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Another Child Abuse dossier on cabinet ministers child sexual abuse, “lost” after being given to Thatcher

The Cabinet Office cannot find yet another dossier about paedophilia and child abuse, given to Mrs Thatcher in 1989, according to the reply from a Freedom of Information Request [3].
“I am writing to advise you that following a search of our paper and electronic records, I
have established that the information you requested is not held by the Cabinet Office.”  [3]
The dossier was given to the Prime Minister by Anthony Gilberthorpe, an ex Chairman of Stroud Conservatives. It contained allegations about his being paid £120 by the then Chairman of the Scottish Conservatives, Dr Alistair Smith to fetch some “entertainment”.
The entertainment consisted of young boys between 15 and 16, who were plied with alcohol and cocaine and abused by cabinet ministers amongst others at the parties.  He named Keith Joseph, Education Secretary at the time, Rhodes Boyson and said that Attorney General, Michael Havers was also present, as well as a still serving minister at the time of the Mirror revelation on July 13 2014.  [1] [2] [4] [5] [6]  It brings a new angle to the words Conservative Party- a party where cabinet ministers sexually abuse drugged boys.
Rhodes Boyson
Keith Joseph
Gilberthorpe was later quizzed by William Hague and an unnamed top civil servant, still apparently serving, but they dismissed the allegations quickly and Gilberthorpe never heard any more. The top civil servant would not comment for the newspaper. [1]
The Cabinet Office is a Department of Government responsible for supporting the prime Minister and Cabinet [7]. It would be easy to assume that uncovering paedophilia would be in the public interest and something that any normal person would do. However, perhaps the Cabinet Office perceives its job to protect the ministers FROM allegations of child abuse?
This particular episode does raise several questions.
Who is the unnamed Minister accused of child abuse? Is he in a position to affect or thwart current investigations into child abuse eg Wanless Review of the Review of Leon Brittan dossiers, Macur Review, or the overarching Child Abuse Inquiry currently supposedly headed by Woolf. If so they should be withdrawn immediately.
What did Hague do with the Gilberthorpe child abuse dossier? He was reported as having “no ­recollection of ever meeting this individual”. Was he a competent Minister, who kept appropriate records? Something like this should not slip the mind easily. Presumably it is  not very often that accusations of child abuse about your colleagues are made.
William Hague
William Hague
But it is not the first time William Hague has been accused up covering up paedophilia. There are many who think that he is apologist and protector of child abusers and hampered the Waterhouse investigation into North Wales child abuse [8]. The respected child abuse campaigner Bill Maloney has even accused Hague of being a paedophile himself. [9]
Who is the unnamed top civil servant? Is he in a position to affect or thwart any investigations currently underway or in the past? If so he should be stood down whilst inquiries are ongoing.
Have the police investigated these allegations or made any arrests? If not why not?
This is far from the first documentation to go missing. It appears that 3 dossiers from Geoffrey Dickens and 2 Scotland Yard PIE dossiers have gone missing [10]  as well as over 100 files from the Home Office. [11]
This makes it very difficult to explain away the missing information as anything other than a concerted campaign by paedophiles and their apologists to hide information about criminal child abuse from the public, and of course from the reviews and inquiries set up by the politicians, supposedly to find the truth.
This comes on top of allegations from Edwina Currie about a parliamentary vice ring run from the Yes lobby of House of Commons [12]. It also follows the startling inaction and silence from the supposed chair, Fiona Woolf of an overarching child abuse inquiry, who is also friends with one of Britains most notorious paedophiles Leon Brittan who has not yet been brought to justice[13].  Nor does it seem that the thick skinned Woolf wants to even mention the subject months after the Inquiry was set up and weeks after she herself was appointed. It seems the inquiry was a total con.
Furthermore all this comes on the back of repeated under resourcing of the Child Exploitation Unit CEOP, amid claims by CEOPs head, Jim Gamble of broken promises by Terrible May of the Home Office [13].
Even this mere smattering of evidence, compared to what is available, points to deliberate cover up after cover up by politicians of abuse to our children.
The FOI request obviously was answered on the last possible day legally and they have failed to answer many of the questions. Further questions have been asked under Section 16 advice and assistance which has been ignored and the Cabinet Office has chosen to go to an Internal Review [3].
Yet another review of themselves. Reviews are useful to them as delaying tactics. I wonder what the result will be. Will someone with a moral backbone be found to do it? Ho ho ho.
Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
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