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Freemason and ex North Wales Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea arrested by operation Pallial for historic child abuse

RETIRED FREEMASON and NORTH Wales Police superintendent Gordon Anglesea has been arrested on suspicion of historic physical and sexual assaults against children.   

Rebecca Televison reveals  that Anglesea was detained at his Colwyn Bay home in December by officers of the National Crime Agency. He was the 18th person to be arrested as part of Operation Pallial, based at North Wales Police headquarters.
 Operation Pallial was set up by  David Cameron in November 2012.

ON 12 DECEMBER officers from the National Crime Agency knocked on the door of a house in a quiet suburban street in Old Colwyn on the North Wales coast.
Inside the property they arrested a 76-year-old man and later took him to a police station in Cheshire.

Gordon Anglesea
Anglesea finally  Arrested 
The detectives were part of the Agency’s Operation Pallial team.
They questioned the arrested man about allegations of child abuse dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.
Seven men have alleged that they were sexually or physically abused by the retired police officer in the period 1975 to 1983 when they were between 8 and 16 years of age.
The following day the National Crime Agency, which is in charge of Operation Pallial, said the pensioner had been released on police bail until mid-April.
The Agency would not reveal his identity. But it is  Gordon Anglesea.

Between 1975 to 1983 he was a North Wales Police Inspector based in Wrexham.
He served as a policeman for more than 34 years and reached the rank of Superintendent by the time he retired in 1991.
Anglesea is a Rotarian and a Freemason.
Shortly after his arrest last December, he informed his local Rhos on Sea Rotary Club that he had been detained.
Six days after the arrest, on December 20, Rebecca Television in North Wales  rang John Roberts, secretary of the Rhos club. They told  him they  were planning to name Anglesea. Roberts replied that Anglesea had not resigned.

Roberts said the retired police officer had applied for leave of absence and that the request would be considered at the club’s January meeting. At that meeting, which took place on January 7, Anglesea was given leave of absence until April.

He is a long-standing Rotarian, one of 51,000 members in Britain and Ireland.
He has been President of the Rhos on Sea club on three occasions — 1989-90, 1990-91 and 2007-8.

In 2010 he was the club official in charge of “Youth Service”.
A spokeswoman for Rotary International told Rebecca Television that “while there was a legal process under way, the organisation could not comment.”

Anglesea is also a Freemason of more than 30 years standing.
There are 250,000 masons in England and Wales — outnumbering Rotarians 5 to 1.
In 1976 Anglesea joined a masonic lodge in Colwyn Bay.
In 1982 he became a member of Wrexham’s Berwyn lodge.
He left in 1984 to join a new Wrexham lodge called Pegasus becoming its Master in 1990.

The secretary of the North Wales Province of Freemasonry, Peter Sorahan, said:
“In view of the fact that Operation Pallial is an ongoing investigation, it would be inappropriate for me to comment.”  “However”, he added, “I can assure you that if requested by the Police to do so, the Province of North Wales will provide full assistance with their inquiries.”

Masonic HQ, the United Grand Lodge of England based in London, also confirmed it would assist the police if asked.
On January 8 Rebecca Television wrote to Gordon Anglesea informing him that the website intended to reveal that he was the man arrested on December 12.
We asked for a comment.  Royal Mail confirmed delivery of the letter. There was no reply.

The present accusations are not the first he has faced.
The background is laid out in the article The Trials Of Gordon Anglesea.

In 1994 a libel jury found journalists had falsely accused him of abusing children at the Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham.
Private EyeThe ObserverIndependent on Sunday and the broadcaster HTV paid him combined damages of £375,000 with their legal bills running into several million pounds.
These and other allegations were also considered by the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of 1996-2000.
In its 2000 report Lost in Care, the  Waterhouse Tribunal found no evidence that the retired police officer had abused children.

story curtesy of Rebecca TV

Gordon Angelsea not only took advantage of and abused children in North Wales Care Homes but made a small fortune from his perjury to the High Court in London. Will operation Pallial now also look at the child porn trade supported by the North Wales Police? 

Operation Pallial can be contacted on 0800 118 1199 or by email at


  1. Will that silence the police paid twitter trolls who have been claiming Angelsea was falsely accused?

  2. What kind of evidence the victims presented? And how come some one investigated for child abuse, was aloud to be around kids? Nothing make sense!

    1. As with most child abuse the evidence is the 'victims'. Children do not take videos or photographs of being abused. Children in care homes had no-one to listen to them they were treated as commodities hence no forensic evidence.

  3. Here's the think it should be law that a serving officer cannot be a freemason..

  4. ive spoken to operation pallial and was asked if they could access my medical files and social services files I was told there be no stone left un turned they never accessed any of my files and have just been told they will not take my case further,i was left in a home chevet hey over xmas 85 when Jackie Thomas was meant to be on duty she bought beer for dave birch her shift partner so she could go of and rape a child from another home they attack me but I was able to fight them of (I think) she brought two paedophiles with her to chevet hey on the night, I was there first choice (I feel sick) no one ever asked me any questions about this night but I told social services after I ran away they got me remanded to risley an adult jail at 15 instead of listening and helping me , leave no stone un turned is a phrase they use to make you think they will do everything they can operation pallial chief dci coulton does not even return my calls ,,DISGUSTING


  6. I have been following this case for ages. Was Anglesea protected for so long because he was a mason? Or a bent cop? Or both? Links to child abuse in Norfolk.

    1. Perhaps he knew too much! He appears to have been protected well into his old age. Will he be charged? Will he live to go to court?


    This is the kind of thing that happens to people who contact the National Crime Agency, Operation Pallial, they end up being totally smeared, have their property smashed, stolen or otherwise interfered with, and are victimised to the point of not being able to live in their homes.

