Friday, 20 June 2014

5000 kids and babies missing from State care in the last two years where are they? Does anyone care?

As we edge ever and ever closer to discovering the true and horrifying scale of VIP child-abuse and murder in this country, the Mail reports on the shocking scandal of thousands of children ‘disappearing’ from council care.
According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, a staggering five thousand children have gone missing over the past two years, including babies, some of whom have yet to be found.
How the bloody hell can the Met police be given millions of taxpayers money to search for one child, Madeleine McCann, yet thousands of care children are discarded without so much as a missing person’s poster?
What is really happening to Britain’s missing care children?
The tragic truth is that most of them have been wrongly snatched in the first place, taken from loving parents by psycho-social workers, desperate to get a filthy bonus and meet their paedophilic master’s targets.
Parents are often poor and powerless and are unable to fight against secret courts, lying scumbag lawyers and the evil and twisted SS.
Their children are then thrown into a deliberately chaotic care-system, which is not monitored at all, and parents are not allowed any further contact with them so they conveniently ‘fall off’ the radar.
Unfortunately, this means they can often end up being groomed, raped, abused, and sadly sometimes murdered, by not only foster parents, care-home workers etc. but also by members of Britain’s VIP paedophile ring.
Labour filth, Margaret Hodge knows all about these rings and is the ultimate child-snatcher for her paedo pals, having instigated the vile Children’s Act, which gave the SS more and more powers to steal children from innocent parents.
She cackles like a demented slag when yet another family is split apart.
Some voices terrifyingly claim that mass graves exist in this country, filled with the little bodies of children who have been ritually abused then killed by these scumbags.
Why the hell don’t the Met get their diggers out on our soil first before s*****g themselves over the Portuguese hunt for Maddie?
Because they bloody daren’t that’s why.
But dear reader, know this.
Justice will soon descend on this septic isle of ours and God will expose their most heinous deeds to us all.
And when that happens, those who have perpetrated such evil crimes against the British public, may well regret the day they were f*****g born.
The clock is ticking now.
It’s only a matter of time…

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