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Satanic abuse Whistle-blower kids mum flees UK as police swoop on her home instead of arresting abusers

By Simple Simon

Ella  the Russian mother of  London whistle-blower kids and her Mackenzie friend Sabine McNiel  and her friend ex police officer Mr Christi flee the UK  in fear for their safety from the British Police.

The children named a number of police officers in their video.  Police forces all over the UK admit they have let down abused children. And thats what they admit. The truth of Police involvement in the CSA video and CSA images organised crime is what they are trying to keep hidden.

These small children Gabriel 8 and Alisa 9 have done a brave and wonderful thing speaking out. They were told they would be killed by the cult if they told anyone.  These children are now in the hands of people who they have every reason to fear  and need to be given back to their Russian family .

Listen to the children!            

Suffer little children to come unto me!
This video, of children talking about the abuse they suffered, has been removed because of the UK police and UK Courts in an effort to protect dangerous pedophiles and child murderers 

Ella [the children's mother] and Sabine K McNeill FRSA [Campaigner] have been forced into exile  [Sabine K McNeill FRSA to her native Germany].
The children have been moved two hours away from London, to State Care in Kent, UK.
Araya Soma [family friend] is still trying to find out about any marches taking place about this issue [one has been scheduled for this Monday morning in Barnet, London].
Araya has been blocked from posting, liking or commenting by the Facebook Nazis.

Sabine McNeill
London, United Kingdom
Feb 14, 2015 — Dear Supporters,
I am VERY moved that you have become one of sooo many!!!
News are: I left the country on Wednesday and got a phone call from the Police yesterday. Ella, the mother, had 10 Police officers outside her house but made it abroad, too.
Meanwhile, do note:
A most fabulous video with a SUPERB text of commentary on
We are fighting multi-levelled battles in the UK:
— as victims of white collar crimes – see
— as McKenzie Friends – lay legal advisors – who have been ‘corporately gagged’ in this case by High Court Judge Mrs Anne Justice Pauffley –
— and as Litigants in Person: Ella sacked two solicitors and one barrister, before she began to work with us as McKenzie Friends.
We’ve observed enough cases to recognise
1) the Systemic Pattern of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK – which is why I took a petition to the EU Parliament; see
2) Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups; see
So, what can we, the innocent people do while they, the criminals bully, harass and intimidate us while they take our children and grandchildren to torture and kill them?
Over to you!
Please everyone sign this Petition

Theresa May: Return 'Whistleblower Kids' and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian Family!

One comment worthy to note

Good. I and many others are glad you, Ella, and Mr. Christie got out of that place safely. What does it say when a MOB of police come to arrest you, it screams contempt for justice. It screams that they are MAD you interrupted their day, it doesn’t politely tell you as would a plain clothed detective and an officer would that things may have gotten quite abrupt and jarring due to the publicity. No, they wanted to remove you by force and disrespect. This is NO LAW. This is their FEAR, this is them scrambling to cover up as much as possible as quickly as possible. The UK CONTINUES to show it’s arrogance and aim if innocent people are harangued and harassed and the victims are not heard. Due Process my ass. This ‘Justice’ Pauffley character must be some Administrative Commercial Court Pretender. Well good now, I am excited for you Sabine that you can now continue your important work tackling the English Law system from somewhere relatively safe. Go get them Sister… Power and Strength to you.

Essex Police admit they let down child abuse victims

South Yorkshire Police

Independent Police complaints to investigate three police forces


  1. how can we find out more about how the factfinding 'hearing' is going?

  2. How can we actually prove the truth or otherwise of what the children originally said and later retracted? Frankly the tales of cooking babies and eating the meat did sound a bit far fetched as surely someone else in the school would be blowing the whistle by now??


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