Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Operation Pallial another massive cover-up by a discredited organisation the British Police who yet again protect Police Officers and ignore child rape and torture.

Pallial  mean Cloak and   Operation Pallial has lived up to its name by  concluding that the North Wales Police  are innocent of  assisting in a cover-up of child abuse in North Wales.   "No evidence of systemic or institutional misconduct by North Wales Police officers or staff in connection with these matters has been identified"  They write in their report Published on the 29th of April 2011.

The Operation Pallial team must have been very selective in who's testimony they took  because Justice Denied knows of a number of people who gave credible testimony to the opposite.

Everyone knows the North Wales police  were kingpins in the cover-up of chld abuse over decades and are now engaged in  the current cover-up.  Evidence has yet again gone missing, victims  and investigator silenced.  Whilst Operation Pallial has simply ignored any evidence and testemony that does not fit into its pre-ordained report.

Shame on all those who are involved in this latest cover-up.  Another cover-up not only  prevents victms from seeing justice done but allows child rape and torture to continue.

Full text can be found here

Mike Polin Chief COnstable of the North Wales Police
One of our readers wrote the following comment which explains exactly what the Operation Pallial  team are encouraging to happen.  Operation Pallial team are the enablers. The sytematic cover-up of child abuse is not historic.

"My child and I have been persecuted by a massive pedophile ring embedded in Scotland's Local Authorities, for around a decade. But nobody wants to know when it's living breathing person saying this, but when they don't know the victim it's a big huge controversy. They are members of the police, social work, health, education, even other stuff like HMRC and phone companies, they can and do tamper with everything when you are one of their victims. I do not know who to trust, I'm fed up, and I feel responsible that people who tried to help my child and I paid for it with their jobs. I don't know who to trust. And I'm sick of how easily people are forced into becoming enablers because they just don't bloody know what they are caught up in and wont hear that there is something very sinister happening. And somehow they can justify it all despite laws being broken right in front of them. And there's the enablers who know exactly what they are doing and wear pedo symbols showing me they on  And somehow they can justify it all despite laws being broken right in front of them. And there's the enablers who know exactly what they are doing and wear pedo symbols showing me they aren't interested in my child themselves because they prefer abusing the other gender of children... I asked a charity "How does one fight a pedophile ring?" I am actually a year later still awaiting a reply. It's crossed my mind to try seeking asylum, only I have no idea if that's really going to help, how does one prove one is being persecuted and in danger when all paperwork has been with held and entire histories have been fictionalised and re-embellished so many times. And what's to stop it happening again. I tried leaving this country and starting a new life for us in a neighbouring European country, and as soon as my child was enrolled in school all hell broke loose there and they pretty much forced us to choose between running away back home or be torn apart in that country... PS the person who was my child's abuser is very high up in her field and job and used to boast about her "darling friends Tony and Cherie".   Please will this reader  now get in touch with us at  we can help

This tragic story is repeated  over and over again by victims and their families all over the united kingdom.  Child abuse is sytematic and  those who should protect children are the very organisations who collude in their abuse

Investigators in Operation Pallial have found evidence of 140 allegations of historical abuse between 1963 and 1992. Seventy six new complainants have also come forward. The claims centre on 18 homes involving offences against boys and girls aged between seven and 19. A total of 84 suspected offenders have been named - 75 male and nine female. Of these, 16 have been named by more than one complainant.

 The Operation Pallial team have  found, what everyone knows and has done for decades that there is "significant evidence of systemic and serious sexual and physical abuse". but  the North Wales Police did nothing then and do nothing now.   Had Operation Pallial actually  told the truth about the previous and current cover-up by the North Wales Police  the Public would  have more confidence in them.


  1. Utterly disgusting whitewash as per usual. When are the 'real' offenders going to be named, shamed and brought to real justice?? The police should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for being a part of this - time to show you have morals people and stand up for what you know is right. People in high up office have been getting away with using fear and intimidation for far too long and it has to stop!

  2. Check out this one.

    'Are Our Children Safe An Investigation Of Politics & Suicide Risks'

  3. Very sad that gutless people don't care about defenceless children. It will come back to haunt them mark my words because technology is getting smarter and people don't believe the BS of the MSM. Come on Wikileaks - this is your moment...

    Watch those high echelon Masons...

  4. as a very angery survivor of the north wales and Glouster pido ring i to belive that certain officers and the like will be looked after and will get away with it cos of who thy are and the power thy can call on i myself could name at least seven pedos that are still working with children and in high profile jobs i have emailed the pallial regonal crime squad a week ago with my name and phone no as yet ive not heard a thing cos thy know i have a lot to say and name them high profile people thy want to protect

    1. We are hear to support you and if you want to get anything out or to talk write to us at

    or her mouth piece

    Not to worry, DAVISON's only witness at her
    Absence criminal Trial
    KEVIN JAMES CAHILL is recorded as a Director of:
    with, Oh Dear.
    Resigned, after they were rumbled



    1. Andrea Davison a brave heroine and whistle blower was writing the most explosive Macur Statement Anonymous you can read it and give up working for your paedophile masters.

      Andrea Davison report

  6. It looks like you are right in that PALLIAL is a whitewash, where only the most serious offenders or those not connected to the corrupt & abusers of power. I'm one of those that made complaints against 2 people who physically assaulted me though NOT in a sexual way, STILL deserve to be brought to book! No chance of that after the CORRUPT North Wales police took my initial statements at Colwyn Bay police station by an ex officer who I know not to be of good character. The stupid (deliberate?) bitch (AE) couldn't get what I said straight & this resulted in many corrections. They didn't even follow the correct procedures as the NWP should NOT have taken my statements for what is obvious to me now ie past failures & suspicions of corruption. I should have been video interviewed by the NCA formerly SOCA! Anyway, I was notified last week that they will not be proceeding with my legitimate complaints after all the hype in the worthless press! I don't gamble but I'm prepared to wager that there will only be very few prosecutions as they seem to be just going through the motions, like they ALWAYS do. Many emerged from the "care system" - I know & my complaints were not by any stretch of the imagination anywhere near the most serious in nature BUT the covering up of institutional abuse continues! The police, the cps & the courts (ALL corrupt) will be seen to be going through the motions & do the bare minimum.

    1. Keep going. There are good people like Sonia Poulton working to get the truth out. The people will not accept another cover-up of the systematic sexual abuse of children.


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