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 I found this Blog  highlighting  abuses by the United Kingdom State it gives details about the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC). Which the blog claims is used to incarserate political prsioners.

Stateing that the FTAC  " is what the British government use to oppress those who would stand against it. It locks people up in mental hospitals and abuses them. The FTAC hide behind a façade of removing ‘ill’ people who are a threat to prominent people, but it is also used to ‘disappear’ those that would speak out about government abuses"

The blogger who appears to have been totally silenced as the last blog is in 2010   gave an nterview to Chris Summers of the BBC

 Also featured the tragic story of Vet Maurice Kirk  see you tube video

If  you start to read the blogs  the heart rending story emerges:-


"It is now the eighth week of my imprisonment. However, it feels a lot longer. This is because I feel it on a 24 / 7 basis. Every moment of waking thought is a torture; the only relief is the hours that I can remain asleep. Such a life is soul destroying. It saps the will to live out of me. I am so unhappy here.

There is nothing to do. I do not overtly complain; I have learned that there is no point and can be counter productive as it is used again you. When I am asked how I am I reply ‘bored’ and the suggestion is that I take part in the activities on the ward. Those ‘activities’ comprise of watching trash TV; having cups of tea made in a filthy kitchen (caused by the other prisoners); or, for others, having a smoke. There is very little else to do. I do have some books to read, but I have lost motivation to read. My access to the internet is limited to late afternoons or evenings. I hate to lay in bed all day, but that is all I have open to me. This is why time passes so slowly.

The medical ‘treatment’ that I get is a fortnightly injection of some anti-psychotic drug. That is it. Once a week in the ward round there may be a few questions, but nothing meaningful. This is evidence that I am held here as a punishment for my blogs and not for any medical reasons.

Just often and for how long I will be able to blog I don’t know. I expect that as soon as they spot that I have made a post I shall be banned from using the internet again.

Why can’t they actually talk to me properly? They will find out that all I want to do is write my little computer programs that analyse financial data, write reports on the results, and publish them on a subscription basis from my website. 

As I keep saying: All I wanted to do was to have earned a living in peace.

Update: I have been told that my internet surfing has to be restricted now.

And the final blog dated  Novemeber 2010  states  simplet  "the End has come"
Who is this blogger and what happened to  him?

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  1. here are some files and video links. you may use them to help people forcibly detained and medicated for expressing their feelings as stated on your website/blog but you cannot profit financially nor use them for the purposes of gaining fame nor notoriety, nor can you allow others to misuse or trade these videos and documents. if you are a thieving hack or any other kind of wrong doer your deception will be pursued in court.

    these links show documents and video that help reinforce your case and help expose and end forcible detentions and medical treatments.

    they are mainly about me and others drugged and raped in child care and similar institutions as shown here to protect prominent figures from exposure as child rapists mainly. they also show to a good degree the misuse of detentions of child and adult victims for this and also to facilitate unethical human drug and other medical trial. please do not abuse nor misuse my donation of this information. you can begin here and view my other files and videos in the main links following these links.


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