Saturday, 2 March 2013

Police Officers who Aided and Abetted Jimmy Savile to be Quizzed

  Police Officers, mainly from Yorkshire,  to be questioned as to the extent of their collusion with  Paedophile and serial criminal trading in child sex slaves  Jimmy Savile.  However  their seems little chance that these officers will be investigated. Yorkshire Police are keen to cover-up  the extent that their officers aided Jimmy Savile.


Police Officers assisted Savile  so that he could abuse children and procure  them  for the rich and powerful. The officers who visited Savile every Friday Morning for 20 years are without morals.


Savile who was close friends with many senior police officers was  particularly close to the Yorkshires Fraud Squads and  linked fraud offices  Why the Fraud Squads   and Serious Fraud Office has yet to be discovered

An expensive onyx table lighter was inscribed: “To Jimmy Savile from his friends at the Fraud Squad.”  They bought this for their  friend Jimmy  by defrauding the Tax Payer.  He was also  given a truncheon and handcuffs as a present. The Handcuffs may have been used during  the abuse of children.



The SUN reports:-

COPS who visited Jimmy Savile’s penthouse for tea parties dubbed the “Friday Morning Club” are to be quizzed over their links to the paedo DJ.

Up to nine serving and retired officers were part of his inner circle who met at his pad every week for over 20 YEARS.
Many were apparently on duty at the time.
It comes as another cop from the same West Yorkshire force is probed for allegedly acting for Savile before other officers quizzed him over sex claims in 2009.
Police yesterday confirmed they are investigating the get-togethers in Roundhay, Leeds. They said there was no evidence of wrong-doing.
Savile, who died in 2011, is said to have abused 450 youngsters.

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But do not get your hopes up for  justice because    it is the Yorkshire  Police  questioning the Yorkshire Police.  They already said in October it was not a problem the officers could do what they liked off duty.   Really!  rape and murder children, commit fraud, set-up  anyone who might expose  Savile and their little group, garner  immoral earning from the  child procurement network.  The Police has questions to answer!

West Yorkshire police to quiz officers who attended Friday gatherings at disgraced BBC presenter's penthouse in Leeds
Jimmy Savile in his Leeds penthouse
Jimmy Savile in his Leeds penthouse, where the 'Friday Morning Breakfast Club' was held every week for about 20 years. Photograph: Gary Calton for the Observer
Serving police officers who took part in disgraced BBC presenter Jimmy Savile's "breakfast club" meetings at his home are to be quizzed by West Yorkshire police, the force has confirmed.
Police said on Thursday they had "identified some individuals who were in the so-called Friday Morning Breakfast Club", a weekly gathering of the late Top of the Pops host's friends at his Leeds penthouse.
In October, West Yorkshire police said they had no information about officers attending the gathering but that they were free to do what they wished when off duty.

 The meetings are believed to have run for around 20 years at Savile's penthouse, which recently sold for £75,000 below the £325,000 asking price.  So no proceeds of crime investigation then?  Guess with friends in the  Yorkshire Fraud squad and Serious Fraud Office that is out of the Question.

It is all totally despicable.  


  1. Well done. You are being read by those who see the importance of your work

    1. Thanks for your encouragment. We will suceed in exposing the truth.

  2. My cousin was one of the police who searched and took away much documentation after savilles death, he said Menagin Began the israeli premier wrote regularly to savile, and Began was a known kidnapper raper and killer of small arab boys, also he said, many other names of people not yet names as sex abuers including elton john and robin gibb.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. Inside information is so vital.

      Together we can stop Paedophiles from being given protection.


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