Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bill Maloney's Christmas message to CSA Survivors and supporters

Hello everybody! Firstly, I would like to say to all my fellow victims and survivors, I understand that there are many, many, many of you who find Christmas more of an ordeal than a pleasure. To your perpetrators I say: “This Christmas, more so than any other, there is a power that has been building against you. That power consists of millions of voices that are coming over the hills, over the mountains, across the seas and through fire to bring your deeds to an end because the heinous crimes that you are guilty of have held this world back from being the beautiful blue planet that all decent human beings are striving for. This is not a threat, this is fact!” … For those of you that are not victims but are fighting for those of us that are screaming to be heard I say: “May the light of truth and love be with you all!” To go back to the victims, I say to you: “Use your voices, show no fear, for we must be allowed to speak for ourselves, we must be allowed to build our inquiry. We don’t trust Theresa May, so let’s sack her! She is complicit in the sanitisation of our stories and our exposures of the elite.” Tonight, as we relive the horrors that were put upon us as children, let us also remember our fellow victims that have been tortured in the most heinous ways over days/months/years and eventually killed and disposed of by members of Parliament, members of Royal Families and the elite of this world, whether they committed the crime of murder or ordered the killing and disposal of our brothers and sisters. No more fucking about! MESSAGE FOR THERESA MAY: “We will have our day, you have taken the piss out of millions of us. You are restricting who talks to you and who doesn’t talk to you. I am sending you this message and your reply (or lack of), will be posted in conjunction with this piece. Your lack of maternal instinct i.e. ‘motherly’ instinct, does not sit comfortable in our hearts, and that Madam, on its own, is a good enough reason for you to hang your head in shame and walk away. We are not stupid, we would never have chosen ‘Sloss’ or ‘Woolf’ , we would grudgingly allow you one mistake i.e. ‘Sloss’ but not Woolf! …. How can this be an independent inquiry? When you, The Home Secretary, are putting forward WHO should represent us and also dictating terms of reference and what kind of inquiry it should be. Were you abused as a child? Or perhaps your siblings? If so, come forward, if not let the victims speak for themselves, we neither need or want you, you are there to protect the sick system. You will fail to protect the system by covering its evil doings and at the end of the day will answer to the higher power before 2015 is done. The satanic ritual abuse that Geoffrey Dickens is strongly and courageously exposing on the internet is coming into play. Today Christmas Day, the whole of England has come to a standstill because of the birth of Jesus Christ, I would like to quote Jesus Christ to you and to your family especially: “If anyone hurts a child that is a friend of mine they may as well tie a millstone around their neck and throw themselves into the sea”. I bring your family into this to help you to understand the sufferings that you will leave behind for them if you do not do the right thing. Your Queen is the head of the Church of England, but she and her family allows Satanism to be practiced in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. I will discard my anger for what I am about to say next. Myself, my Parents and my seven siblings were abused by the Establishments of England and Ireland. I have siblings who have died in mysterious circumstances ALL of them have fought in their own ways to expose the filthy dark souls; some of whom you have sat with. Does that not give you an inkling that you are in the same situation, if not worse, than Sloss or Woolf? We need the ‘STREET’ sitting on our panel, people who speak the common language of the common people that this whole Country understands. I end my conversation with you in this manner: I demand, on behalf of all victims and survivors, that you meet with the team that I have been working with, which includes serving and retired police officers, members of the alternative media and the national media. Because what you are about to start investigating, we have been investigating for many years. If you are to become anywhere near as courageous as the people that I have been working with, now is the time to redeem yourself. Your apologies to us have always been ‘read’ by you, or spoken, as a bad actor would deliver an unbelievable performance at a bad audition. As we say: “Throw away the acting!” GOD BLESS ALL VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS. Oh! And dare I say “HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL”  Bill Maloney, Pie and Mash Films. (THIS IS AN OPEN MESSAGE! GENUINE VICTIMS, SURVIVORS AND SUPPORTERS ARE FREE TO COPY AND SEND TO YOUR OWN MP’S. THANK YOU.)"

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