Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ben Fellows thrown into Wormwood scrubs for daring to name Ken Clarke as an abuser

A day or so ago Ben Fellows came back to the UK  and was immediately arrested and placed on remand in Wormwood Scrubs.   His crime the tumidity to accuse Ken Clarke, who has been covering-up for pedophiles for decades, of being a child abuser.  That warrents the full forces of the criminal justice system to step in and stop this affront to the dignity of  this evil politician.

Over the past six months since my “Walk Against Corruption 2013” I have been under constant surveillance by the security agencies and have been suffering Police harassment over my allegations which I made against Conservative Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP. The Metropolitan Police came to me and bullied me into making a statement against Kenneth Clarke, stating that if I refused I would be in danger in the future.
I have over the previous months cooperated with the Police and had a gentleman’s agreement to remain silent and off the internet even though that opened me out to even my supporters criticising me for this. Even after my kidnapping and arrest in the summer I remained silent. I remained silent when the Metropolitan Police tried to force me into saying that Peter Morrison a dead MP was the man I met in Ian Greers office. This was not the case. I stood by my original statement and was bailed to return again in the future. Fearing for my own safety I left the UK in November 2013 and as of January 16th 2014 I failed to return to Paddington Green Police Station for further questioning.
I am being persecuted by my own government over allegations which the Police have refused to investigate. What’s remarkable about this story is that instead of investigating my own statement and questioning Mr Clarke as a perpetrator, he has been turned into a victim by Scotland Yard and it is me who is being pursued as a potential criminal.  If we truly have freedom of speech and democracy as a registered journalist I should be able to write my own story without fear of being targeted by the state.
If Kenneth Clarke MP disagreed with my version of events the appropriate course of action was to issue legal proceedings and take me to court. This he has not done. Although I believe he is threatening publishers with law suits if they publish my articles.
The Police have already stated that there is a high level political conspiracy at play as the Cook Report tapes which filmed the events, which occurred in Ian Greers office twenty years ago have gone missing. Jack Malvern of the Times stated that the Cook Report Tapes were sent to Iron Mountain, a storage facility which subsequently had a fire which destroyed them.
During my cross examination by the Police which is a taped interview they stated that Mr Clarke couldn’t account for his whereabouts during that time.  
The British press whom I have been in constant contact with over this time have refused to write about this story. This is because the press has been taken over by a group of powerful transnational corporations and even if journalists want to write about a story they are prevented from doing so, until such time as an arrest by the Police is confirmed. If the Police don’t charge anyone and I haven’t been charged with any crime, then the press are unable to cover the story. However, the story is about how wealthy individuals in our country are seemingly above the law and when you attempt to reveal their wrong doings they use the power of the state to silence and demoralise individuals using the authorities to threaten and bully individuals into silence.
 I considered my position carefully and came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t allow myself to be targeted in that way and that I would fight for the truth regardless of the consequences to my personal safety. In World War 2 our ancestors fought tyranny in their time, in East Germany the Starzi couldn’t prevent, as much as they tried, to break the spirit of man and all over the world right now people are fighting for freedom and justice. Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Edward Snowdon has left the United States after revealing the extent of the surveillance operation conducted by the NSA in cooperation with GCHQ and other intelligence agencies around the globe. How many more whistleblowers, journalists and publishers have to go into exile or on the run before the country realises that they are being attacked.
 If I don’t make a stand over this issue it allows the West Minister Paedophile ring, which Tom Watson MP wanted investigated, to continue.
This means children from care homes all over the country being taken down to London and abused at places such as Dolphin Sq and at various apartments by powerful and wealthy individuals. If or when victims attempt to try and talk about this they are dismissed by the Police, not believed and many end up committing suicide later in life or have a legacy of traumatic and emotional problems which plague their adult lives.
Remember Jimmy Savile? He was only allowed to be named as a paedophile after his death and he was a BBC disc jockey. It has been revealed that the Police had literally hundreds of statements against Savile by victims but he was protected by the Police along with the others at the BBC. The BBC remains not accountable for making the conditions for paedophile’s to operate in. Why? Perhaps because it is still going on today.
The Paedophile Unit are arresting people such as Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford etc in the hope that this will appease the general public.
The truth is that whilst low level and old men paedophiles are being arrested, the paedophile unit have known about these individuals for many years and only when it suits them do they then arrest them whilst protecting the elite paedophile rings. When is enough, enough?
Do we not care about our children, the sexual, mental and physical abuse of children? Thousands of children go missing from the UK every year where do they go? They don’t turn up anywhere they simply disappear.
Should we just put up and shut up and say to ourselves that it’s okay because it isn’t my son or daughter. Today it may not be but when the West Minister Paedophile ring lowers the age of consent it will be your children and grand children at risk.
  1. Why hasn’t Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke been arrested and questioned in connection with my allegations made to Police in my statement?
  2. Why have the Police turned Mr Clarke into a victim?
  3. Why hasn’t the Prime Minister been questioned regarding the missing Cook Report tapes, that he was responsible for whilst in private business when he worked for Carlton television?
  4. Why is Prime Minister David Cameron protecting the powerful West Minister Paedophile ring?
Once again hypocrisy resigns supreme. It is okay for certain celebrities to be arrested but when it comes to Politicians it’s another ball game, especially when it involves the current Prime Minister of the country.
Whilst I have been abroad I met what could only be described as a delegation of Knights Templar’s. They are disgusted by what’s occurring in their and other Masonic orders name. They gave me a ceremonial coin which reads “They Received Every Man A Penny”. It also came with a warning, that if I should return to the UK I would be set up by the Police and government at the highest levels. Of course, I had to bear in mind that the Police in the UK are Masonic, Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are high level Mason’s and so is the judiciary, press etc  So what chance have I of a fair trial? Even if I had broken the law which I haven’t?
The Templar’s gave me a coin, which I am not allowed to have as someone who is not a Mason and it has never happened before in their entire history. The purpose of the coin, so that brethren of good conscious, whom there are many  in all walks of life, would know that I spoke the truth and that Mason’s whilst not coming out of the privacy of their organisation supported my actions.  
This is a fight over good and evil, light and dark and whilst this might be sounding biblical to some, that’s because it is. Isn’t it time for good to triumph just once, isn’t it time that we protect our children from paedophiles? We may not be able to stop these powerful individuals but we can certainly make the waters harder from them to operate in. If our politicians are our representatives then what are we saying about ourselves, if paedophile rings are allowed to continue within politics?
I have remained silent over the past six months even under pressure from the security agencies who target my articles online and attempt to cause confusion in the minds of the general public. No more. I am not afraid unlike those children who will be abused this weekend somewhere in the UK by these powerful individuals.
Until these powerful individuals such as Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron answer to the public I will remain in exile abroad in search of a country who believes in Freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law for everyone.  
I am not depressed or suicidal and if I die in an accident it will be state sponsored murder.
Ben Fellows


