Monday, 12 August 2019

How the State Targets Individuals and why.

The purpose of the UK Security Service is to control the internal population and protect the elite and their business interests. The purpose is not as is widely believed to protect UK citizens and UK interests. For MI5 there is no-one more dangerous than a whistleblower or activist. The System, which includes the criminal justice system, is cynically abused to protect the elite and persecute those the elite fear. ~ Andrea Davison 
This book was NOT submitted to UK authorities and has been published under the Freedom of Information Act.

Shoot The Women First 

Intelligence Services few know exist, secret agreements running behind world events and an arcane blood-line. Step into mystery with Shoot the Women First for an exhilarating ride to the other side of the looking glass. From the icy cold of Siberia to the burning deserts of Iraq; from the busy streets of London to the wilds of Scotland. Andrea races against time to unearth secrets elite insiders keep veiled by propaganda and hidden via murder and imprisonment. State assassins, suicides to order, set-ups, child abuse, all backed by a relentless road roller of a legal system designed to serve as a mechanism of cover-up for an elite few. The game of intelligence is the greatest game ever played. The protagonists and heroes often disappear their stories lost in the shifting sands of time. Will Andrea solve the puzzle and save herself from assassination or jail? Shoot the Women First is the untold story of a secret global Intelligence Service and a hidden blood-line. Going behind the masks of Governments and State agencies, Shoot the Women First goes to the heart of a global deception perpetrated upon us all.

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Article by Andrea Davison written
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