Monday, 4 August 2014

Insight into How Chief Constables Chris Eyre and Mick Creeden cover-up child sexual abuse and get away with it

 Melanie  Shaw Child Abuse whistle-blower and survivor victim of Chris Eyre Chief Constable Nottingham and Mick Creedon Chief Constable of Derby who share information.

So what do Police  do when a survivor want to tell about the horrific abuse they suffered and police corruption and collusion in horrific crimes.?  They arrest the whistle-blower on any charge they can and threaten their life.  How do they do that they use the totally corrupt and defunct Criminal Justice System.  

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In August 2010 there was a brake into to Derby and Nottingham shared data offices  the Police admit to loosing 6 laptops with sensitive information on. They
have since refused to admit to what that information was but we know it contained information of the CSA cover-up they are involved in. read more on

You can arrest and set-up CSA whistle-blowers, survivors and activists but there comes a time when it all goes wrong.  Your time is coming soon

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