  1. I found only 2 stories out there about Fellows' arrest, according to Google news UK, the local news in Birmingham (link below) and a synopsis on

  2. Excerpt from above story:

    The 40 year-old was arrested at Birmingham International Airport in the early hours of Monday morning by officers from West Midlands Police on behalf of Metropolitan Police.

    The Birmingham Mail understands that the 40 year-old’s charges relate to Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank investigation into a paedophile ring linked to Westminster.

    According to entertainment site IMDb the actor appeared in The Bill in the early 1990s before starring in TV film Sugar Sugar alongside Doctors and Hollyoaks star Sarah Manners.

    A spokeswoman from West Midlands Police said: “Police arrested a 40-year-old man at Birmingham International Airport at 00.39am today on behalf of the Metropolitan Police.

    “The arrested man was detained on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and was transferred to Metropolitan Police custody.”

    A spokesman from the Met said: “Benjamin Matthew Fellows, 40, of Redstone Farm Road, Olton, Birmingham was charged on 15 December with committing an act/ series of acts with the intent to pervert a course of public justice between November 14 and 14 December, 2012.

    “He appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court on 15 December and was remanded in custody to appear before Southwark Crown Court on December 29.”

    David Henckel - Exaro wrote above and I don't believe he has any reason to lie so we need some corroborating evidence before Ben Fellows can be seen as a reliable witness.

  4. Erm, why not look at Exaro News and see what they are revealing. Look at the new MET investigation too. 3 MPs and 3 Lords. Says it all.

  5. There is no doubt that there is a huge peadophile ring at the highest levels of society, or do we all believe in crazy coincidences ?

  6. all part of the luminate

  7. Perverting the course of justice requires that the course of justice is being perused, which is not happening here and has to involve at least one of the following:

    "Fabricating or disposing of evidence, intimidating or threatening a witness or juror, intimidating or threatening a judge."

    It appears making an allegation public is the only issue is here and the remedy is for Ken to raise an action for defamation as such is a civil matter.

    The judicial system it appears are the party perverting the course of justice by raising a false charge against this individual.

    This is therefore a very significant case revealing the possibility of extreme corruption within the judicial process in the UK and needs to be widely disseminated.

    There is another possibility that being someone was told the Justice Minister was a pervert and this got mistranslated.

