Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Home Secretary must declassify files connected to Westminster child abuse then we can all see them!

Helpful advise has come from Andrew Vallance who is  the Secretary  to the , Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee and a civil servant.

Thanks to the  wonderful Cathy Fox, Andrew had inadvertently given  away the game.

He writes  "The destruction of routine files is a standard practice throughout government, industry and commerce and is just good housekeeping: it avoids having warehouses full of worthless paper stored at public expense. On the other hand, if files do contain very sensitive information they are always given very high security classifications. Before such highly classified files could be destroyed, they would be subject to special  review procedures to ensure that files of historical significance were retained."

Andrew Vallance
Secretary, Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee
Office: 0207 218 2206

And there we have the rub folks!   As Andrea Davison said in her interview on the Richie Allen Show, for Wanless to be shown classified files he would need to be DV cleared. She has also tweeted recently that he would also have to have a 'need to know'  and still could not talk about classified files until they had been declassified.

Answer is simple  the Home Secretary can now declassify all files about VIP pedophiles, including those held by MI5,  and then we can all see them. 

Come on stop taking the 'Michael' the public no-longer believe all your lies and obfuscations. Release the Dickens Dossier plus the  Child Sex and Child Murder files.

Read more on D notices  thanks to  Cathy Fox


  1. Robin Cook the Journalist behind "The Cook Report" that exposed paedophilia and was shelved by David Cameron, is still alive and working at Nottingham University.
    Someone up there should ask him what was in the program.


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