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Brian Pead Persecuted because he exposed child abuse

On March 13th 2013  Brian Pead came across a letter dated and postmarked 12 March 2013 from international law firm Pinsent Masons (who claim he is harassing their entire global workforce, not bad for a lone individual) in which the law firm with an “international reputation” stated that Mr Pead has to appear in Court tomorrow (14 March 2013) on a charge of Contempt of Court.
Read the letter here.  No other details were provided.

Read his story:-   and more on the Lambeth child abuse cover-up  

In August 2005, having lost more than a £¼m in a failed business venture, Liverpool FC author and teacher Brian Pead, who was present at the Hillsborough Disaster, is asked to run a Unit for vulnerable pupils called the Old Library Centre Virtual School, initially based in West Norwood.

Pead, who at the age of 20 investigated the untimely death of his brother aboard a Lowestoft trawler in 1972, employs radical methods and group therapy to meet the emotional, behavioural and educational needs of the pupils, who gain considerable self-insight.

Gaining the attention of eminent mental health professionals, the Unit is described by researchers at King’s College as the most successful in London.

Into this safe haven walks Maryn Murray, an unqualified supply teacher, who is later accused of racism and grooming girls. Following a thorough investigation, Pead dismisses her but his line manager, Barry Gilhooly, fails to contact the police.

Phyllis Dunipace, Executive Director of Children’s Services, is responsible for a report which makes it appear as though Pead is the culprit.

Lambeth – who fail to undertake Criminal Records checks on supply teachers – then re-employ Murray in an all-girls’ school, whilst Pead is unlawfully suspended. Council staff remove and destroy all of the files in his office.

IT consultant and father of four, Paul Waters, dresses as a woman and calls himself Ermina as he travels around Lambeth schools, working alongside Murray and Anya Hiley, an unmarried Connexions Adviser.
Allegations are created to remove Pead in a one-sided investigation carried out by Assistant Director, Cathy Twist. Five charges grow to fifteen as she fails to interview any pupils or parents.
Dunipace ratifies a decision to dismiss Pead, who then takes Lambeth to a Tribunal where Judge Anne Martin perversely dismisses his claim in a 1-day Hearing.

Pead is then unlawfully held in prison but, upon his release in November 2011, a friend, John Callow, calls him to say that another Head teacher, James Walker, has won his case against Lambeth in an 18-day Hearing.

Twist and Gilhooly are castigated by Lambeth MPs Simon Hughes and Kate Hoey for a flawed investigation in which Walker’s office is also ransacked.

Gilhooly retires and Dunipace resigns. She later receives an OBE, despite presiding over corrupt investigations, unlawful dismissals and the cover-up of improper child protection practices. Like Martin, Dunipace becomes a school Governor and maintains access to children.

Driven by a desire for his estranged grand-children to learn the truth – like the Hillsborough families – Pead embarks upon an emotional journey in which he meets Jonathan West, who is investigating St. Augustine’s in Ealing, where Murray had previously taught. Run by Debrett’s-listed Frances Gumley-Mason, it has been reported by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for inadequate child protection measures. Trying to prevent parents from learning about her failure to report inappropriate staff, she seeks an injunction against the ISI.

Gumley-Mason has previously been an advisor to St. Benedict’s School in Ealing, the scene of decades of child abuse where Lord Patten, a former pupil, is currently a school advisor.

Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust, then finds himself embroiled in the Jimmy Savile affair, calling it a “cesspit of abuse” in echoes of what occurred at St. Benedict’s.

Brian has suffered a catalogue of persecution by the police in one instance  on the  23 September 2011, Brian Pead was arrested and sent to jail on a charge of “witness intimidation”.  The police claimed that when he saw his grand-daughter, Emily, at the bus stop and said “Hello” to her, he had interfered with a witness.  However, the reality is that Emily has never been a witness in any criminal trial (or civil case for that matter).

This is the true story of one man’s remarkable fight to expose corruption against all the odds and to ensure that his beloved grand-children would one day learn the truth in the same way as the Hillsborough families.

