Monday, 10 November 2014

John Mann MP saw Dickens Dossiers - no-one believes they are 'lost'

John Mann MP talking on BBC radio about the Mysterious disappearing trick performed by the Home Secretary on the  Dickens Dossiers.  Listen Below

John saw the original Dickens Dossiers in the 80's as did many other people he tells us.  He confirms though that the Dickens Dossiers  were covered by the Official Secrets Act.

He also talked about the highly respected investigative journalist Don Hale who was given a copy by Barbara Castle  MP when she was a cabinet Minister.  These were stolen from him on threat of prison if he complained by Police Special Branch.

The Plot of this mystery is so ham so unbelievable if submitted as a script it would be cast out  by any publisher.   Simply no-one believes the Dickens Dossiers are Lost.  I mean no-one and this carefully orchestrated drama costing the long suffering tax payer even more of their hard earned cash is just that a drama.

We are asked to believe the unbelievable because the  Rt honourable this and the Sir this and the Sir that and a civil servant named Want less tells us so.  Can anyone explain why Wanless is head of the NSPCC after a undistinguished career as a cover-up merchant for Michael Portillo?

The People are being asked to believe these fantasy merchants because they are a QC this and MBE  that and  so we as serfs  must kowtow to our Lords and masters and hand them our kids to bugger, rape and murder. And we must stop complaining that we have to pay for all these pointless investigations designed to find no evidence against our Lords and Masters.

Then there are  the copies given to Andrea Davison last  one being stolen by two thieves in 2012. Evidence points to this copy being in the hands of  Andrew West  Manchester Crown Prosecution Service.

We all know that MI5 have the files, lets have a bit of transparency.  We know exactly where the files and evidence of CSA is located.

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