst in Vause’s possession his PSD protectors have steadfastly refused to provide comfort that Vause still does not hold a copy of that CD. They were aided and abetted in that deceit both by West Yorkshire Police Authority to whom the officer turned to for help and Force Solicitor and Police Band member, Mike Percival. The latter-named will also feature in the Rogue Solicitors area of our site.
A third West Yorkshire Police paedophile was arrested after child images were found on his computer.  A criminal file was prepared for the CPS but no charges were preferred and the inspector (a former custody sergeant in Wakefield) was allowed to retire on full pension. uPSD are aware of the identity of this individual and our enquiries continue.
The fourth and fifth West Yorkshire Police paedophiles are named as ex-PC’s Christopher Snow and Michael Conlon.
Snow of Headingley, Leeds was jailed in 2011. He was sent down for 3 years and nine months, for a string of sex offences against children, including inciting a child into sexual activity. He was already the subject of a child sexual offences restraining order. He had resigned from the police after the first set of offences came to light in 2006. Judge Christopher Batty described Snow as ‘devious in his grooming of teenage girls’. The children were aged between 13 and 15.
Conlon was sent down for making and possessing indecent child images, grooming and attempting sexual activity with a child. Jailing Conlon for two-and -a-half years, The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC told him: “It’s aggravated because you used the fact you were a police officer to build some measure of trust.” Conlon served five years with West Yorkshire Police, ending in 2009.
Conlon was based at Killingbeck police station, the same location as Inspector Mick Starkey (see Jimmy Savile paedophile news page here). We cannot let the mention of Starkey pass without mentioning Sergeant, and now infamous ‘Blobby Bobby’, Matt Appleyard, another paedophile and rapist protector who is still a serving officer at the notorious Wetherby NPT (more on them here).
Killingbeck was also where one of the the infamous and illicit trysts between Rogue Officers  DCI Elizabeth Belton and C/Supt Ian Whitehouse took place and the base of most of the bent West Yorkshire Police officers involved in the huge, and now notorious, Operation Douglas corruption scandal.
The latest additions to West Yorkshire Police’s roll of shame are historic but nonetheless significant as they involve former police officers who did not have their names listed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.
A disgraced Halifax police officer, who was stationed at Richmond Close Police Station, sexually abused a young girl and was jailed for four years at Leeds Crown Court in Febuary 2004. Peter Newton had served with West Yorkshire Police for more than 29 years admitted six offences of indecent assault against the girl who was aged 11 when the offences began.
Newton was not put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and his name will be removed next year unless the decision is challenged.  He had abused the girl over a period of four years. When Newton first groped and kissed the girl, she was too frightened to tell anyone. The nature of the offending got progressively worse including touching the girl’s private parts and simulating a sex act with her. Newton’s offending came to light when the abused girl confided in a teacher. Passing sentence, Mr Justice Wakerley said the case represented an enormous breach of trust.
West Yorkshire Police probationary officer, Simon Dagger, downloaded pictures of naked children from an American pornography site and was snared by police in the Operation Ore crackdown on internet child pornography. Appearing at Leeds Crown Court in April 2003, 24-year-old Dagger, from Pontefract, wept when he was told he would not be jailed for having around 45 indecent images of children stored on his computer. DC Mick Vause (see above) was also from Pontefract and, like Vause, Dagger received a three-year Community Rehabilitation Order with a condition of attendance on a sex-offender treatment programme.
The Court was told that Dagger accessed the child images from a ‘library’ of around 8,000 photographs stored on the computer. The vast majority were legal adult material with a handful of images involving children falling into the most serious category. He admitted five sample charges of possessing indecent images of children and was ordered to sign the sex-offender register for five years (ending 2008).
Dagger was adamant that he didn’t get any sexual gratification from these images and it was his curiosity which spiraled out of control. Paedophile Vause also produced the same excuse with his famous line to the Judge: ‘Curiosity killed the cat, Ma’am’
Throughout this process of exposing West Yorkshire Police child abusers we have been obstructed at every turn by West Yorkshire Police and their co-conspirators at the Police Authority but this is an issue of massive public interest and  importance, particularly in the light of Jimmy Savile operating unfettered in Leeds for over 40 years by his local police force. New Police & Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, occupied the Chairman’s seat at the now defunct and disgraced West Yorkshire Police Authority during the entire period when these paedophiles have been exposed and has, on the face of it, chosen to look the other way.
Burns-Williamson’s Vice Chair was dodgy long term Leeds City Councillor and ex-Mayor of Leeds, Les Carter. What did he know about Jimmy Savile’s rape and paedophile activities over the entire 40 years he has been a Councillor. Nothing at all, Mr Carter?

The Professional standards departments within Police Forces  in the UK has been subverted to act  to alert the police of troublemakers.  The Rouge Criminal Organisation  within the police  have placed their own people at the top of the heap and paedophiles are not only the most ruthless and amoral but they can be ordered to do anything.

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