Saturday, 16 November 2013

Portugese Mother is risking Prison in the UK to tell you her children have been stolen and she loves them and wants them back

Happy Mum  Carla Pedro  from Portugal  and her 5 children children  stolen from her  by the UK State

Posted by Sabine Kurjo McNeill  Victims unite

Carla is risking prison to tell you a little of her story becase the courts have made it contempt of court for her to publish these photographs of her own children. 

The Pedro Family: five children snatched by Lincoln County Council without paper work

We’ve seen and heard this before:
The family has lost all they’ve got. They are willing to go to prison by breaching this gag that was imposed on them on 2 October 2013 – despite the Baby J judgement by Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Division:

  • UK David Jenkins, organiser of Stolen Children UK whose 4 children were taken and who’s currently in Swansea prison - Swansea Council
  • UK Kellie Cottam whose case was vacated after she rallied too much support for daring to risk imprisonment Flintshire Council
  • US Melissa Laird Sent to Holloway Prision then deported penniless and homeless so that her son could be adopted – with a hearing scheduled for 05 December 2013 – Barnet Council
  • Nigerian Musas who were sentenced to seven years of imprisonment so that two children could be adopted and five ‘cared’ for; their appeal will be heard on 06 December 2013 – Haringey Council
  • Portuguese Pedros  risking prison whose hearing is on 09 and 10 December - Lincolnshire County Council
  • Latvian Katya Brice whose mother is Laila Brice – stolen and adopted by Merton Council – without court order
  • UK Phil Thompson‘s 3 greatgrandchildren – Walsall Council
  • UK Lakeisha, Aliceah, Keane & Brodi-Lee whose hearing is scheduled for January 2014 – meanwhile they are crying to be heard - Banes Council
  • UK Henry Angus Pate whose mum is here - Kent Council
  • UK Charlene Tootle‘s two children – Liverpool Council.
Prison is now being used as a means of Social  Control  and  used frequently against people who will not allow the State to steal their children, or their freedoms.  These poor innocents have their lived blighted by evil  people who are after profit and all too often sell these children  to Paedophiles.  Child stealing is a very serious crime  but not if you are so corrupt you  can influence  the (in) justice sysytem


  1. It is the same in the U.S. - Read CHOSEN CHILDREN 2012 - Billion Dollar Babies in America's Failed Foster Care, Adoption & Prison Systems" at Amazon Kinde, BN Nook or with free app for PC or iPAD.

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  3. When merton council bring a worker in as a assistant childrens care manager after Police said he has problems with his qualifications, then it beyound words they take this comany one man band dealing with children and courts when it not all cosher


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