  8. Pedophilia in Bush/Reagan White House 1-5

  9. What was the date that statement was made by Ben Fellows, please?

    1. Sorry Andrew we do not have an exact date. Will try to get this

    2. Thanks - it now occurs to me 'Justice Denied' has published that statement which it obviously obtained from somewhere - I have not seen it anywhere else. I am no lawyer, it seems to just make allegations BUT apparently Fellows has now been arrested on a charge of perverting the course of justice, so the police having had many months to investigate have upheld the charge and believe they have evidence to support such a charge. Evidence which is yet to be tested in court.

      Maybe the charge depends upon comments made by Fellows which JD has republished - I presume you have carefully considered your legal position by your publication.

      Nonetheless the date of Fellows statement is of interest. The statement seems not to have made it into the main steam media who to my surprise have not reported his detention, apart from the Birmingham Mail, neither has it achieved much publicity via Social Media.

      There are few reports about the change of hearing date from 29th December before the Crown Court at Southwark, apparently to the 2nd January - and no explanation.

      I am curious as Fellows is the sort of person, as a former broadcast actor, who is in other circumstances likely to attract reports when he is arrested and remanded in custody on such a charge as Perverting the Course of Justice - if that is what it is - I have not done a close study.

    3. Andrew, the mainstream Media have mostly ignored the plight of Ben Fellows. This is why we are providing a venue for Ben Fellows to tell his story. The UK justice system is notorious for bringing and sustaining false charges and we have little doubt they will use the power and wealth of the State against Ben who has few resources. Here at Justice Denied we do not fear the oppressive regime in the UK or their outdated libel laws which benefit only the rich. Google is a defender of free speech and you will find that in most parts of the world publication of allegations against powerful people is considered to be in the public interest. We deplore unfounded allegations against members of the public without the financial ability to defend themselves. Ken Clarke QC is a rich and powerful man who clearly can mobilize corrupt Police and a corrupt justice system to defend him. He could have brought a libel action against Ben Fellows but then he would have had to spend his own money not the British Publics and even were Clarke to win Ben Fellows is a poor man. Ken Clarke QC has covered-up the sexual abuse and murder of children for decades and it is he who should be in facing the sanction of the British Courts. Until there is a change in the British justice system Justice Denied will continue to publish honest accounts and give a forum for those who have been targeted and unjustly treated.

    4. Does anyone know the outcome of Ben's trial on the 29th December?

    5. Ben fellows was freed yesterday Sarah more news to follow

  10. hope he gets justice soon , i met him at bilderberg watford , what a really nice lad

  11. Well said - thanks for clarifying your policy I am new to your blog.

    1. Thank you Andrew. Warm welcome to you.

    2. I heard, or read something about all the accusations of sexual abuse against children being levelled against politicians, and it makes me sick to my stomach date, no enquiry has been launched by the CPS. If these same allegations had been made against any one other than politicians, the CPS wouldn't hesitate in carrying out their responsibility (to uphold the laws of our country), and look at the evidence supporting these allegations. Why does it have to be a Judge that sits in judgement when politicians are accused of such crimes? The whole thing stinks of a cover up. My belief, for what it's worth, is : The government do know there are paedophiles within their circle, and clearly these pieces of filth have to remained undetected, in order for the government to remain in control of the situation.There's a distinct possibility the CPS could, and would find sufficient evidence for procecutions to result from their findings. That scenario would, undoubtedly bring the government down. That would be reason enough for no CPS involvement, and also reason enough for the subsequent cover up.

  12. When even the head of the news agency pushing a relentless diet of sex scandals fingers you as a fraud, you have a problem. Fellows is going down.

  13. I am in Australia a Psychologist, i specialize in sexual abuse, domestic violence. This is pretty shocking, but unfortunately this is what men of power do, they use what ever means to avaide being charged with sex offenses.
    We have the same thing in Australia, you name a high profile person here, they just turn around and sue you. This is their way of deflection, and what the real crime is...that they are sexual abusers.

    Our website has been closely following the UK with its sex scandles, the now public disclosure of so many abusers, who thought they would remain un-named.
    I think with the intervention of your Secretary this man who came forward might have success in being heard. Well lets hope.

    Sexual abuse is shocking, and we have a world wide epidemic of it, especially by the elite who do think they are untouchable and quite often are.

    Unfortunately in Australia we have had a massive cover-up of child sexual abuse through our own Government also. We have our own Royal Commission also going on right now.
    To cover this up even more our Psychopath of a PM introduced a new law this month, if you report child abuse as a medical professional you go to jail. This is serious, this is the new law he has just passed. Of course none of us are going to abide by this ridiculous law which also goes against the United Nations human rights laws.


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