Thursday, 23 July 2015

Justice Denied reinstated by Google with thanks to David Icke

David Icke

Google Deletes ‘Justice Denied’ Child Abuse Exposing Website



With thanks to David Icke who headlined the deletion  of our 2 million + hit popular  Blog Spot.

Google removed our whole website for Harassment of an unknown person or persons.  But following worldwide outrage Google have reviewed their  decision and quickly reinstated Justice Denied.

Why did Google remove Justice denied? who complained?

July 15th Justice denied had been linked to in the Music World Mag 'The Record'

Did one of the people mentioned complain?  If they did how did they get Google, who fights governments over censorship, to take down our whole site?

Thanks to everyone who supported us when we were taken down and a special thanks to David Icke .
We will continue to campaign for an end to the cover-up of VIP child abuse 

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