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Janner and the Police cover-up which let him go on to abuse more children Mick Creedon and the strange death of Becks solicitor

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Detectives told me all about Lord Janner and boys – ex-officer

Statement: Greville Janner has been at it for years; Met has file on him for abusing kids. 

Detectives talked freely about child sex abuse by then Labour MP Greville Janner to a former police officer, according to an explosive statement.
Exaro today publishes details of what they said, as cited in extracts from the statement, which was drawn up by the former officer, Ian Henning. He had 18 years’ service at Scotland Yard before becoming a legal clerk.
The statement is key to an investigation overseen by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) into the claims of cover-up by Leicestershire Constabulary.
Henning was part of the legal team for Frank Beck. Beck , who was but a warden for children’s homes in Leicestershire, was convicted of 17 counts of sexual abuse of children in his care. The ex-officer was working on the case as a legal clerk for a law firm in Leicester, Greene D’Sa.

They had investigated the allegations and found witnesses to corroborate the story
Statement of Ian Henning, legal clerk and former police officer
He gives an account in his statement of how police raided his house in a desperate hunt for evidence that Janner was a paedophile – as part of a cover-up.
But in the extracts below, Henning details extraordinary comments made to him by detectives who believed that they had the evidence to pursue Janner over child sex abuse. Greville, now Lord, Janner, was a serving MP in Leicester at the time.
Henning believed that Beck was a scapegoat for Janner, although there was overwhelming evidence that the manager of children’s homes in Leicestershire was guilty on multiple counts of child sex abuse.
Detectives had a detailed statement from one boy on how Janner sexually abused him, and they were convinced of his credibility. Among the supporting evidence for a case against Janner were letters that the then MP had written to the boy.
Detective Inspector Kelvyn Ashby led the investigation into Beck, while Detective Sergeant Mick Creedon assisted.
And, according to Henning’s statement, the two detectives also investigated Janner. He has been proven to be correct  as both detectives have gone on the record in the past few months to say that there was enough evidence to arrest Janner on suspicion of child sex abuse to progress the investigation, but that they were blocked from doing so. Well that was their excuse.
Ashby, who left the police in 2002, said: “Someone higher up told us that we could not just arrest an MP and it went no further.”
They were told by “someone senior”, he said. “But the order had to have come from the very top. I am sure my bosses’ hands were tied.”
Creedon, who went on to become chief constable of Derbyshire Constabulary, also said last September that they were blocked from arresting Janner over child sex abuse despite having “credible evidence”.
He said: “The decision was a clear one. He will be interviewed by appointment, and there will not be a search of his home address, or his constituency office, or his office in the House of Commons.”

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Henning was persecuted by Leicestershire Police  and sort a judicial review naming Mick Creedon as one of the persecutors. Creedon was involved in the case against Frank Beck . Frank Beck died in prison just before his appeal and his solicitor Henning died just before his judicial review naming  Janner  and Mick Creedon.  Creedon went on in 2010 to be behind the seizure of documents  and evidence against Janner and other VIP pedophiles from intelligence agent Andrea Davison.  The evidence has  all disappeared.

Henning gives an account of how the two officers told him at the time that Janner and the then chief constable, the late Michael Hirst, were “close personal friends”. In other documents, Henning said that Janner and Hirst were fellow freemasons.
The extracts from Henning’s statement below are exactly as they were written, with some redactions or additions by Exaro in square brackets:

During my enquiries I was approached by a number of witnesses prepared to give evidence on behalf of Franck Beck.

On the 9th January 1991 I had a conference with one of these witnesses, [witness 3] at his home address. He told me that he was sexually abused by a member of staff, who had since died, when he was a 15 year old boy ‘In Care’ with the Leicestershire Social Services, at the Ratcliffe Road Childrens Home.

He told me that he was abused when he was 14 years old and living at another Leicestershire Social Services Childrens Home, known as Station Road, Wigston, by the officer in charge, who has since died and by Greville Janner MP.QC. the MP for Leicester West, although the childrens home where they would regularly contact each other, was not in his constituency.

The witness told me, it was Frank Beck who stopped the sexual abuse by the Officer in Charge.

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