  8. North Wales police are sexual predators, in particular Wrexham police. They are scum!

    1. North Wales cops ran north Wales as their own private fiefdom
      Security plod were also there keeping watch for IRA activity coming over via the ferry from Northern Ireland to North Wales coast

      Along with them was s bunch of business types who owene and ran Hotels of which Michael John Carroll was part of running
      The Hand Hotel.
      Also in that ring was crest hotel
      Named in North Wales care home abuses

  9. 15 year old Peter Watts from Colwyn bay was murdered and died on way to hospital nearby found by a taxi driver
    He had suffered skull fracture and internal injuries
    His body had been washed clean and his clothes changed

    He had left home earlier to meet a friend in Chester with the intention of returning home
    Instead his body was found in London on Euston underpass

    Peter Morrison was MP for Chester
    And Gordon Anglesea was cheif inspector for Colwyn Bay

    Note: after the murder of Jason Swift it was said that leslie Bailey from Sidney cooke gang washed and bathed Jason swift body
    The cooke gang operated in Piccadilly circus in 70s

    Peter Morrison had been frequenting that area too in
    same period

    Peter Morrison name appeared on hidden govt document along with Leon Brittan and others
    Why was there no reporting of Peter Watts murder in any British newspapers at the time?

    Why of late the daily mail do a turn around and claim Leon Brittan totally innocent after reporting his name
    on that hidden govt list and condemning Fiona woolf
    Assocoating with lady Brittan whose now late husband was criticised by the same news papers for
    " losing " dossiers and documents
    And this turnaround since that disgusting
    BBC panorama program?

  10. Peter Morrison was arrested and charged for importuning in the Gents toilets on Crewe station and also elsewhere, eg Gresford. His case came up in Chester Crown Court but was not reported in the press, despite the fact many of the locals knew about it. He had a history of paedophile activities at the time of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)which was based in Chester, his constituency.

    He was involved in the North Wales care home child abuse along with Tom Kenyon, son of Lord Kenyon.

    Morrison was reputed to have died from AIDS.

    One of the Sunday papers had compiled a dossier on Morrison at the time he was in Thatcher's Cabinet. They were about to publish it when Thatcher contacted their proprietor and got him to agree to cover it up.

  11. During the 1980's, I remember over hearing my "father" say that something abusive had happened to him when he was a teenager (in the 1960's) and that he'd reported Gordon Anglesea to the police, I think it must have been around the time of the Bryn Estyn abuse scandal, and that something had been mentioned on the radio about Anglesea being arrested. That name (Anglesea) had been mentioned a lot when I was growing up, and his name was always spoken of with derision, I always got the impression my "father" hated him. I found out that Anglesea had been the local bobby in a village near Northwich during the 1960's, before I was born. I think this is where he may have started his career. There was a network of abuse around this area, even after he left, as I and my sibling (F) were both subjected to the most heinous forms of abuse by my own "father" "uncle" and members of the local "buffs" of which my "grandfather" was a member. This was during the 1970's and we were very young. F is an alcoholic, we don't speak as unlike F, I am unwilling to pretend it didn't happen though I can understand the choice F made, as the level of brainwashing was extreme. I have struggled for years to come to terms with the abuse, and still am, it has coloured my whole existence,. Even acknowledging that my so called "father" was abused by Gordon Anglesea, and probably by his own father, (my "grandfather") is no excuse, my "father" was a sadist. But it does go some way to explaining why the things which happened to me and F happened. I contacted Rebbecca television concerning Anglesea's connection with my own story some time ago, and it was they who confirmed that Anglesea had indeed lived and worked in the village where I was born. for all I know there could be other people in my birth village who were subjected to Anglesea's abuse, way back in the 1960's before the other allegations surfaced, though I doubt my so called "father" would say anything now, not after what he did. I opened a historical abuse case a few years ago concerning my own abuse, needless to say, it's come to nothing, both parents (my "mother" colluded with my "father", though I know he was very violent towards her when we were young,) tried to diagnose me with (amongst other things) schizophrenia; when they couldn't get a diagnose, they threatened to report the psychologist I was seeing at the time, to the false memory society... My "father" and "uncle" continue to live, in the village, I heard that my uncle was baby sitting someones boy, a few years ago, it made me feel sick, knowing what he used to do to me when he baby sat for us. I also knew of an incident involving a young member of my family, I informed the police, and for some reason they interviewed the parent (F) about the incident, not the child, and of course, F denied it had happened! Judging from the e mails I got from the police, I felt as though they weren't interested at all, eg, when I asked why it had taken so long for them to interview "father" and "uncle", they said it was because it had "taken a long time to track them down" they both live in the same small village and have been residing at the same addresses (the ones that I was abused at in the 1970's) I had made it even easier for them by giving them their addresses! When they eventually questioned the people I'd accused, I was told in an e mail that they "vehemently denied the allegations", (well they would, wouldn't they) I hope justice catches up with both Anglesea and the members of my family who abused me, and F and any of those other people who are still alive; before they die. though I have enormous reservations; it might seem ridiculous but Anglesea has been getting away with it for more than 50 years.

    1. I have just read your account and I believe you,I feel for you, that you have given your account and nobody has replied,I hear you, I came to this site trying to see if their was any connection between Anglesea and the Murder of Peter Watts.(I know his brother) I don`t know what to say!

    2. Now that Anglesea has been convicted we hope this at least gives you some comfort. Thank you for sharing your experiences and confirming info about Anglesea

  12. Freemasonry Northern Ireland is kindness in the home, honesty in business, courtesy in society, earnest in work, pity and concern for the unfortunate

  13. Are Gordon Anglesea and David Anglesea related?


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