Monday, 8 July 2013

Child Abuse VIctims shown respect in Australia in the UK they are jailed

 Meanwhile in Australia abuse Victims are give respect

A royal commission on institutional responses to child abuse is starting face-to-face, private meetings between commissioners and abuse victims in Adelaide.
Chief executive Janette Dines said the sessions would not provide direct evidence to the inquiry, but would give the commissioners a deeper sense of what the victims had endured.
"They're completely confidential, no one from an institution will ever be present," she said.
"What we attempt to do, recognising that this is a very difficult thing for people, is to make the session feel as secure and as relaxing and safe as possible."
Ms Dines said feedback had been positive in Sydney and Brisbane from those who took part in the private meetings.
"Many people are telling us that this is the first time that they've told anyone about what happened to them," she said.
"A lot of people are telling us that they're really grateful for the opportunity to maybe, through their contribution, to make sure that it never happens to children in the future."

In the UK abuse victims and whistle blowers  Are regularly arrested for misdemeanours and sent to jail for long periods whilst paedophiles are given light sentences or freed to abuse again.   No respect for UK victims of child abuse  but much respect shown for VIP paedophiles

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