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Westminster paedophile's named and suspects

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For decades elite child rapists and murderers  have been above the law  in the UK. Many like Janner QC and Leon Brittan QC actually made the laws  for others to follow,   Leon Brittan QC  died, saving the failed UK State the problem of finding yet another excuse not to charge him. Meanwhile Greville Janner QC  is very much alive but the State  rallied the forces of darkness and so he cannot be charged on err well  compassionate ground.

If you look at the list  below it is glaringly  obvious that the main perpetrators are Members of Parliament and Legal Professionals mostly.  With the highest accolade having been awarded to  the barristers that of Queens Council.   The other common denominator is that so many have been favoured with Honours from the Queen.

  1. Anthony Atkinson MP outed by his son
  2. Aitken Johnathan MP  LE CERCLE , Arms to IRAQ
  3. Amery Julian member LE CERCLE (BCCI)
  4. Robert Banks, former MP
  5. Barber Anthony Heaths chancellor of the exchequer
  6. Brook Peter SIR
  7. Beck Alan, University of Kent
  8. Bottomley  Peter SIR MP
  9. Bottomley  Virginia MP  former Minister
  10. Boothby MP
  11. Boyston  Rhodes MP
  12. Edwin Bramall, Baron Bramall, former head of the British Army
  13. Leon Brittan QC  Barrister Peer
  14. Ron Brown MP
  15. Michael Brown, broadcaster and former MP
  16. Heseltine Michael  LORD (Arms to Iraq)
  17. Ian Cameron  MI5  Covered up Kincora
  18. Peter Campbell MONDAY CLUB 
  19. Kenneth Clarke MP
  20. Clarke Alan MP SIR LE CERCLE, Arms to Iraq 
  21. Alistair Cooke, BARON Lexdon, Peer
  22. Michael Colvin
  23. Crook MP MONDAY CLUB
  24. Percy Craddock M16 friend of Janner and Howe LE CERCLE
  25. Edwina Currie, MP  former Minister
  26. Driberg Tom MP
  27. Nicholas Fairbank M P Thatchers PPS
  28. Fahy Peter SIR  Police 
  29. Michael Forsyth MP
  30. Fulford Adrian Barrister QC APPEAL COURT JUDGE SIR 
  31. Gerry Felicity Barrister QC  sex specialist and cover-up specialist 
  32. Ian Greer, former parliamentary lobbyist
  33. Michael Gove MP
  34. William Hague, Minister MP LE CERCLE 
  35. Hamilton Ian MP
  36. Hamilton Archi MP
  37. Hanley Michael SIR director general MI5
  38. Hayman Peter SIR convicted child abuse images MI6
  39. Harriet Harman, QC MP
  40. Patricia Hewitt, former Minister
  41. Hogg Quinten MP Lord High Chancellor  BARRON QC
  42. Margaret (Lady) Hodge MP
  43. Howard Michael LE CERCLE
  44. Greville Janner QC, Baron Janner of Braunstone, Peer
  45. Lamont Norman Lord  LE CERCLE
  46. Derek Laud, lobbyist
  47. Sir Edward Leigh MP LE CERCLE
  48. Dr Julian Lewis MP LE CERCLE
  49. Peter Lilley MP
  50. Peter Mandelson,  Baron Mandelson, Peer
  51. John Major MP (Prime Minister and lover of Edwina Currie)
  52. McAlpine  Alistair  LORD Conservative treasurer Peer
  53. Louis Minster
  54. Alan Milburn, MP former Minister
  55. Montagu Victor MP MONDAY CLUB
  56. Peter Morrison MP Thatchers PPS and PIE
  57. David Nicholson, former MP
  58. Peter Peers Barrister QC
  59. Colin Peters Barrister and Civil Servant
  60. Michael Portillo, MP broadcaster and former Minister
  61. James Prior MP
  62. Enoch Powell MP
  63. Harding Keith Watchmaker PIE friend of Brittan, Cyril Smith and Thorpe 
  64. Harvey Proctor, former MP
  65. Anna Racoon  ex Civil servant  who failed Law school alias Susanne Nundy alias Susanne Cameron-Blackie
  66. Rock Patrick  Camerons Office arrested for child abuse images 
  67. Wyn Roberts MP Conservative
  68. Raison Timothy MP
  69. George Robertson MP Labour
  70. David Rose Daily Mail journalist  spent decades debunking child abuse friend of s Susanne Nundy alias Susanne Cameron-Blackie  alias Anna Racoon
  71. Nick Ross, BBC presenter
  72. Jimmy Savile Sir, BBC entertainer friend of Thatcher, Hauge, The Royals
  73. Gillian Shephard, MP Baroness Shephard, Peer
  74. Skelhorn Robert Barrister QC director of public prosecutions blocked prosecution of Cyril Smith
  75. David Steel, MP  Baron Steel, Peer
  76. Jack Straw MP Home Secretary
  77. Sir Cyril Smith MP Prolific pedophile
  78. Thatcher Margaret Prime Minister protected numerous pedophiles from prosecution
  79. Jeremy Thorpe MP Liberal
  80. Norman Tebbitt, Baron Tebbitt, Peer
  81. Lord Tenby & son
  82. Cecil Trelett
  83. Keith Vaz MP  Barrister and friend of Janner MP QC
  84. John Whittingdale MP
  85. Straubenzee William MP, Sir. Gvt Minister 
  86. Ronald Waterhouse QC, Sir  Headed North Wales Child abuse inquiry Cover-up Friend of Greville Janner and Percy Craddock
  87. William Whitelaw MP Home Secretary

Please add your own names in the comment section.
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  1. jack straw ???

    1. Yes, the same person who created this dodgy law back in 2009:
      "But as of April, because of a change in legislation being introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the media will no longer be able to identify those involved in cases such as the Websters. It will also be illegal for any children currently in care to speak out, even if they feel they are being maltreated."


  2. Frank Walker needs adding to that list of shame, as a cover upper for abuse at HDLG Jersey, also honoured by the Queen and I did a FOI to ask who had nominated him, but was told I didn't have any right to that information. So the Queens Honours nomination process is a state secret!!!!! Tony Latham, Staffordshire pindown also needs adding, again, he received a Queens honour, what for, for giving paedophiles access to illegally imprisoned children?

    1. You can see it, the list, you are right honorable ppl , all in charge.all very rong

  3. Charles Clarke MP former Home Seretary went to Edward Heaths Satanic funeral whilst making it falcely known he was on holiday with his family.


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