Mirror Newspaper  reveals the latest strategy by the paedophiles running the  Government, the Police, the Judiciary and the criminal justice system.  In the latest turn of events they have booted out a Top Cop who would have told the truth.   The criminals involved in the cover-up  of  the child sex trade are so arrogant they believe their money and power make them  untouchable

Paedo MP cover-up claim: Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects

The officer suddenly found himself booted off the case and put on a disciplinary after revealing ­politicians were among the suspects

Axed: DCI Clive Driscoll
Axed: DCI Clive Driscoll
Tasked with flushing out ­paedophiles preying on vulnerable youngsters at children’s homes, Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll relished the challenge.
But the officer suddenly found himself booted off the case and put on a ­disciplinary after revealing ­politicians were named among the suspects.
At least one of the figures is understood to have been an MP.
And former Labour councillor Anna Tapsell claims she was visited by a police chief to “warn her off” after she raised concerns that detectives would not ­properly investigate allegations of ­paedophile activity in care homes.
Mr Driscoll launched his probe into child sex abuse claims in the South London borough of Lambeth in 1998.

And another file of evidence against  VIP paedophiles goes missing!
Asked if there was a cover-up of child sexual abuse in Lambeth by Scotland Yard, he said: “You would need an ­investigation to establish that.”

And asked if it was true that a file of evidence naming politicians as suspects and others was lost, he replied: “I handed the file to an officer and I have no ­knowledge where it went after that.”

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Spotlight on abuse  reveals another reason why Scotland Yard were so keen to close the investigation down. It is the involvement of the police in not just the cover-up of paedophilia but their actual involvement.  What even the article below demonstrates is that  the Police were making snuff videos and child porn for the lucrative  sex trade market in children.

In November 1997 the South London Press ran a story about a ‘sex chamber’ hidden in the basement of Lambeth Police Station with bedding, a red light, and a manacle. Was Lambeth Police Station being used by the paedophile ring to abuse children and produce child pornography?  Answer yes they were.

 The cover-up squad are desperately trying to protect themselves  and their fellow criminals who are involved in the  extremely  lucrative child porn industry.  These men and women in Parliament, in the Police in the Judiciary and scattered throughout the criminal justice system are without mercy and  without morals.  Anyone who can be party to the rape and torture and murder of little children is a person without a shred of empathy. They are seriously mentally disturbed and yet they hold the highest positions in the land.

The police can have a torture chamber in a Police Station and  yet nothing is done?