Friday, 20 June 2014

IPCC Advise Tomlin to sue Mick Creedon and the Derbyshire Police for smear campaign against him

My complaint to the IPCC regarding DCI Jim Allen has now been concluded and I have been advised to sue Derbyshire Police for a smear campaign.DCI Jim Allen has not been cleared and the IPCC case officers do NOT deny that he lied to me. Instead they decided that my complaint should not have been made against DCI Allen alone and that my complaint in real terms is against the entire organisation, not just one officer.
I would like to take this opportunity to point out that DCI Allen admitted in writing in July 2013, the existence of Special Branch officer DC 1111 Frank Bailey. Furthermore DCI Allen did not deny that Special Branch tried and failed to recruit me on 24 January 1990 at Ilkeston Police Station.
DCI Allen should be thanked for his honesty and the IPCC case officers have explained he was not tasked to reinvestigate the “particulary horrific attack” on me at the Mundy Arms on 20 January 1990. That was pure deception on the part of the police.
Instead the IPCC case officers advise that the chain of command was responsible for closing the case and DCI Allen was just “following orders”.
DCC Alan Goodwin acting on orders from the Chief Constable Mick Creedon made the decision to close the case permanently.
The neo-Nazi British Movement gang responsible for my attempted murder have all been given immunity from prosecution to protect Special Branch and their agent Tim Hepple.
However, Derbyshire Police handing out immunity from prosecution to evil neo-Nazis is likely to spark outrage across the world. Particularly given the fact that some of the neo-Nazis responsible have been involved in plotting violence with Right Sector neo-Nazis in Ukraine.
imageRichard 'Badger' Wilson on VK.comThe Russian Federal Security Service, with my cooperation, has smashed 39 neo-Nazi cells operating on and one of the cells was Blood & Honour UK.
Alastair Bullman can no longer deny he is a protected Special Branch asset and he was indeed given immunity in 1990 by Derbyshire Police.
Likewise his accomplices Danny Tolan, Peter Brood, Jock Nisbett, Richard Wilson and Gordon Jackson also received help from Special Branch and agent Tim Hepple was not allowed to testify against them at Derby Crown Court.
Richard ‘Badger’ Wilson was the suspect we traced on VKontakte that opened the door to the entire network of 39 neo-Nazi cells plotting mayhem on the Russian social media forum. Blood & Honour was banned in Russia in 2012.
imageSearchlight smear campaign started October 1990
The IPCC decision is also a crushing defeat for Searchlight Magazine and its editor Gerry Gable. In his book AT WAR WITH SOCIETY in 1993, he admitted in print to knowing the names of everyone involved in the brutal gang attack.
Searchlight Magazine was also involved in the smear campaign with Derbyshire Police Special Branch and their vicious lies are now blown out of the water.
All that remains now is to instruct solicitors to sue the Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police. The IPCC case officers have stated in writing that Smeargate is an ‘organisational failure’ and not the fault of one officer. In essence this means the whole of Derbyshire Police are to blame not just DCI Allen.
Nonetheless, the neo-Nazis responsible for the merciless and cowardly attack have not escaped justice, they have been exposed and they will have to testify in the civil action against Derbyshire Police.
By  Simon Tomlin


  1. Smashing "Neo-Nazi" cells is disgusting. Firstly, "neo-Nazis" don't exist - it's just a Zionist watchword to stop the criticism of Jews. Nazi was a nick name for members of the National Socialists of Germany. None of the people described as "neo-Nazis" today are emembers of said party of Germany. It is a name given to anyone who understands that Jews rule the world through banking and media. If you really cared about protecting about children, you'd stop being politically correct and observe that one way or another, the people involved in political child abuse scandals are Jews, partial Jews, or linked with Jews. These "Neo-Nazi cells" (wehatever the fuck a "cell" is - it's just called so to make it sound sinister) are really just nationalists who oppose Jewish supremacism and their system of controlling political paedophile puppets. They are our only hope for ending child abuse and all the other ills in the world.

    1. Child abuse is not a jewish phenonoma that is pure and simple prejudice. Jimmy Savile was Jewish, Sir Cyril Smith was not. Zac Goldsmith is doing more than anyone in the UK to expose those behind child abuse and he is Jewish. The Catholic Church are responsible for decades of institutional abuse and they are not Jewish. Max Clifford is Jewish Mick Creedon is not, both support paedophiles. The Derby and Met Police are institutionally corrupt

      Creedon is in the news again

      The clearest clue to the scale of possible concealment comes from the second report published by Mick Creedon, the Derbyshire Chief Constable running the police's internal investigation into the undercover infiltration of political groups, in March this year. (Incidentally, it is one of the few findings of any worth in a generally shabby report).‬

      Creedon says (on page 49 here) that so far, he had identified 24 SDS undercover officers who were arrested while they pretended to be campaigners, some more than once, during the 40 years of the unit's operations (1968 to 2008).‬

      He also says that 10 undercover officers are known to have given evidence in court using their fake identities.‬


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