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Missing Ben Fellows, Margaret Thatcher, Max Clifford, Stringfellows, Secrets lap dancing clubs and the child sex trade


UPDATE: It is reported Ben Fellows has made contact and is  Alive and Well

Bill Maloney confronts Max Clifford about supplying  children to  lap dancing clubs for the sex trade

 Lap dancing clubs, brothels , honey traps, celebrities, politicians, senior judges, senior police officers M15 and defenceless children. And lots and lots of money.

The world inhabited by these monsters   bares no relation to the  world of ordinary people who love their children and try to survive in an increasingly financially hostile environment.

Shooting Star CHASE
Max Clifford  and Stephen Less owner of Secrets lap dancing chain at a Children Charity Dinner. why is it always children's Charities? A touch of the Savile's

Ben Fellows, child star, disappeared on the 29th of May after  having received a death threat.  His  wife Julia   is  desperately afraid  for him. 

Ben is famous  for laying  a compliant  to the police that Ken Clarke  groped him as a teenager.   Clarke the former Home Secretary who covered up the North Wales Child abuse scandal has not  even been questioned by the Police about this serious crime.   Instead the Police told Ben that Ken Clarke is a clever  man, an MP  and thus  above the law.  This being above the Law  of course only applies to paedophiles,  arch criminals like  Minister Chris Huhne who  got a  6 months prison sentence over a speeding ticket  is not above the law.     But if you belong to a paedophile ring or cover-up for paedophiles in the Judiciary, the Police and Parliament  then  -you are above the law-.

So Ben was told in May this year that Ken Clarke was above the law and could  do what he liked to any  body's  child.  Just like the old feudal days we thought were so  long past.

Ben also talked extensively about  the evidence Max Clifford held  about show business paedophiles.  Max Clifford  he says supplied Stringfellows Lap Dancing Clubs with   children  for the rich and famous.
Lap Dancing Clubs exploit  young women    and studies reveal that 90% of  girls who go into lap dancing were abused children with low self worth.

Peter Stingfellow and Margaret Thatcher a touch of  the Jimmy Savile's

Max Clifford also looked after  the less well known string of lap dancing clubs called Secrets owned by his best  friend Stephen  Less who lives in London.   

Clifford and Less at Max Cliffords  wedding

If Clifford supplied Peter Stringfellow   with children for the sex trade did he supply Stephen Less and Secrets with children.  Are these lap dancing kings above the law like Ken Clarke MP?    

Just like Jimmy Savile  Max Clifford and his best Friend Stephen Less are fond of childrens charities. How about if they use a small portion  of their millions to help find child abuse whistel-blower Ben Fellows? 

 I could get to anybody on one phone call,” says Stephen Less emphatically.
“Barack Obama?”
I reckon I could get to him yeah – through Maggie Thatcher.”
Stephen Less is the owner of the London-based chain of nightclubs, Secrets. And his outlandish claims aren’t as far fetched as you might think. 
Actually, I think Obama would take Simon Cowell’s call and Max Clifford, who’s my best friend, would get Simon to call him.
“So I’d get him on the phone in two phone calls,” he concludes.
From across the room the Iron Lady herself watches from her framed photograph poised on top of the grand piano, somewhat awkwardly intermingled with family portraits.

 Stephen Less

So Stephen  Less is a friend of Margaret Thatchers  just like  Peter StringfellowWhat is the connection with Peter Stringfellow, Max Clifford, Stephen Less and Jimmy Savile. MARGARET THATCHER

Do these Secrets put you above the law

So how did it all start.  Radio Luxemburge  was used to send messages to agents behind the Iron Curtain and was full of intelligence agents. Into this mix tumbled  JImmy Savile and Johnathan KIng and David Blackburn.

 The English language service of Radio Luxembourg began in 1933 as one of the earliest commercial radio stations broadcasting to Ireland and Britain. It was an important forerunner of pirate radio and modern commercial radio in the United Kingdom. It boasted the most powerful privately owned transmitter in the world
 Radio Luxembourg's parent company, RTL Group, continued broadcasts to the UK until July 2010 as the owners of the British TV channel Five.

All  these people involved  in the child sex trade were part of the celerity pop secene  culture of the 60's and 70's

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