Friday, 12 April 2013

Child abuse victim confirms Righton's paedophile network extended to the heart of Government

 The key to uncovering the paedophile network as Tom Watson so able revealed is Peter Righton.  Righton was a kingpin which linked the various crime rings together into an organised crime syndicate.  This crime syndicate operating in the UK today has at its heart the rape and  torture of children.  This operates to create  omerta and blackmail is a major tool in the syndicates box of dirty tricks.   The child sex trade is very very lucrative.  

New victim links notorious paedophile Peter Righton to VIP child abuse network

The victim said Righton’s evil network stretched to the top of the UK establishment and that he brought him into contact with ­fellow pervert MP Cyril Smith

Peter Righton
Peter Righton

Notorious paedophile Peter Righton boasted of links to ­powerful figures in government, according to new testimony from one of his victims, the Sunday People reports.
Speaking out for the first time, the man claims Righton’s evil network stretched to the top of the UK establishment.
As well as naming a senior UK politician, the victim also told us Righton – once the most respected childcare expert in Britain – brought him into contact with ­paedophile MP Cyril Smith.
He said: “People have talked about a paedophile ring working in the UK.
“This was not just a ring – it’s more like the Olympic rings, interlocking on a ­large scale. It went everywhere. I believe it went to the heart of the Establishment.
“It needs to be investigated properly.”
The new revelations back up MP Tom Watson’s claims in Parliament that Righton was linked to a VIP child abuse network that reached as far as 10 Downing Street.
The victim, now in his 40s, told how Righton and members of his infamous Paedophile Information Exchange groomed him and sexually abused him in London from the age of 11 in 1977 until he was 16.

The Elm Guesthouse investigated by police
Elm guest house

He said Righton told him: “We can look after you and protect you. I have a friend who works in the government. He will be able to help.”
Righton named the man, whom we ­cannot identify for legal reasons, as a former senior government minister.
The victim, who fell into Righton’s ­clutches while at a school for troubled youngsters, also claims disgraced Liberal MP Cyril Smith had links to the network.
He told us: “There was one time I was out with Righton in one of the parks.
“He stopped the car and got out and went to speak to a guy, a big fat bloke.
“Righton kept pointing at me in the car and this fat man was looking over and ­smiling. It wasn’t until many years later I realised it was Cyril Smith.”
The victim has agreed for the Sunday People to pass his details to Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank, which is investigating allegations involving Righton, now dead.
In a linked probe, Operation Fernbridge is investigating the notorious Elm guest house, south-west London, where VIPs including Cyril Smith – who died in 2010 – allegedly abused boys from a care home.

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