Then on  the (13 March 2013) Brian Pead came across the  letter dated and postmarked 12 March 2013 from international law firm Pinsent Masons (who claim he is harassing their entire global workforce, not bad for a lone individual) in which the law firm with an “international reputation” stated that Mr Pead has to appear in Court tomorrow (14 March 2013) on a charge of Contempt of Court.Read the letter here. No other details were provided

Perhaps the most interesting detail left out of this letter from a law firm with a global reach was that they didn’t even mention which court he was due to appear in.

This might be a simple oversight or, more likely, it is all part of their jolly japes in which they give a Defendant no time in which to prepare, no time to alert witnesses to fill the public gallery and no time to access the assistance of a barrister. And, of course, their jolly japes includes the fact that, by not turning up at Court, this will give the judiciary yet another reason to “justify” its harassment of an innocent man who merely brought corruption at Lambeth Council to the attention of Phyllis Dunipace and give them a reason to unlawfully arrest Brian Pead again when he wasn’t even made aware of which court to attend!
More smoke and mirrors. More legal games.

Could this case have been brought about because of the following:
Two videos are presently on YouTube which draw attention to the unlawful activity which was occurring within Lambeth Council.

Brian Pead's   book from Hillsborough to Lambeth by Brian Pead and Michael Bird, Invenire Press, 2012. currently has two gagging orders against it, so it must be good!

Read more on Brian Pead is Innocent!research/c5zt

Once again it is the Police, the CPS and the  Courts  who  are shown to be totally corrupt.
Brian Pead like so many   whistle-blowers  and  good decent people   is  being persecuted by the State for exposing child abuse.   The corrpution wthin the Police the CPS and the Courts/judiciary has grown to such proportion that the system itself functions to deny justice.


  1. Incredible. It's like we're living in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Retweeted and please keep posting updates on Mr. Pead.

    1. Liz Totally agree with you. The targeting by the Police of this Grandfather is reminiscent of the Stasi.

      And sadder still this is not an isolated case the Police, the Prosecution service and the Judiciary particularly target decent people who want to expose child abuse! Why is that? There can be only one answer !

      WIll keep you updated on Brian Pead a brave and good man.

  2. i know this is pointing out the obvious but oh the irony of his surname and all that.

  3. Dear All,

    Please forgive the tone of this impersonal email.

    Brian is next in Court on 27 March 2013. The case is at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, London. (Nearest tube station, Temple). It is likely to be heard in Court 14 by Judge Tugendhat.

    The case is for alleged Contempt of Court following his alleged refusal to comply with an unlawful Court Order banning his latest book.

    That ban follows claims of Defamation by two people mentioned in the book. (They were not defamed).

    We currently do not have a time, but it's likely to be 10am.

    We do hope that you can make the hearing or, if not, that you ask friends or relatives to attend because we aim to fill the Public Gallery in the interests of justice.

    As you will know, Brian was arrested again on Friday night (his late brother's birthday) and released WITHOUT CHARGE the next morning (his late father's birthday).

    We expect further arrests as this brave man fights to expose injustice on many levels.

    Yours in Justice,

    All Around Justice

  4. Sadly, the vilification of whistleblowers is a common theme. Another harrowing story is documented at and involves a disabled whistleblower's fight to clear her name after she was defamed by several senior Lewisham Council managers. The victim in that case managed to make several covert recordings which conclusively prove her allegations, but she is likely to be denied her right to vindicate herself because the High Court may order her to pay £10,000 security for costs, (which she can't afford), due to the fact that she now has to struggle on benefits, after being unfairly dismissed by the Council in retaliation for having 'blown the whistle'. It will be a shocking thing if the High Court does order the security for costs, particularly as the Claimant has furnished the Court with copies of all her covert recordings and transcripts, which prove her claims and the Defendants' malice. If the High Court denies the innocent Claimant her right to vindication, I guess we are all in trouble! With the cuts to legal aid and the introduction of Tribunal fees, the poor and those of limited means are effectively being ‘priced out’ of justice.

  5. Lambeth council forced adoption victim15 April 2013 at 11:53

    I've just come across this blog and it is eye opening what Lambent council get up to. They really do think they are above the law and act with a total disregard for facts and evidence. I just wish the general public knew what they get up especially their child abuse and forced adoptions which is basically stealing babies and children to order and for profit. There are evil people in Lambeth CYPS department still abusing children and ruining families.


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