Monday, 15 July 2013

Snowden Human Rights hero to leave Russia but how?

 Eussia Today  writes below about whistle-blower Edward Snowden  who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

What is often forgotten when unique people sacrifice their lives to help others is the extent of their sacrifice.  Everyone is caught up in the story but only a few good souls empathise with the man or woman behind the news. 

The one who in the dark night grieves for their lost liberty and  the loss of,  the book they wrote in as a child, the little gifts they kept through the years, seeing their Friends and family when they want.

Asylum Seekers are felling real persecution such as we cannot imagine.  They have to flee leaving everything behind just to escape with their lives.   Julian Assange  has been holed up in the Ecuador Embassy in London for over a year at time in his life when he could expect to be making his career and working for his future.    Edward Snowden is in transit in Moscow Airport  for week a young man with his life before him suddenly frozen.    Pensioner Andrea Davison  had to leave  her home, friends and family and even her little cat and flee to South America  at a time when most  ladies are  thinking about what to plant in their gardens  and expecting  the pressure of life to ease.   Lets not forget they are real people prepared to sacrifice much for the truth. We must  help them where we can.

Russian Today wrote:-

NSA-leaker Edward Snowden will leave Russia as soon as he gets such opportunity, but for now the situation is unclear, says Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"He is familiar with the conditions of granting political asylum, and judging by the latest statements, is shifting his position. The situation is not clear now," Putin said. 
The president stressed that the US basically trapped ex-CIA employee Snowden in Russia while he was in transit to other countries.

"He arrived on our territory without an invitation, he was not flying to us - he was flying in transit to other countries. But as soon as he got in the air it became known, and our American partners, in fact, blocked his further flight," Putin said, meaning that the US government revoked Snowden’s passport shortly after he arrived at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. 
"They scared other countries. No one wants to accept him,” he added. 
When asked about what was next for Snowden, Putin replied: “How should I know? That’s his life, his fate.” 
Putin also recalled that Snowden was initially offered an opportunity to apply for asylum in Russia, but only if he stops his “political activity.”

“There are certain relations between Russia and United States, we would not like you to harm them with your activity,” Putin quoted Russian officials during their dialogue with Snowden. “He said no...he said, ‘I want to continue my activity, fighting for human rights. I think the US is violating certain international regulations and intervening in private lives and my goal to fight this.'" 
Putin added that Russia has no desire assist Snowden as long as he refuses to cease such activity. 
Although Snowden said last Friday that he might apply for political asylum in Russia, no application has yet been received by the Russian government.  

“There has been no application from Edward Snowden today,” Konstantin Romadanovsky, director of Russia’s Federal Migration Service, told Interfax. “If an application is received, it will be examined under the established legal procedures.”

The US responded with accusations against Russia, claiming it was granting Snowden – who is wanted on espionage charges - a “propaganda platform.”
Meanwhille, a Swedish sociology professor has praised Snowden for his “heroic effort at great personal cost,” nominating the whistleblower for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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