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Mark Duggan and how ordinary people are excluded from justice

The function of police forces in the UK is to maintain order for the ruling class of gangsters. 

  They do this by instilling fear of repression into people.

The police aren’t interested in helping working class people—they are concerned with keeping working class people in their place.
The inquest conclusion that Mark Duggan was “lawfully killed” despite being unarmed shows that the state is not neutral.

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Believe me juries are fixed by State agencies in important cases.  
Mark was a working class, black man. If he had shot and killed a police officer the state would have used all its power to make sure he felt the full force of the law.
There have been 1,476 deaths at the hands of the police in England and Wales since 1990.

Not a single cop has been brought to justice.  Compare this to the sentences handed down to those involved in the 2011 riots where people were jailed for a total of more than 1,800 years. Mostly for trivial offenses

mark duggan dead daughter

Press cropped this photo of Mark Duggan at his daughters funeral to  help police by making him look like a gangster.

mark duggan
This is a look of grief not anger
Judges and magistrates were directed to ignore sentencing guidelines for those accused of involvement in the riots. 
Magistrates’ courts stayed open through the night and held unprecedented Sunday sittings.
This tells us that the law acts in the interest of the ruling class and above all else will punish those who challenge the state.

The state uses racism to scapegoat and divide us,75% of people who die in Police Custody are white! The police despise  everyone who is not one of them unless they are rich or powerful, paedophiles or  freemasons.

 Christopher Alder, another black working class man, who died in Hull police station in 1998.  As he lay dying after being restrained and beaten by police they made monkey noises at him. 

And police spied on his sister Janet as she fought for justice during the inquest into his death.  

Some campaigners have supported a police plan for officers to wear cameras on their uniforms to record their actions.  But this will not change the way cops treat black people and working class people. It will not make them accountable because the system is skewed against finding the police responsible.

There is CCTV evidence of Christopher’s death.  Yet the judge in the police’s manslaughter trial told the jury to find them not guilty on all charges??

Four of the five cops involved retired on medical grounds and received payouts of between £44,000 and £66,000 each.
From the killing of Mark Duggan to the huge number of deaths in custody it is clear that the police have a license to kill.

The massive inequalities of the system mean that politicians and the police cannot keep a lid on the fermenting rage forever

The fiction that Britain has a fair justice is system is just that fiction.   Successive British Governments have spread this propaganda all  over the world.  A fair trial is impossible in the UK  for anyone who in not an Elite  or does not have a lot of money to pay for the best legal team.

 Legal Aid was always a poor mans option with poor lawyers and little chance of justice, now it has been reduced to a method of destroying the allegedly guilty and the plainly  innocent. Win or loose  a police target will loose everything they own including their home and sometimes even their lives.

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