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Police the Biggest Criminal Gang in Britain

THE BIGGEST GANG in Britain – Shining a light on the culture of police corruption

This book has 3 raving reviews so far. For it describes that and how the Hillsborough, Savile and ‘Plebgate’ investigations are NOT exceptions, but the symptom of

Book Description

1 May 2013
A hard hitting, brutally honest account of police work during the late 1960's and 1970's. Whilst explicit, it is often humorous, refreshing and equally unbelievable. In this first book of a trilogy the author takes the reader through his early police service and in doing so reveals many working practices which in reality have become a culture of dishonesty, lies and often stupidity which has been accepted by the Government of the day, the judiciary and the public at large for many years. That is until the present day when it has all gone so wrong. Very, very wrong with the revelations of the Hillsborough Investigation, the Jimmy Savile Investigation, so many more and even 'Plebgate' when The Biggest Gang believed they were so powerful that evidence against Andrew Mitchell, a member of Her Majesty's Government left so many questions, yet to be answered. This book explains that such examples are not typical of a minority rogue element as being claimed but are a dishonest culture, born so long ago but allowed to fester and grow with the many examples and revelations which have continued until today with Hillsborough as only one shocking example.
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