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Just another cover-up of the cover-up as Goddard VIP Pedophile protection Inquiry gets ready to target victims.

The Goddard Child abuse inquiry descended into farce yesterday as Judge Goddard  let survivors of VIP child abuse know in no uncertain terms that she  " 'will not ignore false abuse claims' against VIP's. By nature this means that a survivor of  child abuse 'must have' real evidence of  the abuse or risk  being punished to protect VIP pedophiles

How much is this woman and her entourage of useless legal professionals being paid to head another Child Sexual abuse cover-up inquiry? 
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Last month I  highlighted Ben Emmerson’s opening address to the Goddard Inquiry in which the leading counsel raised the argument of examining false accusations of child sex abuse and finding  against those who made them – effectively putting ” survivors on trial “.
I wrote: “this threat …must be very real for survivors who may want to give evidence in highly contentious cases. If  it does – sometime down the route – look at the Westminster paedophile ring – will ” Nick ” be expected to testify and face questions from lawyers for Harvey Proctor  who is alleged to be his abuser ( and vociferously denies it)- at the risk that a ” court” will decide he could be publicly condemned for going to the police in the first place.”
Now Lady  Goddard has confirmed this in an otherwise finely balanced statementissued surprisingly on All Fools Day ( but then she is a New Zealander and may not have known).
In it she says:
“. I am committed to ensuring that we hear all relevant testimony, including from victims and survivors as well as from those affected by false allegations of abuse. As I announced in November last year, the Inquiry intends to explore the balance which must be struck between encouraging the reporting of child sexual abuse and protecting the rights of the accused.  
I am determined to get the process of the Inquiry right.
I will ensure that all relevant evidence is considered. As is standard practice in public inquiries, questions to witnesses will normally be asked by Counsel to the Inquiry whose role will include, where necessary, the exploration of witness credibility. Affected parties will not ordinarily be permitted to ask questions of witnesses directly, but as I said in my Opening Statement in July 2015, affected parties are entitled to make an application to ask direct questions and I will grant those applications if fairness requires it. “
Yes there is a point here but the press seem to have immediately interpreted this to mean that  Harvey Proctor will have his day in court so he can condemn ” Nick” and ” Nick’s ” credibility will be judged by Lady Goddard and Ben Emmerson.
I am not going to comment further on Proctor’s case  but  draw attention  to another scenario.
Dame Janet Smith’s conclusion on the Jimmy  Savile scandal at the BBC concluded that  paedophiles were both very clever and manipulative ( Harvey Proctor’s lawyers please note this is not a reference to him).
Now just imagine if Bishop Peter Ball had appeared before Goddard after he had been first cleared but well before his recent conviction as a sex offender in a fresh police investigation.
Justice Goddard and Ben Emmerson would have heard what a decent and well respected chap he was from George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, Tory Mp, Tim Rathbone, Lord Justice Lloyd and ex Tory minister Sir Tim Renton. What chance would any  survivor have against such a phalanx of the great and good to be ” credible” let alone ” credible and true”. I can just imagine the line of questioning from Ben Emmerson and he wouldn’t be hauling the former Archbishop of Canterbury over the coals.
And how utterly stupid Lady Goddard and Ben Emmerson would have looked when a subsequent police inquiry found the Bishop guilty.
The pitfalls of handling the Westminster paedophile allegations in such a way should be clear to see and the inquiry better think very carefully about how they are going to do it. And survivors again the  Latin words ” Caveat Emptor” – buyer beware – should be utmost in their minds  before taking part in such an inquiry.

Much has been made of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) membership list. The membership list of PIE ran to far more than 300 members. The one thing that has been overlooked by the mainstream media is the MAILING LIST. This list contains the names of all the people who sympathized with the aims and objectives of PIE but did not become full members. They did receive the contact magazine, Magpie.

