Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ken Clarke...the paedophiles’ pal

Ken Clarke showing his culours  way back in 2011.   Clarke the friend of Paedophiles


KEN Clarke was blasted last night over the latest scandal in his crusade for soft justice — halving sentences for thousands of paedophiles.

Fury erupted as it was confirmed the 90 per cent who admit their depravity will benefit from the Justice Secretary’s plans to reward guilty pleas.
Labour shadow Sadiq Khan raged: “It is unacceptable that people who have committed such heinous crimes could have half knocked off their sentence just for pleading guilty.”
He begged the Government to scrap the “disastrous” move — a week after fuming PM David Cameron ordered Mr Clarke not to include rape beasts in his deal.
Campaign ... The Sun
Campaign ... The Sun
Children’s charity Kidscape branded it a “betrayal” of young victims. Figures obtained by Mr Khan from the Justice Ministry reveal that in six of the past 14 years, nine in ten paedos hauled before the courts confessed their crimes.
A chilling 5,901 predatory monsters faced charges of “sexual activity with a child” between 1997 and 2010. Of these, 4,950 pleaded guilty.
Tory MP Philip Davies said: “It would be extraordinary if rapists were denied a 50 per cent cut in their sentence but paedophiles were not. It would make a complete mockery of our justice system.”
A Downing Street spokesman said the sentencing proposals were still being finalised.

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