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Daniel Morgan the Metropolitan Police the News of the Screws and the UK Police State


In September the Independent wrote  an article  about Lord Stevens  former  head of the Metropolitan Police (why do they make police officers lords?) it revealed that Mr Stevens was  the target of the News of the World because he had  been using  the Police helicopter   at tax payers expense to visit his Mistress

The News of the Screws employed a private investigation firm Southern Investigations which had been set-up by Daniel Morgan in 1984 who was later to be murdered by the Police in 1987.   The Indi failed to mention Daniel Morgan in  their article.

On 10 March 1987 after having a drink with Jonathan Rees, his partner in Southern Investigations, at the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, Morgan was found dead in the pub car park next to his car, with an axe wound to the back of his head.  His  wallet had been left and a large sum of money was still in his jacket pocket. The pocket of his trousers had been torn open and notes he had earlier been seen writing were missing. Subsequently a match to the DNA sample found on Morgan's trouser pocket was  made.

Daniel  Morgan  was  investigating drug-related police corruption in south London before his death.

Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery, stationed at Catford police station, was assigned to the case but did not reveal to superiors that he had been working unofficially for Southern Investigations. In April 1987 six individuals including Sid Fillery and Jonathan Rees, the brothers Glenn and Garry Vian and two  police officers   were arrested on suspicion of murder but all were eventually released without charge.

But  investigations  into Daniels  murder  ended  24years later  in a trial in 2011.  During last years  trial the three people  charged  were set free when the trial collapsed  because the Prosecution Barristers and police had corruptly made sure they did not disclose  evidence.  The System protected its own from conviction.  Had they been innocent they would most certainly have been convicted.

Lord Stevens, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 2000 to 2005, was tailed by Southern Investigations  who were  working for the tabloid in 1999, shortly before he took charge of London's police force.

According to Derek Haslam, a former undercover police officer who infiltrated Southern Investigations for Scotland Yard, the agency wanted to use the sensitive information to "control" Lord Stevens. Mr Haslam said: "I told my handler, 'You'd better tell him they are on to him and they are looking at anything'. They saw filth on police and politicians as a way to control them."  Halsam   a clever  lier  as are all undercover  police officers  and he   covered up the most important  evidence. He knew who had murdered Daniel Morgan  and he know the name of the Police officer who wielded the axe that killed Mr Morgan.  Part of his brief in   Southern Investigations was  to make sure none of the crimes the Met conducted would  come out into the light of day.

Jonathan Rees, Daniel Morgans partner  in Southern Investigations, rejected that allegation made by Haslam as "absurd" but confirmed the surveillance took place. In an interview with, he said: "We were given instructions and an allegation that he was using a Met Police plane from Biggin Hill to see his mistress in Northumbria,
Mr Haslam claimed that during his nine years as a "mole" inside Southern Investigations, he told the Yard that the company was committing crimes – often on behalf of the News of the World. In briefings to investigators, he said he told the Met that Southern Investigations was "a corrupt organisation that was corrupting police officers and illegally accessing all sorts of confidential information".

"I told my handlers that MPs, ministers and Home Secretaries were targets," he said. "They fell into two categories: one they could earn money from and the other was to use blackmail, influence, to do their own thing. Anything that put the Met in a bad light, or anybody they could infiltrate or put in a bad light. It was about money and influence."

Mr Rees described Mr Haslam's allegations as "nonsense", saying that police wanted to smear Southern Investigations at a time that it was uncovering police corruption on behalf of the press. He said: "Haslam was tasked by senior officers to... come in there and mix with us again and... to find out... what we were doing against CIB3 [the Met's anti-corruption unit]... they knew we were investigating CIB3... it was a force within a force, they were given total autonomy to do whatever they liked... history tells us that when you allow policemen to do that it goes wrong."

Well now just who do we believe?

Everyone knows that the UK police as a body are utterly corrupt. the  police have taken over  the function  of the intelligence services and use the same tactics. This  has  been revealed in the Levesen Inquiry. Police prime Journalists and Bloggers with disinformation in order to traumatise  and harass their targets.

The Courts and the Police as a body are now totally corrupt. With the Anti terrorist squad behind  acts of terrorism, the fraud squad behind  massive government sponsored fraud to fund covert ops and covert projects like Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent.   The Courts  act  as the cover-up department. No-one in the UK can have a fair trial if the  Police want them silenced. No-one can be convicted in the UK if the State want them free to commit more crimes on  behalf of the State.  The UK has turned Justice on it head.

The UK government has developed a system which they can use now to target anyone they fear may expose their multi level criminal enterprises.   Sadly  the Government  cynically and evilly use  child abuse as a means to control and manipulate  players in their  criminal empire.

The murder of Daniel Morgan  because it could not be simply ignored  has led the Police the CPS and Courts to weave a twisted web of deception which has exposed their inner workings.

Profile: Lord Stevens
Lord Stevens was seen on Fleet Street as an old-fashioned "thief-taker" who would restore confidence in the Met, battered by the Macpherson Report into the death of Stephen Lawrence.
In an attempt to bolster media support, he dined several times with newspaper editors, including the News of the World's Rebekah Brooks. When he left after five years in 2005, confidence in the police was at a 10-year high.
He then wrote a column for the News of the World called The Chief, which was ghost-written by the paper's deputy editor, Neil Wallis. Lord Stevens received £5,000-£7,000 per column.


  1. We know that the police commissioned the murder of Mr Morgan. We know that Haslam's testimony is tainted to say the least (mental health issues in 1989 and 2007 plus a death by drunk driving). We know that Free Masons Lodges are implicated. How queer that anyone delving into this cesspit is threatened with arrest. KEEP DIGGING!

    1. DCI Broxted

      Thank you for your very apt comment and the encouragment

  2. DCI Broxted? That's a real laugh, he knows sweet FA and specialises in naming rape victims. He is due to be arrested and banged uo this year.

  3. DCI Broxted? That's a real laugh, his real name is Ciaran Goggins, he knows sweet FA about the Morgan murder, he is a paedophile and specialises in naming rape victims. He is due to be arrested and banged uo this year.



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