When I was offered a copy of the membership list by sources employed by the Metropolitan Police during the 1980's I was given two names that appeared on it as "a taster." One was Jimmy Savile. The other name was the iconic Labour politician and one time Chancellor of the Exchequer, Denis Healey (Lord Healey).

It has to be remembered that PIE was allowed to affiliate the The National Council of Civil Liberties (Now called LIBERTY). The senior Labour Party politicians Patricia Hewitt, Jack Dromey and Harriet Harman were all involved in the NCCL at the time of Pie affiliating to it. None of them sought to block their affiliation to PIE.
In effect they promoted PIE by allowing it a public platform from which to promote its objective of reducing the age of consent to just FIVE YEARS OF AGE.
The One Time Home Secretary and architect of the permissive society, Roy Jenkins supported the objectives of PIE.

Keith Harding who is mentioned in the Independent article below was the hear of the Mercurius Masonic Lodge based in Cheltenham. It is a masonic Lodge whos membership was almost entirely made up of workers from GCHQ. It was known as the SPIES LODGE. Harding was a paedophile. He was an activist linked to PIE. He had contact with high profile politicians, celebrities and, of course, the intelligence community.

One other area of concern is Hull University and its alleged culling of the NCCL archive held there. My sources state that the University has deliberately removed from the archive documents that implicate senior Labour and NCCL activist in the promotion of PIE.

PIE is the central organisation around which the issue of the promotion of paedophilia during the 1970' & 1980's in the UK is centred. Watch as the powers that be seek to promote PIE as an insignificant organisation with a nominal membership. This is a part of the strategy of the establishment cover-up of the true extent of paedophile activity within the establishment.

Justice Goddard now has a decision to make. She can either conspire in peddling the establishment line or she can clear out the Home Office and Security Service stooges who surround her and properly open up PIE. She might consider bringing in lawyers and investigators from new Zealand, Canada and Australia who have reputations for integrity and independence. The alternative is that "the oike from the colonies" becomes known as the CROOK FROM THE COLONIES and presides over yet another rigged government inquiry. One that will make Chilcott look honest.

PIE is a cesspool. It implicates the political establishment, the security services and a host of public figures in the promotion of paedophilia in the 19970's and 1980's. Goddard can either cure this cancer or connive and conspire in the support of it. As she flaunts herself around London in her high end wardrobe and Gucci handbags she will have to decide whether she wants to be remembered as a woman of integrity who stepped up to the plate when she had the opportunity to do so or whether she will be remembered as the Paedophile friend who put personal financial status and social status before public duty. Now which choice do you think she will make?

It was inevitable it would end without any charges. These are my thoughts.

Any genuine Police and they are very few would know they would never be able to bring to court a senior politician for the rape of kids and never for murder. They may have thought they could choose Proctor and get him convicted becase he was low down in the packing order and no-longer a political figure and he had been vulnerable before.

But much as probably the eilte pedophiles dont give a fig about wheather protor is jailed they do care about keeping the propaganda war going.

We saw in the 90's with Chief Inspector Gordon Anglesey ( senior pedophile Police man , protected to the hilt, funded to sue every Rag and Mag and TV station who told the truth) that formerly abused children , without a proper education, without any real self worth, already vitimised by the police and the courts, made terrible witnesses.

I do not know if they are closing it down soon, exaro will know more, What I do know if they will never arrest and charge a big politician who is capable of being convicted and exposing others.

They will I believe call for Nick to be arrested and charged , as they did with Ben Fellows, if they believe some of his story was fabricated or he has chosen the wrong person and there are no other witnesses.

This would of course be a warning to all other victims of the elite to stay quiet. If they go for Nick, and I pray they will not, we must mobilize.  

The Panorama program showed the way they were planning.. Discredit the main campaigners and main witnesses and show the elite pedophies as being targets and victims. Turning the truth on its head.

Police let the secret membership list of a controversial group which advocated sex with children to “sit in a drawer”, leaving several of those named on it free to…

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