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Was Sir Jimmy Savile an MI5 Asset?

Child abuse campaigner Charles Frith  intelligently answers the question  was Jimmy Savile an MI5 asset in the affirmative.

Of course Sir Jimmy Savile was an  M15 Asset. But what is M15?  how does it function? and what is its purpose?

M15, known as Five, is the UK security Service supposed to operate entirely   within the UK.  

One of their functions is to Vet people who may be given Security Clearance  to view UK Secrets. That is secrets  MI5 and the people who run the UK part of the international intelligence organization believe it is in their own interests to keep secret.  And or   otherwise MI5 propagate the fiction that  they have enemies from whom secrets must be kept.   One secret they want to securely keep is that the main enemy and prime target for MI5 is the British Public. 

Yes Jimmy Savile was vetted by MI5 and given top clearance,  he could be trusted to keep the secrets of the Police, Special Branch, MI5. the Royal Family, and Politicians  like Margaret Thatcher, Peter Morrison and Leon Brittain and others. Savile  was a rampant peadophile who exploited and procured  children  for the  child sex trade and porn network.  Sir Jimmy Savile was also famous and worked for the State funded and totally corrupt  media propaganda arm of the security and intelligence  services the BBC.  The Telegraph revealed  that files show  the BBC's has  secret links with the Security Service, and at one stage MI5 was responsible for  vetting 6,300 different BBC posts - almost a third of the total workforce.     All these attributes meant Jimmy Savile was totally under control and a perfect fully vetted intelligence asset

Savile was also a close friend of the Royals, the rich and the famous and those with secret power such as  soviet spy  Anthony Blunt.  Blunt blocked any investigation into Savile which had not been blocked lower down the chain of command.

The overall function of MI5 is to control the internal population, that is anyone living in the UK. They must prevent this 'internal enemy'  from causing trouble  to their masters. Their fictional Master is the  UK Democratic Government and the high flying group of highly paid civil servants who allegedly support them. Their real masters are the elite behind the Central Banks and global big business. Their Masters  business involves arms sales and development,  mineral extraction  such as gold, diamonds, gas and oil. Their Masters are big landowners and run the lucrative covert organised crime businesses of Drugs, Arms and Pornography.   

One secret the Police and  MI5 must prevent the British public finding out is that they now function as a secret arm of this  global criminal organization and their original function of protecting the Realm and the public has long passed.  How do they keep this from innocent insiders and the public who pay them?

Officially it goes something like this, MI5 is the Political arm of the  'Security  Services'  they liaise through a group called BOX  with , what used to be called, Special Branch, the political wing of the Civil Police.  This is the open  structure.

Secretly the civil police work closely with the MI5  and  police officers, in the know,  are often seconded to MI5 and visa versa.     It is quite disarming  to propagate the illusion that there are many independent levels to an organization, by this tactic  one level can blame the other with impunity.   Those running the show the 'controllers'  can then arrange with insiders on each level how they will collectively play out the latest game.  All this  play acting, funded by the public purse,  fools the general  public into giving their trust to this amoral and corrupt  group of individuals who laugh at the publics naivety.

Of course their are some strategic problems. The organization of so many 'secret agents' cannot be done openly. Memos and orders cannot simply be passed because this paper trail could  be exposed.   Further the army of people within  Police and Security ranks who know nothing about their  'secret masters' and the overall objective have to be kept totally in the dark. 

This is where secret societies and clubs like the Freemasons come in handy because agents from the different branches of the organization can meet without  'ringing any bells' It is because of this method of communication that anyone in public office who is a member of any  secret or  secretive society or group is suspect 

So how does all this fit in with  Sir Jimmy Savile,  systematic child abuse, child trafficking and pornography?

Jimmy Savile was a MI5 Asset, he was untouchable  because he secretly worked  for the most dangerous secretive criminal organization in the UK. This organization operates under the umbrella of  MI5  and the Police and its criminal bosses have immense power and unlimited public money to play with.  They can protect anyone they  choose to protect  and enrich anyone  they choose to make rich whilst they can also  jail anyone they choose to jail and bankrupt anyone they choose to bankrupt.

So Jimmy Savile was untouchable!  Then a few former residents from Duncroft Approved threatened to expose a system which had been hidden for years. So what does the criminal organization  do?  They plan a controlled exposure. They planned to expose Jimmy Savile  themselves  and throw a few people who are expendable to  the wolves such a Max Clifford, and Stuart Hall.  It also has the added advantage of scaring anyone who might brake ranks. It sends a very powerful  message to insiders "we can bring anyone down no matter how rich or well known". 

With a controlled exposure they had  to protect the Elite, who are either part of  the board of directors  or still useful to them.  So they arrange a theatrical display for the gullible publics consumption.  Enter Lord Alistair McAlpine  and the BBC orchestrated theatrical. They had no intention of arresting or prosecuting anyone on the protected list and the various 'inquiries' instituted around that time are designed to placate the public conscience and make it look as  if they actually care about abused children.  Which of course they do not!

