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 By Ken Cook

In 2009 I wrote a book which I called 'Justice Denied' which I had to self publish in 2010. Now the thing is why did I feel I had to write this book? The answer is simple; because since 1990 I had first my business, then my life, systematically trashed by a government department. So what is new about that, you may ask? Well this department was the very department we are told does everything it can to help people who create Intellectual Property-to protect that. Yet with me, they over 20 years, systematically helped a crook steal my I/P and in doing that, that meant it slowly strangled my business until I had to close it down and having a heart attack through the stress, also helped in that decision.

As it was a long process which included 6 Tribunal hearings and one County Court case, spread over all of those 20 years, the fine details are too long to detail them in a short story. So I will just have to keep the details short and list just enough for you to get the gist of it all. I am an engineer and have designed a number of products during my working life. In 1985 I designed a copy of the iconic classic racing sportscar, the AC Cobra. As only about 1500 were built the originals fetched megabucks to buy, even millions if they had racing history. So people like me got into making copies which used modern mechanics that could be taken off a wrecked Jaguar and put onto the specially designed chassis, plus a fibreglass body. Like with all products I gave it the Trade Mark name of 'Viper'.

All went well with sales until in 1990 as Chrysler brought out a car they made, in the States and they also called 'Viper' That was OK by me as I thought they would never sell them in the UK. I was wrong as in 1990 they applied to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to register my Trade Mark, Viper.
I immediately put in an opposition. Years later in 1996 I won my case  but never realised that from then on life would never be the same, because my London agent had, as soon as he realised in 1991 he could start a scam. What he did, was he went to Chrysler behind my back and told them he owned it, but would sell it to them for £1/2M !

After I won in 1996 against Chrysler and had it registered in my name, you would have thought that would be the end of his scam, but no, because from 2002 onwards the IPO went into a mode of helping him to trash my registration until in 2002 they took my registration off me and gave it to him!! I had to fight him from 2002 right up to 2010 through 6 different IPO Tribunal hearings and lost all of them but one. The one I won in 1998 which said he had no rights to it, you would have thought would have ended my battles, no such luck. For the IPO then went on to ignore that ruling and set in motion more hearings during which they systematically trashed my all my rights and eventually told me that they were taking off me- 'as if I had never ever been awarded it in the first place'!!

As I have said, the whole course of events is too complicated to go into in detail here but it is all in my book. (download off my blog) Now after their perverse ruling in 2010, I compiled a dossier to take to the Police. For in all those hearings and a court hearing in 2000, this ex agent of mine committed no less than just over 200 cases of perjury (lying) and 5 cases of submitting forged documents. These are CRIMINAL ACTS, so what did my illustrious 'crimestoppers' who call themselves Dorset Police, actually do? Well they first went running to their fellow 'civil servants' the IPO, who despite my asking them to investigate all those acts of perjury during their hearings- did absolutely nothing. So they fed to Police with a litany of lies re what constitutes perjury ( the forgery was conveniently forgotten about) and no doubt what they thought about me as I had told them what I thought about them and civil servants do not like that!!.

So the police came back to me in a manner that that in effect was treating me like a 'criminal'  saying that these acts were a civil matter! (since when have criminal acts been 'civil matters'?) I should be the one to take him to court. They spoke to me like I was a criminal myself, wasting their time trying to use them so I could sue the IPO. They said they knew all about me as they had read my blog. They were very aggressive but then when aren't they, the useless entities and one wonders why we have police these days as they are refusing to act more and more and to such an extent that now they are really superfluous. I've always said that all coppers are thick as one would have to be thick to want to be one!! Any intelligence person would go into something better.

Now in 2008 I had started to write a blog about how the IPO were treating me and breaking the law and so on. They had told the police about that blog (I am raging mad) and so as far as the police were concerned it seemed as I was now an 'enemy of the State' and was to be treated as such hereonin. So since then this is what I have become and  because I was so appalled at my treatment,I reported them to the IPCC, getting like all others....NOWHERE!!. So I started to include all their antics against me from then on, in my blog.

Had I been a rich person I could have taken on a good lawyer and stopped the IPO in their tracks way back. Problem is that I was not and even though my business in 1990 was going great, the actions of the IPO and my ex agent put a stop to that and that meant I never was able to get together enough money to sue the IPO or anyone else. NOW THAT IS THE NUB THINGS BECAUSE NOW IN THE UK, NO ONE GETS JUSTICE....EXCEPT THE RICH!! I borrowed money to fight the last IPO battle in 2010 and still lost and my lawyer then said he could not believe how the IPO had treated me and the only way I could get justice was to take it out of their biased hands and to the HIGH COURT. Of course this would cost me many tens of thousands and take years, even if I'd got the money. So once again 'Justice Denied'.

Now you would think that would be it, but no, because now I have had since 2010, had my local police on my back because they have obviously decided that they DO NOT BELEIVE IN FREE SPEECH. Thus my blog, even though it has only chronicled their illegal actions against me: has no doubt enraged them, so I have had to suffer since 2010:-
Their initial refusal to investigate perjury and forgery.
In 2012 I was knocked from my motorbike by a motorist who failed to give way on a mini- -roundabout. The investigating officer committed an act that perverted the course of justice by altering a witness statement to read 'I was at fault' and not, not at fault. My complaint to the IPCC was refused acceptance!
In 2013 I druggy broke into 6 lock-ups at my block of flats and did £8K's worth of damage and the worst to my garage. Because it was me that reported this, they did nothing, even tho' I saw him.
In 2014 I local yob who had a criminal record  accused me of scratching a car. Even though there was no evidence, they still charged me and kept crucial documentary evidence from my lawyer.  After a wait of 16 months I was found not guilty (as there was absolutely no evidence) yet why did the police do this? Well its obvious-they wanted to stick the boot into me, come what may.

So what will their next attempt to boot me for exposing them on my blog?? My reporting them again to the IPCC will no doubt enrage them further as is my attempt through the courts to force them to release to me the 'INTELLIGENCE REPORTS' I know they have on me and held since 2010. My case is ongoing and probably will get nowhere for the courts and Judges are all in on this
blatant case of 'DENYING JUSTICE' to the peasants, so as to keep us in our place. IT IS MY CONTENTION THAT THE ESTABLISHMENT REFUSE TO CONTROL THE POLICE JUST IN CASE WE THE PEASANTS RISE UP ONE DAY. No other explanation as to how the police get away with it all. 


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  1. I do face the same things with UK IPO


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