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Shirley Oaks: Children, raped, trafficked, and filmed with Police and State approval finally get compensation

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SHIRLEY OAKS is a sprawling 7 acre complex  which absorbed innocent children into a State run home complex of appalling cruelty.  This week Lambeth Council admitted culpability and the survivors will get  between them multi million compensation.  But it’s the tip of the iceberg becase "All 25 of Lambeth’s Childrens’ Homes had been run by a large paedophile network for over 20 years.

Survivors of Shirley Oaks recently withdraw from the UK child abuse Inquiry now headed by former Social Worker Alexis Jay OBE. They had no confidence in the Inquiry or the new head and instead  they wrote their own report. With the help of the  famous Lawyer Michael Mansfield QC the survivors were able to quickly get the State to offer compensation and hopefully closure.  Other survivors are not so lucky as the Inquiry is set to limp on for another ten years without prosecutions of pedophiles or compensation for victims.  The inquiry shockingly now want to interview convicted pedophiles for their view!

At Shirley Oaks Children were sexually and physically abused on an industrial scale.  The complex was also linked through the pedophile ring to other council run homes around the country. Children were traded between Lambeth and Islington Councils by the ring operating inside  
Indeed child trafficking and the child abuse image trade is a big earner.

Around 50 Children who  entered Lambeth Children’s’ Homes  were  never been seen again by their families. "The leader of Lambeth Council at the time was Ted Knight (Labour) who was a close friend of Margaret Hodge (Labour) who was leader of nearby Islington Council.  This London ring was linked to Jersey, North Wales, Yorkshire and elsewhere.  The National abuse ring was protected by the Police. Whilst internationally the ring sold videos and images of children being abused primarily through their connection in Amsterdam

 Some children disappeared  never to be seen again and   "48 children died in Lambeth's care system between 1970 and 1989."  Were some used in snuff movies as is alleged?   
Others were found dead like 15 year old Peter Davis  found hanged at Lambeth Council's Shirley Oaks children's home in Croydon in South London.  There were signs of sexual activity  but nevertheless Police did not investigate the murder. Peter was found hanged in a toilet with a cord around his neck.
Peter had been a witness in a rape trial two years before  when he was 13. Former senior detective Clive Driscoll said reopening the Peter Davis case would be a "great opportunity for detective work".
Chuka Umunna, Labour MP, who has constituents who are Lambeth abuse survivors said: "The police should reopen the inquiry into Peter Davis' death.

At least 700 children were  sexually abused at Shirley Oaks  and the ring had a least 60 members  which included  , doctors, teachers, priests, police officers, sports coaches ( some linked to Chelsea football club) , council workers and Members of Parliament.  The ring included the notorious John Carroll and  MP  PauL Boateng.

Due to Police involvement in running the child abuse image trade few have  been prosecuted for any of their crimes and none for involvement in the child abuse image trade. The proceeds of crime has not be used against those convicted. "Children from Lambeth Care Homes were being taken to a Police Station for sexual abuse, rape and use in child pornography."  Lambeth Police child abuse scandal 

"In November 1997 the South London Press reported the finding of a sex dungeon complete with manacles, chains, bedding and a sleazy red light in Lambeth High-Security Police Head Quarters in South London. "The civilian staff who leaked the story were suspended...

"From the copious amounts of child pornography found at the Police Station, it was soon realized that Children from Lambeth Care Homes were being taken to the Police Station for sexual abuse, rape and use in child pornography. 
"Sky News  obtained details of an internal investigation documenting sexual assaults and abuse carried out by officers within Lambeth Council in the 1990s. "That abuse involved senior figures in Lambeth who were using council premises for the rape of women and children, according to the report's remarkable findings." 

"It is believed several senior Police Officers were renting out Children and using the Police Station as a brothel and for the child porn trade. NOT ONE POLICE OFFICER HAS BEEN CHARGED

Raymond Stevenson wrote 130 page report into what happened at Shirley Oaks and he says  that two boys were murdered at Shirley Oaks and their bodies buried in a nearby golf course.

Retired Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll, who led an investigation into suspected abuse in Lambeth, "confirmed he received the same information from a different source in 1998."

Today we hear police are reexamining the disappearance  of 15 year old  Kevin Hicks   who disappeared from Croydon  30 odd years ago. They now believe he was groomed by a pedophile  and possible murdered.

A £20,000 reward has been offered to anyone who can help solve the mystery of what happened to Kevin.
Police believe he was the victim of "classic grooming" and that somebody in Croydon will know what happened to him.  Well that is just fantastic 30 years on.  The most significant lead would be the huge pedophile ring operating in Shirley Oaks Croydon  wolud it not? 

Image result for Bulic forsythe

Council official 'murdered days after he vowed to expose VIP child abuse ring'....

The children were not the only ones murdered for pleasure or to shut them up whistle-blowers were also murdered.  Bulic Forsyth a  council official  tried to  help the children being trafficked and raped but was murdered to stop him exposing the VIP child abuse ring operating in Lambeth.

Now "Detectives are investigating claims Bulic Forsythe was silenced by a children's home vice ring said to have included a future minister in Tony Blair's government."

A friend of Bulic, traced by the Daily Mirror, says:  "I will never forget one evening in the pub when Bulic told me and my wife: 'There are some people in Lambeth Council who are doing really horrible, disgusting things and I am going to expose them. I won't let them get away with it...

 "Several days later, he was murdered."

Bulic's friend contacted the police with the information at the time.  but he said "It was a very short conversation with no interest expressed by the police and no one ever called me back.”

Another of Bulic's former colleagues has said that Bulic had become aware of claims that children were being sexually abused at a Lambeth children's home.

A restricted document newly uncovered by the Daily Mirror shows officials in the Blair government were aware in 1998 of claims the murder of Bulic had been linked to a Lambeth paedophile ring and the children's home child abuser John Carroll.
Image result for Bulic forsythe

Those not part of the ring were in grave danger."In the 1990's, senior staff members in Lambeth council were producing pornographic material of a 'sadistic, bestial and paedophile' nature in the basement of the housing department, where they knew they would not be interrupted. 
"A female member of staff disclosed how she was subjected to a rape on council premises 'of horrendous proportions' which she was still suffering serious injuries from one month later. 
"She described being raped alongside children and animals by senior figures in the council.

"The findings of a report which included rape, assault and possession of indecent images of children, was never formally investigated by the police at the time or made public."

Rape murder, intimidation bestiality, child trafficking and  making and distribution internationally of child abuse images were not investigated by the police. They have never been investigated.

When journalists looked for court documents from the time, they found that in 2003 they had been made secret for 100 years.  Made secret for 100 years?  Why? 


dailymail. Abuse on an industrial scale

Award-winning author Alex Wheatle was abused at Shirley Oaks children’s home which is thought to be linked to a paedophile ring involving an MP in Tony Blair’s government.

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