This criminal organization has agents littered throughout  the structures of British society, especially in the criminal justice system, local and national Government and the Police. But what they do not know is how many of their agents are infiltrators or double agents working to replace the existing organization with an alternative old style intelligence, group.  

Insiders say  "One thing you can reply on is their arrogance"  It is this arrogance which will bring them down. Not everyone is prepared to believe their propaganda anymore. Millions of people are waking up to the truth. Paedophilia is not acceptable to use as a blackmail intelligence tool. Any person or organisation that can use the rape of children cynically and strategically is not fit to be in public office and in charge of public funds.

 As the organizations size,  power and madness grows it is becoming  increasingly difficult to maintain the illusion that it is a force of law and order operating for the benefit of the UK and the public.  Its cover stories are wearing thin and cracks are beginning to appear. Yesterday the IPCC called for a ban on Freemason police officers being involved in the Hillsborough investigation into the cover-up because  of corruption concerns. 

 It is now time to restore sanity to our Police, Security and Intelligence services and have an Independent public Inquiry into the decades of child abuse cover-up. An Inquiry not headed by members of the damage limitation squad  such as  the judiciary or legal professionals  but  by whistle-blowers and those who have proven to be incorruptible. 

Article below Reblogged from The British Official Secrets Act is a one way, don't pass go, don't collect 200, straight to jail piece of legislation designed to put anyone away with no details except 'charged under the official secrets act'. It's like the D Notice that Tony Blair issued to conceal the paedophiles the FBI discovered in his cabinet from their investigations that led toOperation Ore before the invasion of Iraq. t's a secret. You can't talk about it or we'll put you away.If you're a spy there's negotiation room because more secrets can be spilled and so British whistleblower spies Peter WrightDavid ShaylerAnnie Machon and Richard Tomlinson all had dirt on the UK power elite that kept them out of jail but not without putting up a fight.So allow me to  lay out the obvious. We know British spooks take great interest in the paedophile world for blackmail, power broking, and in some cases recreational reasons that I've written about over here. Paedophilia is rampant within the power elite beyond most peoples wildest comprehension for blackmail and power dynamics, not immediately comprehensible to the person who enjoys watching sports personality of the year, Strictly Ballroom or Inspector Morse.We also know from the unparalleled intimacy that Jimmy Savile had with Downing Streetand Buckingham Palace that his security clearance was as high as it can possibly be.Eleven consecutive New Years and Christmases with the Thatchers and a mentor relationship with Prince Charles as well as a mediator role within the Royal Household are concrete proof that MI5 knew everything the BBC management gossiped about for decades and a whole lot more.Jimmy Savile was not blackmailed per se by MI5, he collaborated with them and the Royal household and Downing Street by trading the information he was intimate with of the power elite network's predatory sexual abuse of young children in exchange for a life of affluence and security. He loved it.We've all probably experienced when somebody has shared information that is fatally damaging to someone else's reputation, and if we're honest we usually know the person sharing this kind of information has dark secrets of their own we would rather not learn.That is how Sir James Savile moved with such extraordinary ease in MI5, MI6, Royal and Downing Street circles.


  1. So, the US SENATE investigate Israeli MOSSAD Controlled £billion Boiler Rooms in 788-790 FINCHLEY Rd London and 16 other interconnected FINCHLEY Rd Common Director Boiler Rooms linked to defrauding the US Defence Budget of US$billions. Mind you, that's because they are ALL interlocked to MI5 Boiler Rooms at 1 MITCHELL LANE Bristol and 44 Upper Belgrave Rd Clifton Bristol.

    1. Admin This comment is total rubbish.These London and Bristol Addresses are just serviced office centers. I am finding these rubbish comments wherever serious articles are written about child abuse. Whoever is behind them is some sort of paedophile troll. Will you please consider removing this type of comment?

    2. isnt time a great thing . were in 2017 we have seen is it gorden bowden who has covered the topic on the finchley road boiler rooms its true so comment must have been made by a establishment troll

  2. Right lets ejected these parasites in the Police and Intel and all their hangers on and informers and buddies. They jail good people and protect the most evil. They steal our money and our lives. Hanging is too good for them

  3. The BBC had two policies employ gays and dont listen and dont tell.
    many family programs were replaced with homosexuals, some with appaling past records, the BBC was told by the police squad dealing with a select band of high level boy-nobbers what was going on, their reply,
    " the private lives of our stars are their own "
    but they are not, not when its our boys they are abusing

  4. Tom Watson is asking for the Dickens dossier to be published which the HOME OFFICE LOST???? This post explains why. Thanks

  5. It will never end many ...of them ...that's why he could do what he wanted ...jimmys still about just in a new suit need to watch carefully ..who are todays Jimmy Savile ...don't cha think so ?


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