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What links Lord Bramall and Lord Tenby to child trafficking from Wales to the Westminster Pedophile Ring

Pedophile supporters and victim bashers  have climbed on the the Bandwagon. They demand that child abuse survivor 'Nick' is prosecuted hung drawn and quartered for daring to accuse his 'betters' of raping him.

Before police 'close the file' on the allegations against Lord Edwin Bramall they should consider the significant links between Lord Bramall and Lord Tenby, otherwise known as William ("Bill") Lloyd George, 3rd Viscount Tenby.

Lord Tenby resides today in a tiny, obscure little village called Crondall, near Farnham and surprise, surprise, so does Lord Bramall

In 1994, 'Scallywag' Magazine published the following statements about Lord Tenby in connection with a child trafficking ring then operating between the 'Bryn Alyn Community' children's homes in North Wales, and private residences in Westminster (including Dolphin Square) and elsewhere, to which children were trafficked to be raped:

"Also implicated is the prominent Tory freemason Lord Tenby, whose son was part of the paedophile ring, and who not only tried to cover up the police involvement (Tenby was a high flyer on the police committee) but actively attempted to have the inspector promoted, even though he was then under investigation."

Link to the original Scallywag article here:

Lord Bramall  and Lord Tenby are more than just friends and neighbors they have many links and not just to the Westminster pedophile Ring and North Wales.

  •  In 1994 (as per the highlighted text above), Scallywag magazine linked Lord Tenby to the alleged paedophile ring and child trafficking operation that saw children from care homes in Wrexham and its environs ferried to Dolphin Square in Pimlico, Hove and other locations.
  • Lord Bramall, it has been alleged, likewise sexually abused children in Dolphin Square which is in turn linked to Wrexham and North Wales through the alleged child trafficking operation that ran between the two locales (as well as to others in England
  •  According to 'Who's Who 2016', Lord Tenby has an Army background, having previously served as a captain in the Royal Welsh Fusilliers, the Headquarters of which is located in Wrexham. Lord Bramall likewise has a substantial Army background, having formerly been head of the British Army.
  • Lord Tenby served in the House of Lords, where he chose to sit as a Cross-bench peer.Lord Bramall likewise served in the House of Lords - he likewise chose to sit as a Cross-bench peer.
  •  Lord Tenby is 88 years old.Lord Bramall is almost exactly the same age, 92 years old.

Both Lord Bramall and Lord Tenby are recent members of the House of Lords - both sat as Cross-benchers - both are the same age and both with Army backgrounds - both linked to child sexual abuse at Dolphin Square (in turn linked to Wrexham) - and both residing in the same obscure, very small village called Crondall.

So have the Police spoken to Lord Tenby about child sexual abuse, trafficking, and the  cover-up?

Lord Bramwell also was part of , notorious pedophile of 'Kincora' fame .Lord Mountbatton's staff and inner circle.

One thing is for certain both these men were at the very least involved in the cover-up.  We believe Nick and those survivors  who gave information to Scallywag back in 1994.

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  1. they are protecting every member of parliament and the lords and associated cronies-people like britten /heath/janner/ Gordon brown / George Robertson / bottomley and about 50 others and cronies. the close we get to justice is when the people at the top feel forced to bump of the likes of janner and britten to protect themselves -though they bump off anyone who discovers the truth or is a witness or victim also so we the public lose at always and in every way. will I ever see a single member of parliament sent to prison for murder or child rape or child torture in my life ? it now looks very unlikely-not anyone in parliament will speak up for holly greig-so that shows they are all monsters and / or cowards and it is as if they were an entirely different species to us . holly greig needs our support-we should refuse to vote for any mp who is not willing to respond publicly regarding the holly greig story-thus forcing the scum to comment-as no level of honesty or descency resides in a single member of the commons or the lords or Scottish parliament.
    to keep quite the organised sexual abuse of a little girl with downs by mp's and judges and senior cops is beyond immoral-only the ruling elite-like members of parliament and cops and judges and royals would stoop to that-I don't mean the rapists of which there were about 25 all powerful and evil -no I am referring to the 2000 others in the lords and various parliaments in the uk who have refused to a man and a woman to even reply about the case when questioned in public. total scum and supported ably by their cronies that pretend to be journalists in the media and the press -who have refused to allow the story to be made public.
    I have zero faith in authority now-I had a small hope and some small remnant of faith 3 years ago but now I have lost not only all faith even in a single authority figure but I have also lost any hope of things improving in the next 10 years and possibly ever.
    we need to get organised and remove the lot at the ballot box and keep removing them till we have something that appears honest largely and rebuild our society-it has happened everywhere with dictators like Greece spain Italy Romania etc and now we need the same purge here in the uk


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