Friday, 26 April 2013

Government gives in to people power and backed down on their plans to snoop on everyone's Internet use

 38Degrees members today celebrate their victory   which helped to stop  the Governments snoopers Charter  which would have allowed  the government to spy on British peoples Internet use.   This shows the power of collective action. Lets do the same with the espose of child abuse!

Great news! We've stopped the government's plan to spy on everyone's internet use. Late yesterday Nick Clegg announced he will not allow the "snoopers’ charter" to go ahead. [1]

38 Degrees members moved quickly when  they  first heard of the plan to collect details of who we call, text, email and which websites we visit.  They voted to work together to stop these intrusive and expensive plans.

Today the  Government gave in to people power and backed down on their plans to snoop on everyone's  Internet

Together, over the past 18 months:
  • nearly 200,000 of us signed the petition to stop government snooping [2]

  • tens of thousands of us emailed our MPs

  • from Dundee to Penzance, thousands of us met up locally to deliver our massive petition direct to MPs [3]

  • nearly 19,000 38 Degrees members raised their concerns directly to the parliamentary committee looking at the government’s plans [4]

  • and just last week thousands of us got back in touch with our MPs, calling on them to abandon the plans.
38 Degrees members were a key part of a team which also included great campaigning from Liberty, Privacy International and the Open Rights Group. [5] We also got support and advice from a number of supportive MPs - particularly Lib Dem Julian Huppert, and Conservative David Davis. David Davis MP even came into the 38 Degrees office to do a live web briefing with 38 Degrees members! [6]

  A great win for people power!

Take a moment to celebrate what we can accomplish when we all act together.

PS: Was your MP one of the people who helped stop the snooping bill? Could you email your MP and say thank you? Our MPs are used to hearing from 38 Degrees members to raise concerns when things are going wrong. Today we have a chance to prove we notice when things are going right! Click here to say thanks:

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