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John Allen North Wales CSA Home Boss convicted, what about links to Westminster pedophile ring?

Children's homes boss John Allen has been found guilty of 26 charges of sexually abusing youngsters in Wrexham. Jury still to consider another 12.  

John Allen former millionaire and pop band manager ran 11 homes in the Wrexham area known as the Bryn Alyn Community, despite not having any qualifications for the work he was doing. 
 He was helped by Social Service bosses  none of whom has ever been prosecuted or had their finances investigated.  Why did Social Services Boss Brian  Roycroft recommend that Directors of Social Services send Children to Bryn Alyn Community Homes.? 

Allen and All these people hiding in the shadows made fortunes from the child sex trade. When will their be an investigation into their profits from these terrible crimes?

The people running Operation Pallial thought it necessary to bring in a judge from outside of Wales to try Allen because Welsh Crown Court Judges, such as notorious Waterhouse pedophile defender Judge Nic Parry, could not be trusted. So London High Court Judge Mr Justice Openshaw took command of Mold Crown Court in North Wales to try John Allen.

They also had to source Jurors from outside of wales. In October before the trial started nearly 90 potential jurors were called in to be picked from. Mr Justice Openshaw provided the 89 members of the jury panel with a questionnaire and gave them time out of court to fill them in.  Judge Openshaw  was aware of how easy it is to fix a jury in North Wales where the Police and the Courts have covered up for VIP pedophiles and the Child sex trade network for years.  Of course no-one will admit this.

The potential jurors  were told that the trial could concern allegations of the sexual abuse of children at the Bryn Alyn Community in North Wales between 1969 and 1991.

The Judge said they should inform the court if any of them had any personal knowledge of such matters or if they, close relatives or friends worked, or were resident, at a number of former children’s homes including Bryn Alyn, Bryn Estyn, Bryn Tirion, Pentre Season, Gatewen Hall and Gwastad Hall in the Wrexham area.

They were told that complainants, former residents at the various homes, would be attending to give evidence from various parts of the country.

Potential jurors were told to let the court know if they had any connection with anybody involved in the prosecution of child sex offences in North Wales or elsewhere, were involved in the Waterhouse Inquiry, or were connected with the National Crime Agency, North Wales Police, Merseyside police or any other police force, the prison service, the probation service or any other criminal justice agency.
Eventually out of 89  they were whittled down to 14.

The prosecution revealed that Allen was a "regular and formidable presence" at the homes, saying Allen created "a sexualised atmosphere... alongside a culture of fear".

The trial also heard that some children spoke to those in authority, including the police, but were ignored or disbelieved.

Jurors were also told of Allen's previous conviction in 1995 for six counts of indecent assault involving repeated abuse of six boys dating from the 1970s.

They did not tell the jurors that the Police and the CPS and the Courts had tried to limit the charges and protect high profile abusers.

No-one talked about Former Minister Rod Richards former Tory Minister  who revealed that one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest aides was implicated in the abuse of Children from John Allens homes.

Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Tories said he had seen evidence linking Sir Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case.  Waterhouse investigated   650 children from  40 homes and his report 'Lost in Care'  said  children were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years.

Rod Richards an intelligence insider knows whats going on and how all this  links together with the Dickens Dossiers.

What were the Police doing for the last 20 years?  It should not have taken 20 more years since Allens first conviction in 1995 for these victims to see  some justice for the terrible crimes against them.  Now trace and freeze Allen's  assets and pay these people compensation!

It is the first trial held as part of the Operation Pallial investigation which has identified 120 potential suspects.  When will they arrest the Politicians, Police officers and Judges?  Will John Allen now talk? or will he die suddenly  in prison? 

Compiled by Andrea and Chris 

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