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Kincora! Press release from Colin Wallace. UK is a Nation in Human Rights Crisis

A country now so corrupt and run by Tax Dodgers and criminals that witnesses dare not give evidence to Inquiries run by corrupt Judges and Legal professionals like Sir Anthony Hart. Set to make a fortune from holding  a cover-up to protect elite criminals 

These group of legal professionals will make fortunes from others tragedy. They don't give a dam if the witnesses are too afraid , or too suspicious of their intentions to give evidence
The Inquiry is chaired by Sir Anthony Hart. There are two panel members: Geraldine Doherty and David Lane.

Again and again we see that the Judges . QC's  and Barristers, the final arbiters of justice are the very ones who protect elite criminals  whilst betraying  the People who pay their lucrative fees. 

Whilst corrupt Judges and Politicians drive around in Bentley's and Rollers the people who pay them struggle to survive the traumas the State tortured them with as children. Selling their young bodies  to the highest bidder or to use as tools of blackmail. 
Corrupt Politicians and Judges are all protected by  State Police who have lost all respect.   Whilst the Press, full of State agents of influence, cover-up the cover-ups.  The really sad thing is that Goddard would not have been much different from HIA  (Hart Abuse Inquiry for Northern Ireland) but it would have offered the witnesses more protection.   This will in the end have been their fear.  By giving evidence they may have  been targeted. Arrested  on trumped up charges, has an 'accident' or been suicided.  And all this  over  the rape and murder of innocent vulnerable children.  The UK is a Country in Crisis. Human Rights abuser if rampant, whistle-blowers are jailed, threats eliminated. All against a background where the real criminals are immune from prosecution.  

The press release states that Colin will not be participating in the HIA. The Needleblog says that Talking to Richard Kerr this morning, he informed me that he also would not participate in the HIA. “I feel that the Hart Inquiry could only get to part of the  truth about Kincora and the security services, just like every Kincora inquiry over the last 30 years… I want the whole truth to come out, not just part of the truth – anything less would be a betrayal of those boys that lost their lives and the Goddard Inquiry is the only way to get to that truth… There are other witnesses who live in Northern Ireland who don’t feel they can talk to Hart but would talk to Goddard and others with information related to Kincora who live in England which the Northern Ireland Inquiry wouldn’t listen to.”
I’m told by other informed sources that Colin Wallace and Richard Kerr are not the only ‘key figures’ with evidence relating to the Kincora abuse scandal who will not now participate in the HIA.
The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry – Statement by Colin Wallace
9 April 2016
“The High Court Judgement will have come as a bitter blow to a great many people, not least of all to the victims of abuse at Kincora and at other homes in Northern  Ireland.
The harsh reality is that the Government has seen fit to provide the HIA with significantly less powers than the Goddard Inquiry, yet it has provided no cogent reason for why this difference is necessary. That appear to me to me to be manifestly unfair. This discrepancy is all the more significant bearing in mind the total failure of previous Inquiries to uncover the full facts.
I have no doubt whatsoever that the members of the HIA are totally committed to establishing the truth about what occurred in Kincora, but I do not believe that this can be achieved without the same legal powers as the Goddard Inquiry. Commitment by itself does not provide answers.
I fully accept that most of the really sensitive Intelligence information about Kincora and related matters will have been destroyed years ago, but that should not preclude the HIA from having the powers to compel disclosure, or the attendance of witnesses. As I know from bitter personal experience, expecting Whitehall simply to volunteer ‘sensitive’ information is totally pointless. Also, having been involved in the Saville Inquiry into ‘Blood Sunday’ I am very conscious that the Government’s approach to that Inquiry was strikingly different – even the former Prime Minister, Edward Heath, was required to attend, give evidence and be cross examined.
In addition, the growing amount of evidence – including new revelations about Dr Morris Fraser – which shows strong links between child abuse in Ireland and England, makes the current separation of the two Inquiries a bureaucratic nonsense. Is the sexual abuse of children in London really more significant than the sexual abuse of children in Northern Ireland?
Sadly, in the current circumstances, I feel that no useful purpose would be served by my participation in the HIA. However, I am sure that other members of the Security Forces, including the Intelligence Services, who have knowledge of child abuse in Northern Ireland during the relevant period will make up their own minds about whether or not they should participate in the Inquiry.”

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  1. Welcome to Australia; we have the identical problems here and we just wrote about this very thing in a world wide article and letter to world leaders on our website. Our PM here Malcolm Turnbull not one single Australian voted for is; "A sociopath" so corrupt, he controls the courts, police, Government. Found to be also hiding his money in the Cayman Islands. Paid not tax on his companies. The list is endless.
    No justice in our court system because the Judges are brought off by corruption. We even named two judges on our website. Through a lengthy investigation these two Justices have been found to be throwing cases and the Attorney General in Australia has the list of Justices and the evidence and refuses to act.
    No justice in Australia, just straight out corruption. If you have the money, power you can get away with murder in Australia, we proved it.

  2. Google "The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess"


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