Thursday, 7 August 2014

MI5,Cameron, Andy Coulson, Tommy Sheridan and the National Security investigation not mentioned to Leveson

Andy Coulson is in the news again, charged with perjury in Tommy Sheridan case
Former News of the World editor accused of lying in evidence he gave about phone hacking at trial of ex-Scottish Socialist MSP who was set-up.

And more!  When Coulson  was editor of the News of the World,  he “understood that payments had been made to corrupt police officers” by Goodman for royal telephone directories. Goodman  who worked for the News of The World was jailed in 2007 for phone Hacking.  Goodman  learnt many secrets.

Whilst Cameron  was happily employing Andy Coulson he knew there was an on-going National Security Investigation into News International.
So why was this information withheld from the Leveson Inquiry. What is the government hiding? Who is being protected and Why?

Coulson  was regularly invited into National Security briefings  whilst at the same time a National Security Investigation was on-going into the News of the World. He had also been sleeping with News of the World Editor  Rebekah Brooks (the demonic pillow talk between these two was sadly never properly explored in the court case).” There’s surely nothing as private as whispered confidences between lovers? Coulson's wife is not talking either.  Rebecca  herself  Married Camerons friend Charlie Brooks in 2010.  Hence her name.  Incestious!
There is also a fleet street rumour that David Cameron was also sleeping with the flame haired Rebecca.

The Truth is coming soon

The Personal Secretary to the Security Services  who works for the Home office was involved in the  Investigation into News International.  This investigation started around the time that  Jackie Smith was  Home Secretary.  
Jacqui Smiths special adviser was Katie Myler who later went on to work for Ed Milliband she is also the  daughter of Colin Myler the last editor of the news of the world.  

Attack: Katie Myler, pictured with Ed Miliband, made the comments on Twitter
Katie Myler and Milliband

Its all sort of incestuous. News papers and politicians and secrets, phone hacking and secrets, pedophiles and secrets, Diana's murder and secrets, Jill Dandos murder and secrets. Missing documents, missing video's tapes, seized computers and secrets. 

We all know that MI5 regularly tap phones, they tap the phones of child abuse survivors and whistle-blowers, the royals, politicians and well anyone who might effect their nefarious business exploits.  They also have a legion of agents who are directed to burgle their way through the United Kingdom seeking any incriminating evidence against the elite criminals they protect and MI5  itself.

After Coulsen's conviction  Cameron  refused to disclose what advice Sir Gus O'Donell had given him.  The reason is that O-Donell  advised him against hiring Coulsen whist a National Security  investigation was on-going.

 But of course the Cameron and his sidekick  Theresa May the pedophile cover-up merchant  both  knew better.  But why were they not bothered. Why did they ignore  advise?  What was the so called National Security investigation really about?  Why was MI5 so worried about The News of the World   to be continued

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